"I am evil" to give Ajian "

Seeing your own captain, the bird sword is in the moment. The horrible ghosts are in an instant. This time, the little Loli grass, the vice minister of the eleven team, the little Loli grass deer is not happy.

"It is no wonder that you can kill the strength of Musashi, a horrible, horrible ghosts in the ghost road."

The deep eyes of the sealed sound of the sealed eyes were deeply gazing at the moment before, and the squadron, the team leader, the village, Zuo Village reminded all people around.

"Everyone carefully, this guy is absolutely not ordinary trainee."

Kill the vice ghost in the ghost road in the ghost road

Can sing to abandon the release of the 96th rules, a spike, the sword

Seeing the strength of the moment, there is no one in all the dead gods in the field, I will believe that he is just from the college graduated from the Central Institute.

"Don't be self-satisfied"

I was out of this class 'a lesson'. At this time, the face of the cold wood white is slight, and the spiritual pressure on the body is shock. "All the dead captains in the neighborhood of the soul of the gods are here. Will you continue to go on again? "

Reviction! !

The soul knife in the hands quietly surged, and the whole man whispered, the whole person disappeared in the original place.

His instant is so fast, because he habits from the process of playing in the night of the Si Fengyuan. The four major aristocrats of the corpse world and the four maple family are close to the relationship.

"Support the dead wood captain !!"

At the same time as the whole man, the whole man is displayed, and the sixth team of the Chief of the Sixth Captain, the red long-fashioned young man ink, the young Azhiri is awkward.

Nowadays, there are people who have seen it, and the moment in front of me is absolutely not what the opponents have been seen. I am worried that the dead wood is can't take the moment. On the driving of the Azolei, several deaths and the deputy captain and the Safaron I was sprint in the past.

"The sixty-one six sticks of the cable!"

"Binding six twenty-two-step railing !!!"

Who knows that everyone just wants to show their instirs, but the movements in the hands are suddenly stopped.

I saw the two ghosts in the mouth of the moment. As if the speech is speaking, the law has appeared in front of the air in front of the air, and the dead blocked the move of all of them.

"This is a bit"

Not only all the deputy captains and Safers surrounded by the surrounding gods. At this time, the dead wood whitening of the flash of the moment was also persecuted to stop his own footsteps, and the face of his body was shocked by the sky. Light.

"Light is like a captain who trapped a thirteen team

"What's joking"

Feeling that there is a strong binding force on the six huge smells, firmly blocking all the actions of the whole body, and the dead wood white in the instant reaction, the teeth are bitten, and the strong spiritual pressure on the top of the whole body suddenly broke out.

"Scatter! Thousands of cherry !!"

I saw the dead wood whitening the action of the six sticks, and after the beginning of the soul knife, the air in front of the people suddenly poured out countless pink and withered cherry blossoms, and the time looks very beautiful.

This is because the frenzy slices of the soul knife, the Sakuraki is solved, and the naked knife is unclear. From the four-sided eight parties to cut the enemy, the blade reflects the light when the flying dance, so it seems to be like a cherry blossom fragment of countless daddy It is often able to let the enemy quietly die in a dreamy scene.

boom! ! !

Seeing that the dead wood white hunger is a lot of fine fragrant blade that is slightly sprinkled.

At this time, there was a sudden shock of a dancing of dancing violently around this time, directly blowing all the pink cherry blooms in the hands of the eyes of the eyes.

"Give me your hand!"

"This guy is my opponent"

All everyone returned, and this powerful shock, it was not a moment. It is not the captain of the death of the Tongling Tong, but just now, the horror of the horror, the madness of the madness, flying to the unhappy sword!

"More wood captain"

The sound muttered, everyone shocked, looking at the reappeared Dawn.

I saw that the more wood sword eight whole people look miserable. The slender squid is full of big and small gaps to support their bodies. They all burned their bright red blood, as if the whole person is like It is generally made from the blood pool.

In order to make the opponent's easy to wear the eye mask that absorb the spiritual power, I have long been unknown. At this moment, I've lapked a crazy war in the eyes of the whole body.

Chapter 39, more wood sword (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 39, more wood sword (seeking reward and automatic)

"Is this the real spiritual pressure that is more wood captain?"

"It's just like a monster.

I saw the reappeared Dawn Eight. I looked at the tsunami in the whole body, and everyone was stunned.

"But the injury of your body"


"You still go on, let me solve him."

"Not this is my battle"

The top ghosts that were so horrible were directly concentrated. Even if it is a more woody eight wilder beast, the body has also begun to rush, but his fierce is like the genitals of the beast, but the flames of the battle have never been extinguished.

"The person going down is your dead wood. Otherwise, my soul knife will be crying."

"This kind of wild beast is generally fighting and push"

At this time, I looked at the more wood sword of my eyes. I looked at him almost almost fell, but still strongly supported my body to explode such a powerful spiritual pressure. This kind of battle desire is deep into the strong fight against the bone marrow. I can't help but lightly.

"What is the wood sword? I remember your name."


Then in the surrounding eyes of all the gods around the spirit, the moment is turned, and the sharp scorpion glanced at all the dead gods in the scene. "Today, I think we should count, I think we should be enemies."

On the other hand, it is amazed in everyone in all eyes. I actually contacted the status of the Bible of the Soul Soul Whole Night.

The black and white mysterious book that surrounds around the side, suddenly refined to a luxurious and magnificent cross-sword, returning to the hands of the moment.

"Shanda Captain"

There was no attention to everyone's horrified eyes, and the moment from the clothes of their arms, she got the appointment of the forty-six room to the decadent homes, gently gave it to the crowd. Yamamoto Yuan Liuzhai heavy country.

"This is the appointment of the centered forty-six rooms. I will be appointed for the new ethnic ghosts for the corpse."

"The 246th room of the center is appointed ?!"