Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 469 of Hueding Crack System

Yamamoto Yuan Liu Zhai is a heavy country to pick up the appointment of the moment, which is surprised to raise his brow.

Not only is him, all of the dead gods are all stunned, only quietly in the blue dyeing, the dead eyes flashed, the spotted essence.

"It is indeed the appointment of the Central Forty-six room"

Looking at the appointment of the moment, Yoshantai, Liu Zhai, was recognized in the center of the 46th room sage and the judges, lifting the vicissitudes, staring at the moment in front of the moment.

"But why do you have a major thing to serve the ghosts in the world ?!

"Who knows?"

In the face of the question of the mountain, the mountain is heavy, it doesn't matter to shrug, "But there should be no need to ask you in advance."


Just when the atmosphere in the scene was pushed into the peak, this time the old man was suddenly sorry to drive all the deaths around.

The vicissitudes of the vicissitudes are staring at the young handsome face in front of the eyes, as if they are deeply engraved in their own memory, after a long time, the mountains Liu Zhai, the country, finally faintly open, "Since you are New major track card appointed by the central forty-six room

"So, our head of the 13th team is also a colleague."

In his hand, the character has become a summary of the old man who has been heavy in the big man. "So today, today,"


"Is it?! But the deputy ghost of Xia Da Road, the head of Yamada Road

Seeing today, this is the end, and all the surroundings surrounded. All surprises, some are watching the mountains of Liuzhai.

"shut up!"

"This is the command of the 46th room of the Central Forty, and the 13th team of the Yutong will not be involved.

Although he does not understand why the central 46th room will be empty, it will come to the Ru Central Institute, and then let him kill Xixia Road Wushou to serve as a ghost, but the highest judicial organ of the corpse The order he still chose to follow.

"What joke, I haven't fallen yet."

"The moment is the battle between us, there is no end !!"

The old man has made a decision. When all the dead gods around you have to disappear.

At this time, the whole body has always erupted the tsunami, but suddenly crazy, hurting, with the wild beast, the desire to fight, no matter what the 46th room, what is the 13th team. (Okay)

Battle, in this moment he saw the mind, only a desire for fighting.

"More wood! Stop !!"

Seeing at this moment, the abroad of the wood sword, the two team leader in the old man, surprised, suddenly stopped.

Kendo · Two broken! !

Obviously, the Flower's stop has been too late. At this moment, the fight against the desire to occupy the mind, and the eight can not hear her cry.

I saw that the army sword eight hands held the knife handle of the soul knife, and the whole body is super ordinary death, and the blood is suddenly blown, and the whole force is full of power, and the brakes are struggling!

A golden spiritual giant sudden suddenly blooms in front of everyone, and the spirit of the crushed air was turning to the moment.

Chapter 40 Greatway, Changbang (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 40 Greatway, Changbang (seeking reward and automatic)

"Good Sword Pressure"

"More wood leader"

The whole space in front of him was rendered by the sword eight, and saw the strength of the eleven team of the Tongling Tong's battle special team. Suddenly all people surrounded by all people. .

"Is this a unique sword pressure in this world?"

The shadow of the blue blood red, the shadow is more than the eight huge gold swords in front of him. The violent fierce is open, and the long hair of the moment is opened, revealing a deep and sharp eyes.

"Then I will let you see another world to cut off all things !!"

Void Keyway · God speed! !

In the face of the huge sword in front of his eyes, the eight golden violent violent violent, I saw the moment that I have already prepared in my heart will not refund.

The luxury of the hand seems to have an art of the nightclub, instantly make a counterflow waterfall, only in just a moment of killing a fierce sword.

In the eyes of everyone shocking, the huge vast swordscent of the moment were like a dark crescent, and the sound barrier was also constantly broken. The whole air in front of the eyes, and the sword is eight huge gold swords. Two halves.

Yu Wei is not reduced.

The swordscent of the Eternal Night Bible were suddenly rushing to the sky, and the top of the top of the top of the forest was opened. The sky was opened, and a scar and gully were drawn.

This is the sword of the top-level big swords, the first level, the next level is the flashlight! !

"The sky is cleared ?!"

Looking up at the sky, almost all the dead gods were completely shocked to open their mouths.

Every death in the scene is a sword ghost that holds the soul knife, but if it is not seen today, they even imagine that this world is actually able to open the sky.

"There is still such a sword in the world."

The whole person is standing in the same place, and the wood sword eight originally like wild beasts are generally gradually recovering.


A beautiful blood flower is quietly blooming on his chest.

With the huge wounds of a deep could have emerged on him, I saw that he had completely lost his consciousness in the ground.

"More wood !!"

Seeing more wood swords, I was put, and I was shocked. I was shocked to the moment. I was worthy of the shocking sword, I saw that the whole people rushed out.


Shouting instant appearance in the fallen sword eight, the It's more woody eight quick exam to treat him.

" "

"This woman is not simple"

After the sword was completely detached, after watching the sword, he looked at the temples and gentle and gentle, and the sharp eyes suddenly took slightly. 3

At the beginning of the sword, the big evil person in the history of the neighborhood, and all the swords of swords were self-cultivated for the '8,000 stream', with the highest swordsman section of the corpse world 'ten paragraphs' women.