Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 470 of Hueding Crack System

If you don't know the woman in front of you, it is really possible to be deceived by her quiet and gentle appearance.

"The sword opened the sky of the spiritual Tin."

Some lost gods looked at the trajectory that was deeply launched in the top of the sky, Yamamoto Li Zhai, the country, finally recovered his sight. Put it in front of you.

"In addition to such a powerful ghost, there is such a horrible first sword."

The heart is deeply smeared in the heart, and Yoshinyuan Liu Zhai is finally seriously remembering this name.

"Doors, eight things, we will take the moment of the big ghost"

The vicissitudes of the vicissitudes have a more wooded sword that is being rescued by the Huilu, who is being rescued. Yamada Yuan Liu Zhai's heavy country recovered his eyes, and then he went to his sleeves, and the cane gradually left.

"let's go!!"

When the head of the 13th team of Proton, Yoshandong Liu Zhai is leaving, there is no doubt that I have already admitted that I'm now the body of the ghosts, the commander of the ghosts, and there are hundreds of ghosts. The Taoists all have been silent.

I saw my head leader left, and I was immediately in the court, and all the death of the spiritual Tongmines were like a tide, and they had a ghosts.

"I didn't see the big ghosts in the moment"

"It turns out that you are not ordinary newcomers originally you are a central forty-six room."

Just when all the death of the ghost Tets, when the ghost Triadou went, the blue dyeing rose, and the folk blind and the skin of the blind, the skin of the blind, came to the moment, I laughed in front of the moment. I look at him deeply.

"Central 46 rooms"

I saw that the blue dye in front of you seemed to think that he could figure out his true identity, and the moment didn't shrug your shoulders. "Who knows again."

"But Blue Dyeleman"

Said that the difference between the blue blood red color is staring at the blue dye in front of him, and the mouth is outlined out of the smile. "The technology of your play seems to be not very good"

"Do you really think this?"

Some of the words mocked in an instant seem to make the blue dyeing in front of them ranked a fragment that was previously in the spiritual space.

The gentle and good camouflage faces have no depreciation, restored the true and indifference of the smart blue, the dead, staring at the moment, "The Director of this Tianshi has been hung, but I really hope that I can get together. People are you? "

Is the throne of Tianzhi?

Stared to take away the blue dye to go away from the city, silver and Dongxian, and the moment is gently lighter. It seems that the sky is in the sky.

The opponents of the two worlds have lost my hands.

I hope you can stay with me for a longer blue dyeing.

Chapter 41 of the dead wood Lucia (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 41 of the dead wood Lucia (seeking rewards and automatic)


"Don't be angry, good ??"

"Hey ... Thursday, Sister ... Xiaosen ..."

Sunset, the remains like blood.

On the long ancient road to the soul street, the moment of hippie smiles in the moment, the hippie smiles, the edemon peach.

"Do you want me to laugh one ??"

I saw that the moment of Mutant's peaches around him was a funny face. For the moment that I have already captured two second yuan in the world's sister paper, the little girl who deal with the peach, such a simple day, is not a hand. .

" ..."

Sure enough, under the moment of moment, the emeralds who were originally born with a moment were still able to maintain a pretty face in their own board, and smiled.

"I don't dare to take you ..."

But when I think of it, I have been deceiving myself for such a long time, and I can't help but play my own pretty face. The word is cold: "The big ghost road is insecting people ..."

"Okay ... Xiaoxianson ..."

I heard that the Synno peach is called by the ghost, the young handsome face, "I know you are angry ... You think I have been deceiving you, using you ..."

"But actually ... I met the day of the package ..."

At the moment, the two people, two people, a short figure, the more long, the longer under the sunset, "" Indeed, I just arrived at the corpse world ... so said ... "

"From a certain angle ... I am really a newcomer ... I really want to thank you to the Great Central Institute, let me be a dead god ..."

Said here, the moment is very serious, watching the eggs around him, a pair of deep monsters staring at her pure dark brunette.

It is flatly that if it has just traveled into the invisible empire of the Death World, using God's reincarnation opens the space channel to enter the corpse world.

If you don't encounter the simple little girl in the Synno Peng, I want to mix into the high-rise of the College and the Lingling Tint. If I have a lot of power and means, I will definitely not have this now. Shunfeng.

"Please wait ... That day is you just arrived in the corpse world?"

I have been cold, and I listened to my heart, I'm scared, and I watched my big eyes, I looked at my own moment, "said this ... you are not the corpse People in the world? "

"But ... Do you not be like a blue dyeleman ... Is it a central 46th room?"

"No ... small books ..."

Thomantian's peach is at the moment of the instance, and it is the last time for the whole corpse all the guess for the body.

In the face of the diolithic doubts, it is extremely serious, "I hope that you can keep this secret for me ... I am not the center of the 46th room ... or even people who are not the soul of the corpse ... "

"But you can rest assured ... I am not malicious to you and the soul of the whole corpse ... you have to believe me ..."

"I have told me that this important secret is ..."

Poor Synnor Peach, this simple gentle sister paper is obviously attached to a crash like a truthful words.

I saw a pretty face that she was full of frosty colored, looking up at the moment of Jun Xiu's face in the moment, the small face of the original board suddenly filled the suspicious red lotus, "the moment I ..."

"Don't say anything ... I hope you can keep this secret for me ..."

Seeing that there were lovely Mosimono pecans in front of me, I had completely believed that I was not hesitant to sacrifice my head and kill again.

The height of more than 30 cm is acne, and the moment is slowly reached out, and the black show of the front of the peach.


Seeing that this major 'Secret' told himself, touched the Tomssen peach nodded.