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Take the collapse of the Youth Chapter 471

A pair of pure eyes did even start a confused water vapor, facing the uncomfortable cheeks of this moment of so leisure.

... seeking flowers ...

"Do you want to go back to the soul of the street ... I will send you ..."

Seeing that the small face blusted so cute Synno peach, insects, the heart is slightly moved, looking at the ancient road weapon road from Yuling Ting to the Soul Street.

"Well ... My father still lives in the soul street ..." When I heard it, I had to send myself, and the chickshew peach, and the red peach peach nodded.

Although it became the deputy captain of the Wulong Tin, the vice minister of the Wulong Ting Tianshun, but the people born in the people were still living in the descendants of the soul.

The two people who were free, there was a laughter along the way, as if time returned to the time I met at the beginning.

"Hey ?! Onion head !!"


At the moment, when the two people in the moment and the Synno peach, I saw a mood of the woman in front of him.

A black warp short hair, a single bundle brother to the front, deep purple double, the body is good, it is the role of unbearable familiarity in the original, the dead wood Lucia.

"Thursday deputy captain ..."

At this time, the dead wood Louqia also noticed that there was not far from the moment, and the Synnant Pexut, and suddenly, he ran over and went.

After all, she was still the deputy captain of the thirteen teams. In the dark protection of her big brother, she didn't get a seat at the 13th team.

"Ah ... there is also a big ghost long ..."

First, I went a gift with the vice team of the five teams who were familiar with. At this time, the eyes of the deadmusen slammed in the moment, the deep purple gaze could not help but shine, flashing a stunning light .

Before an instant, she was able to boil the whole corpse of the whole corpse, and she could only watch it far away from her edge.

Until today's close observation, she found that this new ghost general, a long time, a long time, had a long time.

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Chapter 42, the corpse, daily (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 42, the corpse, daily (seeking rewards and automatic)

One silver white noble long hair is perfect, and the face of sculpture is perfect. The unique deep monster is almost introduced into the eyes of immersive, and even high-teching.

The dead wood Lucia is trying to have a memory of his mind, and it doesn't want to think that you can see you in the exterior and see you.

Even her big brother, almost the four major aristocratic woods of the whole corpse female crazy fans are fading wooden white.

Especially after the big ghost road in the corpse of the corpse, it is no longer a common trainee and clothing that is in the past today.

"Lucia !!"

When "Six-zero" in the dead wood Lucia, there was a little bit of the gods in front of the new ghost, and suddenly someone shouted her name.

"Hai ... ha ... call ..."

"The big ghosts in the moment ... the vice captain of the Thursday ... you are also ..."

I saw a young man wearing a foreign red long-ink colorful eyebrows, ran over from the big old far-breath all the way.

It is the bluemeal bamboo horse of the dead wood Lucia, before the moment, Liu Dafu, the vice captain of the Sixth team of Azhiri.

After seeing the moment in front of the dead wood Lucia, suddenly face a tightly, and the Synno peach is okay, and as the vice team of the Thirteen teams, it is already familiar. .

But in front of this new ghost, the horror of the ghosts, but the terrorist strength of the ghosts in the ghost team, but he didn't have a way in front of the moment.

"Don't be so confused ..."

"Now that all of us are, we are all the colleagues in the spirit ..."

Seeing that there is such a heavy look in front of the appearance, it will not make it feel so caurated in the moment.

"This guy ... has not imagined it is so difficult to get along ..."

And in front of you and the odoric words of the moment and dominate the two second-year-old world rich experience, often attracting their three people and relax, which makes the dead wood Lucia and Azhiri in the hearts of the hearts of the moment. A sincere admirable emotion.

"Right ... What are you ..."

On the other hand, the four people gradually came to the Nanlu Soul Street in the Parents of the Thursday: ',, Two people.

"Ah ... the vice captain of the Thursday ... We are not what you think ..."

Seeing that the Synno peach is a face, look at yourself and Azhi, and the dead wood is red and red, and although the Azhiri is in love, but her heart has always been always. When the love is a good buddy.

"In fact ... I have the relationship between my and love ... The same relationship with you with the Danshang Carade ... is a big partner from a small piece ..."

I heard the dead wood Lucia so hurriedly clarified the relationship between himself, and the Azolei love next to him was suddenly slight.

"It turns out ... well ..."

The eight flaming of the heart is extinguished, which is a little disappointing of the eggs around the moment.

It is said that the relationship between the dead wood Lucia and Azhi, and the relationship between the Tongshi Lang and the Tung Lang, is born in the soul street, all the same green Mei out of the horse, even the same Falling flowers are in love.

"But the vice captain of the Thursing ..."

"You and the big ghosts in the moment ..."

Seeing the Synnantian gossip finished his own and Azole in love, this time the dead wood Lucia suddenly heated the back and forth to watch himself next to a piece of Synno and moment.

"You two are so close ... Recently, I have always been related to your two is the rumors of lovers ..."


Didn't expect that the attention of the dead wood Lucia will suddenly move to ourselves and the moment, and he will hear a scorpion peach suddenly a small face.

The whole person suddenly became like a cooked prawns, and the red fog is even in a pretty face, and people look very like a desire to relative.

"I didn't refute it ?!"

I saw that the Synno Tao station was red and a pretty face was red, but she didn't have a rebutt. When the dead wood Louqia suddenly found the new mainland, improved her tone and watched her and the other.

"You two really ?!"

Mr. She is ...

I have been quietly listening to the dialogue between the two girls around him. At this time, I looked at the patio peach that I can't say anything, I was still stunned.

Do I have successfully transferred her heart to myself? ?