Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 472 of Hueding Crack System

In the moment, I didn't use the top level. I have listened to the idea in the hearts of the Thursday. In fact, once this kind of ability to read the general ability, sometimes it will be a distressed thing, and there will be a lot of life in life. Some fun.

Therefore, in addition to fighting and need, I rarely use the top level to see the ability of this kind of privacy.

"Okay ... don't make a little tomorrow ..."

Looking at the Synno peach around himself, the face was so fainted, and the moment was still in the moment to smile, "said it ... she took me into the field of death. The sister ... "

After talking between and smirking, after the two bid farewells in Dawu Lucia, they followed the Thursday of the Thursday, and finally came to her home born in the soul street.

Clean, neat, although it is not affluent but there is no effort to break it.

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Chapter 43, Lingling Ting, Ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 43, Lingling Ting, Ask for reward and automatic)

In the moment, the neighborhood of the ghost Tong Tin ghost, the head of the Ghost Tong, was taken home by the Synno peach, and naturally, she naturally sent her parents sincerely and fearful.

"Why do there be a kind of ... I saw the feeling of parents ..."

In the face of the passionate parents who are passionate in front of you, I looked at the expressions of the dragon's fast, and I stand on my side, I'm buried in the chest, I'm going to the chest, and I can't help but touch the old driver. Touch your own nose.


, the ghosts are the team.

It's hard to get out of the wrapped around the parents of the Thursday, and I finally had a feeling of relieving a breather in the ..

"Greatway long !!"

"The big ghost long !!"

I just entered the ghosts, and there were countless ghosts along the way, I saw the moment.

In the face of the moment, I killed them in Wuzhou, and agitated the whole corpse of the soul of the spirit of the spirit.

Even the strength can spike the new ghosts of the team leader of the 13th team of Yutong, they can not be idle.

"You ... is still the work of repairing the team ..."

Seeing countless ghosts in front of you greetings, I watched all of them were being repaired by one by one or one by one orbit.

"Yeah, the big ghost, the big man ... These houses are all previous ..."

I heard the question of the moment, the answer of a ghost and small voice, but I didn't dare to say anything elward behind him, it seems that I am afraid that I am angry to this terrible ghost.

"Forget it ... you all have ... Let me come !!"

Attending the eyes, almost all the ghosts were in front of them, they were blocked by their ghosts, and their eyes were gently closed and have a shocking pound.

... ...

Brewing out a flashless moment, suddenly stretching his arms reached a hand, God's reincarnation eyes and God's round of the eyes showed an incredible light glory.

In the surrounding eyes of all the ghosts, I saw that my eyes were open, and they suddenly surrounded by them, and there were countless teams, and even larger than their previous ghosts. dorm room.

"This ... this is ..."

"how can that be?!"

As if it is like a dream, I saw such an incredible shock scene in front of him, and all the ghosts around the moment were all stunned.

"This is simply ... just like the miracle ..."

Only a fierce ghost does not seem to believe in his eyes, walk forward and touch the housing that exceeds the extreme spiritual power.

"This ... this is ..."

"how can that be?!"

It seems that it is like a dream, seeing such an incredible shock, and all the ghosts around the moment are all stunned.

"This is simply ... just like the miracle ..."

I saw a ghost that didn't seem to believe in their eyes, and I went forward to touch the housing that surpassed the extreme spiritual power.

"It's true ... actually really ..."

Feel the real touch, I finally understand that all this is not the ghost, the dream of the dream, muttered in the mouth, "Create so many things in the air ... Is it a big ghost? Is there like the spirit of the king ... "

"This way ... it's complete ..."

After building such a large number of team houses, they looked at the scale and quality before they were so super, and they were very satisfied.

Left and right reality and dreams, control the virtual and true.

This is now in an instant to round-round and yin and yang, which can solve the gods and fields of the mortal can't imagine.

Of course, since it is a force that has such a conventional strength, it does not represent absolute invincibility.

Whether otherwise, according to the moment, this World Intangible Empire Star Cross Knights, the San Word V (Vision Ary)'s 'Dream Home' Ge Temple is retrieving, it has a real thing. ability.

Like the moment, this mountain is the banned area and field of the god.

The name of Friends, who is "all-around", and mysterious unpredictable spirit, with how to surpass common sense, this is not known.

So even if there is such a powerful power, the moment is always the psychology of a learning and awe, this is the psychological of the truly strong force.

"Yes ... I'm big ghosts ..."

When everyone is immersed in the incredible scene in front of this, a ghost in the moment seems to suddenly think of what, the reaction, "Before you come back ... Yoshima The team leader let me notify you ... "

"Tomorrow, the spirit Ting will convene a plenary meeting ... as the ghost road of the ghost ... you also need to attend ..."

"All Meetings of Lingling Tin?"

Wen said that there was a little surprised to raise your eyebrows. If it is the 13th of the 13th team, it is generally not to inform him.

"Since all the troops of Lingling Tin ... It seems that it should be related to the whole corpse or the big thing ..." For the entire conference of the Tomorrow, the heart has a probably subtle moment, If you think about it, I nod.

"Got it……"

"The ghosts have no need to rebuild ... You don't have yourself ..."


The next day, early morning.