The team of the Thirteen of the Tongling Ting Ting Tun.

"It seems that everyone has already arrived ..." The city's silver smiled and glanced at all people who were present.

"Do not……"

Yoshin's old man did not lift it, gently heard the cane in his hand, "There is no new ghost to the long brass."

(Ask for a pump, monthly ticket, and flowers)

Chapter 44 Durative Relatives (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 44 Durative Relatives (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Do not……"

"I've already arrived……"

At a moment of the sound of the old man, the sound of the moment was suddenly sound in the ear of everyone.

"Sorry ... Let you wait ..."

After listening to the sound of the moment, everyone had returned, and I saw that I didn't know when I had suddenly appeared behind them, and the young handsome face symbolizes a little apologetic.

"Is this a ghost no movement ..."

I was observed that there was no signs of emotion in my own, and all people were all stiff, and they were secretly improving in their hearts.

Although it is not an enemy, a guy who has such a terrorist force can be so unsteady, and no one will joke with his own life.

"Shandamoto Captain ... I don't know what today's conference is ..."

"I actually need to travel to all the people who are in the 13th of Yutang ..."

The last place rushed to the place of this Jinding Ting Ting, and the moment glanced at almost all the death of all the gods attended the meeting.

... ...

The moment of opening the neopes of the Bible, and the mysterious book of the half-black half-half of the mysterious book is surrounded by the sash.

It's not only a dark and gorgeous gods, which will not only be replaced with a dark and gorgeous gods. The whole person revealed that it is like a dark sun, and the temperament is temperament.

"Continue to open the status of the knife, ..."

"But ... what is going on in his hand?"

Seeing such an amazing moment, everyone's eyes have focused on the packed too much-to-hanger that was held in the hands of this moment.

"This familiar feeling ... What is going on ..."

Feeling that the ease of pushing in the hands seems to be like a sleeping Taikoo volcano, it is possible to break out the energy of everything in the world, this is unbearable, the Shan Dynasty, the country, the country, the country, can't help but frighten yourself. brow.

Have two kinds of swearing ...

then what……

Not only in the dark, the blue dye, the moment, feeling the strong oppression of the squid, and some people in the field have frowned, and the heart is in the heart.

"What happened? Can the meeting began?"

As if not noticed that everyone's eyes are placed in their hands, if they look at all, they look at all the head of the head of the Zhang Tong in front of him.

"Cough ..."

After a little bit, the old man pulled all the people's attention from the old man.

"Mainly for two things ..."

"Let's talk about the first important thing ... According to the command of the central forty-six rooms ..."

Yamamoto Yuan Liu Yu, a deep vicissitudes, glanced on all the dead gods, directly entered today's topic, "According to the observation of the virtual circle, the frequency of the creature is in the event of the world ... The trend of the virtual circle has gradually spread ...

Display of virtual circles? !

I heard the words, and there were many people who were there in the field. It was obvious that this vocabulary was still strange for him just served as a ghost.

"The big army of the corpse of the soul, the big army of the virtual ring, must be completed tomorrow ..."

The old man arranged for all the matters about this virtual ring, and the deep eyes fell on the moment of the captain's seat.

"There is also ... the moment of the big ghost ... You can lead the ghosts to support the big army of this time ..."

"When you take the big army, the big army is going to be evil circle ..."

When you are in front of you, you will see all the dead gods in front of you, and the flash is playing with your mouth. "So interesting activities ... Of course there is no problem !!"

"Very good ... then on this virtual circle, you can assemble the army from you tomorrow ..."

Seeing an instance, I nodded, and I walked out any any commence, I was very optimistic about the ability and strength of the moment.

"Next, I said the second thing ... The remaining time left in the blue dyele is not given to you ..."

Blue dye? !

Wen said that the sword eyebrows were slightly striking, the god of the left eye, the god of the left eye was constantly overlying the development of the next incident.

"Thanks to the head of Yama!"

I saw that the blue dyeing, the topic, the top of the old man, the gentle and good face, with a good smile like the neighbor, big brother, and his eyes glanced at all the people present.

"So next ... Let me come to everyone to show my sickness !!"

"I believe so long ... Everyone has always been very curious about my ability ..."

At this moment, all the dead gods of the Tongling Tin were present, and only the blue dye, the right, gradually took out the chills of the chips in their hands.

"My mirror flower is the sinter of the water system ... can pass (Zhao Hao) fog and water flow to reflect the enemy to make it self-confusion ... In terms of ornamental, the first-class effect ..."

It turns out that ...

In this occasion of all the dead gods of the entire Tongling Tong, you will consider your mirror flowers ...

Let the whole corpse soul fall into your complete hypnosis and control ...

It seems that the next scene, the shackles of the blue blood red are slightly, and the hearts have understood the purpose of the blue dye, and the corner gradually raised a smile.

"Don't he have anything to know?"

In particular, pay attention to the blue dye of the moment. At this time, I suddenly greeted that I was like a smile in the mouth of my mouth. Rao is everything in the sky, and I can't help but I can't help.