Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 474, Chapter 474

(Ask for reward, monthly ticket, and flowers)

Chapter 45 Mirror Water Moon (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 45 Mirror Water Moon (ask for reward and automatic)

No matter what your card is ...

In front of the mirror of the mirror flowers in the 'security hypnosis'

All your fortune is a virtual ... ......

"Broken, Mirror Water Moon!"

I left all the uneasy emotions in my heart, and the blue dyeing roses the mirror of the mirror of the mirror, and all the eyes of all the death of the gods were all on his body.

The entire world around us seems to have changed, and it seems that everything is just the same, what does not happen ...

"This is ..."

"Complete hypnosis, five senses ... Let them completely believe in the mirror of the mirror of the master hopes for the appearance, shape, quality, feeling, and even odor of a particular object ..."

Like all the dead gods in the field, the two-sided silence of the flash of blue blood stare with the front blue dye. The right survey launched the beginning of the mirror of the mirror, and there was almost completely unabroad.

"It's a beautiful and gorgeous sickle ..."

At this time, the thirteen team leader, the team leader, is the first appreciation of the first appreciation of the first appreciation.

"It is indeed a very beautiful chop knife ... thank you for your demo blue dyeleman ..."

Almost in this mountain, all other dead gods are all like to see what beautiful scenery is general, and they have died in the blue dyeing.

"Early terrible ability ..."

In addition to oneself, I saw all the dead gods around him in front of the blue dye, the right mirrors, the complete hypnotics of the mirror, and the moment did not help but raise their own eyebrows.

If it is not this double round

If it is not the eyes of this pair, the eyes of the gods ...

Maybe I have now hidden in his complete hypnosis ...

Feeling that you seem to be in a world, in front of you, in front of you, in front of you, in the face of blue dyeing, it is also in the heart.

"Silver ... we want ... Let's go ..."

"This boring gathering ... I have no need to stay again ..."

After the mirror flowers, all the deaths in the scene have fallen into their own complete hypnotics, the smile on the face of the blue dye is gradually hidden, and even see the people will turn around.

After a moment, the blue dye is deeply gazed. I found that there is no expression in the moment, and the deep and sharp bleak will not be clear.

"We will leave ... will not be very good, blue dyele, ..."

The mouth is hypocritical, knowing all the dead gods around the world have fallen into the complete hypnotic of the blue dye, and the municipal pellets are flashing with inexplicable brothers, and the East Xian wants to step out. The footsteps of blue staining.

Seeing the blue staining with the city of Military and Dongxian, almost the whole corpse of the soul of the soul of the spirit, and Shijan left a team of team.

"The city pills said yes ..."

"You will go this way ... will not be very good, blue dyele leader ??

At this time, when everyone fell into the blue dyed mirror, the month was completely hypnotized.

Suddenly in the sound of them, let the blue dye are suddenly the whole person, the whole body is stiff, all of which stopped their own footsteps.


"Why didn't you be completely hypnified by mirror flowers?"

For the first time, the blue dyeing is the right of the championship, and the first time, the first time exposed a shocked expression.

"(Beei) how it might ... he did not arrive in the body of the mirror of the mirror ... Why can you get out of complete hypnosis ..."

The heart of the city, the savory, the city, the silver, I have never seen it, I have never seen such a shock expression on the blue face, and my heart is once again secretly increased again.

"Why? What are you talking about, is you a wonderful performance of the squad, is it very exciting ..."

When Blue Dye and Municipal Wall Silver and Dongxian have to shocked and shocked, I saw that I was standing on the place where I was a smile.

The deep monsterism is like two people who choose people, and even ironically, they have three ridicules, and Jun Xiu's white face hangs a mocking expression.

"Although I don't know why you didn't fall like other people, it was completely hypnified by the blue dyeleman ..."

Although I don't want to see, I suddenly hear the words of the moment, and the Dongxian wants to have an angry look, "But I don't think you have any arrogance !!"

"Ming called it! Clema!"

In the hands of the knife, I took out the knife in an instant. I saw Dongxian to directly launch the beginning of my heart.

According to the central forty-six room, the case is not public. In order to revenge revenge, it has been humiliated, and the corpse of the soul of the soul, the spiritual Tong Ting finally became the Dongxian of the Jiuqing team. It did not tolerate it at this time. Central 46 rooms The moment of the people of Lingling Tin.

The strength of the moment is the strength of the brake, and the east immortality is asked, but suddenly, the whole body can't move!

"To! You step !!" "The keen spotted air is crazy, the blue dye is blushing, and the east is going to retreat.

"It's too late ..."

It seems that there is a sense of sigh, contributes to the East Xian, who has heard the blue dye reminds, the east immortality, the unscrupulousness, has already accepted the horrible ghosts.

"The 90th black !!!"

With the sound of the moment, the sound of blue dye and the silver body of the city, I saw the whole space in front of me, as if it was dyed, a layer of darkly dark rays.

A huge black coffin suddenly isolated East Xian to have all the space around the body, and completely wrapped his entire people.

There are countless dark-shaped shadow blades into the shadow, combined with an unsatisfactory blond blood!

Chapter 46, City, Silver (seeking rewards and automatic)


Seeing Dongxian to be blocked by the ninety size of the moment of instant, it is shrouded directly, and the blue dye in both sides is shocked.

"Ah, ah!!!"

With the piercing of countless shadow blade, blue dyeing and city pills only heard the scream of east fairy to have a series of shocks from the east.

"Shooting him! The gun !!"