Naruto's Jade Crash System

Nanghae Crack System Chapter 476

"It's a horrible sword to smash ..."

After the first sword sword in the moment, after pushing a hundred meters, gently pinching his own numbers, the blue-stained right face flashed a lot of excitement.

He has been lonely because no one can compile with himself. Today, I finally made my hand in my own opponent, and the horror of this horror, the horror, the horror, I made him excited.

"Forget it, blue dye ..."

Feel the eyes of blue and cold and crazy eyes, the moment is shocked gently, "You don't win the calculation ..."

"Your mirror flower is not effective for me ..."

The fierce plummeted, if the fire is in the moment, the smart is unparalleled, and the flash is staring at the blue dye and the city's silver and elegant picked yourself.

"If you are hard to fight hard ... Do you think you can win three together?"

"Oh, no ... I almost forgot ... Now you have two people left ..."

It seems to respond to the words of the moment.

At this moment, everyone is screaming, and only seeing the ghostless black scorpion from the moment, and suddenly falls out of a full body congestion.

! ! !

I saw the original skin of the nine-skinned Jiuwang East Xian, and there was almost no inch of the whole body under the whole body.

In addition to a head of a head, the whole person's body is in the mysterious black shadow of the shadow.

On the ground, the blood that could not be fed out in the whole body shook into a red blood, and the mouth is gas.

"Singing to abandon the ghost way to show the exhibition, there is such a power ..."

The cold and indifferent face did not look at the East Xian, which he fell in the bloody, and the blue deficiency and wise eyes did not leave the moment before.

"It seems that you are talking about ... Today is not our time to win ..."

"In the near future, there will be a broad stage of the stage ... there is our ultimate battlefield !!"

Looking at the moment, it is like a hooded hand standing, and the blue-stained eyelids have passed a deep jealousy, and the mind is flying. "

"Silver, let's go."

I have sorted a chaos in my own brain, and the blue dyeing of your own eyes is directly across the East Immine in the blood of the ground, turn away.

It seems that the blue dye is temporarily not to grasp this deep guy who can't say this ...

It has been observing the city's silver silver, and the heart is secretly inferred in the heart, and the eyes are slightly ignite.

I still mentioned the dying Dongxian of my feet, turned to catch up with blue dye.

"Ah ... the big ghost" ... "

"Tomorrow's soul of the army is evil circle ... Everyone will pay attention to you ..."

After looking at the blue dyed, after the three people left, the moment was gently turned to, and the soft voice of the floats of the squadron.

Looking back, I only saw all the people behind him, all of them were watching themselves, and it seems that there is no peek that I have just a short battle that has just been burst from themselves and blue.

Seeing this horrible scene in front of you, spare is that it can't help but feel dark.

Under the control of the five senses of the blue dyed mirror, all the people who saw all the people saw it, they all saw them feel.

In other words, if the blue dye is willing, I just can directly let all the dead gods in the entire Tongling Ting, so I have just been a concern between the two sides, no one reveals the power of all their strength. .

"You don't have to be polite ... except for the floaders, you ..."

Looking at my eyes, in addition to seeing the scenes just happened, there is no other old-saved float 14, the moment is turning, "Who else will come to the captain of the virtual circle to bring the team?"

I heard the question of the moment, and the floats of the squadron smiled.

Poizen's 14th Lang and the bee ...

After receiving the answer to the fire, the answer was dark, and I couldn't help but read the loud bamboo and four eyes in front of him.

The right arm of the spirit ...

You are not a simple goods ...

Float 14

(Ask for reward, monthly ticket, and flowers)

Chapter 48 arrived in a virtual ring (ask for reward and automatic)

The next day, the afternoon.

Ductone, here is the geographical space survived for empty and breakfast.

The environment and corpse are not hill, not similar to the streets of the world, the city of architecture, but a unmunished place, with a desertful ridiculous ground and a high stone cliff.

There is no plant here, those things like the dead branches are actually some quartz, even in the sky, there is no blue sky and white clouds.

It is occasionally, there will be some small animals, and they also have masks and holes located at the chest. Since the virtual spirit is higher than the soul of the corpse, those small things can be survived, and they are not like If you want to swallow the soul to fill the inner emptiness.

The original death, the quiet, quiet, is destined to be quiet today.

The virtual night palace in the center of the virtual ring is between the empty air, and the void air is suddenly opened.

"Is this a virtual ring ..."

"I am still in the first time ..."

Among the plain sound revealed a little curious, the moment stepped from this inland space channel.

With the spatial passage of the blur of the ghost Tong Tong Tong Tong Tong Tong Tong, the death of the ghost Tong Tong Tong, suddenly came out from the death of the death of the squad and a hundred ghosts.

"In addition to the floaders of the boadie ... I am also the first time I really came to this place ..."

The cold voice rang from the back of the moment, and only the captain of the two teams, the fragment of the two teams, wearing a simple and practiced death, and she did a good fortune.

"I know that you are very curious about the place of virtual circles ..."

I heard a small tone of the moment and the broken bee. At this time, in addition to the first batch of the first batch of Yamamoto Liuqi, the first batch of Poizen, the squadron of the 13th team, smiled and walked to their two modes.

"But as a senior, I have to remind you here ..."

"The virtual ring is not a fun place ... this time we went to the virtual circle, it is only for the ordinary virtual and Kiilean who often invades the world."

I saw that the floaders of the squadron were gradually varying, and the tone became heavy, "as for Yakkas ... and the legend of Wattad ... we are best not to provoke Be a wonderful ... "