Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 477, Chapter 477

"Yakkas and Wattead ..."

I wanted to nod to the dark, although it is rare to come to the virtual ring, he also wants to see the Vatrod in Yakkas and the legend.

However, the words of Poisher's 14th Lang said that there is no reason that I have individual consciousness will not take the initiative to attack the world, let alone the strength is still in the captain level. Wattod.

If it is an ethics of the Wattod level, I believe that if I am not here, the death here will have a heavy casualty.


Just when all everyone had just landed, the moment suddenly had a weapon: "We don't have this for the time being ..."


"The big ghost is long ?!"

Suddenly I heard the discourse, the bee and the float of the floats and the floats were suddenly surprised, and they looked at him.

"If it is the words of the essines ... Generally, only Kyan's subordinates ... even Yakkas also appear ..."

I know that this time, the main clear goal of the Wuming Ting's death is is that after the squats of the essines, there is no intestment, so they say that everyone is in the scene: "I believe it is difficult to fall ..."

I know that this time, the main clear goal of the Wuming Ting's death is is that after the squats of the essines, there is no intestment, so they say that everyone is in the scene: "I believe it is difficult to fall ..."

"So I plan to go to virtual night palace to transfer ... I appreciate the scenery of the virtual circle ..."

Virtual night palace? !

I heard the vocabulary mentioned in my mouth at this moment, and all the people in the scene suddenly shocked.

"Never !!"

The broken bee is in an urgent, stopping the words.

"Don't impulsive! At the moment, the big ghost !!"

It is also surprised that the floats next to it is also surprised, and the weapons are persuaded.

If the essay is just a place where the fallen of the fallen is only false, then the Tang Dynasty Night Palace is the center of the virtual circle, the Yachukai or even the place in the legend of Wattod.

"So ..."

"When I arrive, I will go to the euriso and you will be in touch ... Goodbye, the broken bee captain, the squadron ..."

Who knows that there is no bang's stop, after self-waving, and the two have disappeared in the original place.

"This bastard !!"

Originally, I wanted to reach out the broken bee on the moment, and suddenly hated her teeth. "The virtual ring is all white desert and the wrong yellow sky ... Where is the scenery let him appreciate ..."

"Calculate the brush captain ..."

Seeing this moment, the bee-bit is-cutting, and the slapped bamboo on the side has to speak to speak, "With the strength of the big ghost, the strength of the big ghost ... I believe he will not easily take his own life to joke ..."

"Who is worried about the guy ?!"

Poisher's fourteen lang is a simple comfort. Who knows that he suddenly causes a strong reaction, and only seeing her white, a blushing, and stronger.


That is, people often say that there is no silver three hundred and two ...

It is a simple admiring between the mountains. I didn't expect that it caused such a fierce reaction, and the float of the squadron could not help but twitched his mouth.


In the moment, why did this guy going to a virtual ring before a virtual ring ...

Is it really simple as what he said to experience a blind ring?

Quietly focused on the direction in which the virtual night palace is located, the eyes of the floats and 14th Lang smashed slightly, and there was a strong suspicion in my heart.

"Forget it ... we will start now !!"

After seeing the moment, when everyone went to virtual night pauses, they took the arrogance of all the dead gods, and they went to the world.

"Don't use the disgusting guy !!"

(Ask for reward, monthly ticket, and flowers)

Chapter 49 Virtual Night Palace (seeking rewards and automatic)

Verity four white thunder! ! !

I saw the moment to sing a generic ghost.


Suddenly a violent Tongtian Thunder is followed by the index finger of the right hand, ruthlessly cut the innocent desert earth, and in a moment, there will be countless ordinary virtual and base.

"The virtual ring is really wide ..."

After flying in the virtual ring, I finally sent a boring lament.

I didn't find the direction of the virtual circle, and I didn't see the so-called Yakkaskas along the way, let alone the legend of Wattod, only the ordinary virtual virtual and Kiilean, which endlessly swallowed.

"According to the current time ... Blue Dye guys should have already come to a virtual ring ..."

The heart is probably crowded, and I murmond himself while flying in the mouth: "But the incomplete collapse manufactured by Pudao is also the body of the dead wood. That is to say this period. In addition to a particular existence ... "

"So now the king of the virtual ring during this period ... should still ' ' Bai Legang, the guy, the guy ..." The blood of the blue blood is flashing between the eyes, the face of the moment is very interested. Look.

Death, virtual, destroying the teacher, these three tried creatures have formed this world three opposite camps.

First, the destruction is human, they are a group of humans who can perceive and control spirit, from the outside world, and human fighting with the virtual battle. The bow is destroyed in the battle to kill the virtual. But now this group has almost extinct except for the Intangible Empire known in the moment.

Death God is a soul that does not have a flesh purely from spirit. It is the use of the spiritual power to release the ghost and awakening and the soul of the soul.

In the battle, the destroying division will kill it, not to purify it like death. This practice of destroying is affected between the balance between the world and the soul of the corpse, and may eventually lead to the destruction of the two worlds, so the bloody battle before the death of death and the martial arts.

At the moment, it is possible to fight spirits to fight spirits, which can be used to destroy them. It can also start their own spiritual spirits and church knife fighting like death. It is definitely a monster level for this world.

So this moment is a great interest in the species that is in human and soul (dead god).

After all, the protagonist of the protagonist is so horrible. It is because his father Zhibo is a death. The mother's blacks is really destroyed, and the black Sikasaki is really in the heart of rescue. Bite injury, so the body body is still in the body.

In other words, Kurosaki protects one person to the mountains, there is a dead god and destroy, and the virtual three kinds of species power, in addition to the moment, he is definitely the world's most special existence.

"Now I have completely owned the power of the dead ... If I still repair the power of the teacher, I get the power of virtual power ..."