Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 478, Chapter 478

The heart flashed countless year. In the end, the sharp eyes flashed in the eyes of a very inexplicable mystery. "I want my strength to be pushed into a new height ..."

In the heart of the mind, the moment finally saw the boundless white desert in front of him, and he stood a white grand building.

But it is different from the imagination. The virtual night palace in this period does not have a wall, just a magnificent building group exposed to the night sky.

"There is a virtual night palace ... it is fun ..."

After flying for so long, I finally saw the traces of the legendary virtual circle, the mouth of the moment suddenly rushed, and the left eye and blue Guanghua flashed to disappear in half air.


"It's boring ..."

The virtual circle center Virtual Palace is on the center of the high throne, a tall white full body package is in a black fur coat, and the king of gold is bored in the mouth of the golden crown.

Starting from the lowest ordinary virtual virtual, it has been evolved into Toward, and no one knows the king of virtual circles', the big year of Bai Legang, Royson, has experienced this step.

"Since this ... then give two teams to the two teams ... Watching them to kill each other ..." Bai bored, Bayel Gang, Rouject, finally came to think of a burst of help program.

"Thirty-one · red fire guns ..."

Bang! ! !

At this time, with the feet of Bao Ruysen, it looked lighted lightly.

A sudden neon colored huge flame light group suddenly illuminated the entire dark virtual night palace, and a high school shadow of Yardcas was bombed.

"The super-level virtual level of the Watt Todde ... You should be the king of the virtual ring, the Ruysen Bang ..."

The cool and indifferent sound suddenly passed into the hall of Bai Rog Gang, and the body wearing a dark ornate and loving figure (Noro) gradually entered, and the silver and white long hair slowed, a pair The blue-blue deep and red monsters are flashing in the abyss.

"No fake ... you are not empty ..."

Looking at this strange figure in front of this strange figure gradually, Baygang Roujecton is finally moving slightly, and there is a hint of interest, "Are you a dead or humans? Just like to send me boring time ...... "

"No matter what ... Welcome to my castle virtual night palace ..."

"It's fun ..."

Looking at the Bayl Gang, Ruysen, who appeared in front of the stone step high, and suddenly looked at the sky in the world. "There is no roof and wall place ... can it be called castle ..."

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Chapter 50 King of the Diam (ask for reward and automatic)

"Don't need roofs at all ..."

"For the king of the virtual ring ... this whole virtual circle of the sky ... is all the roof of my castle ..."

Listening to some mocking tone, Bygang Ruysen, Zhang opened his own hands, showing a pace of gas and gesture.

"Interesting words ..."

Looking at the Bai Rogang, the Bao Roy, the Borde, the powerful spiritual pressure, and the moment is not laughing, and the door is directly opened to see the mountain, "But Byligang Ruysen ... You are in the virtual ring. Long time ... have you seen a dead god called blue dye? "

"Blue dyeing right ?!"

Suddenly I heard this name, Baygang Ruysen, the tone of the Ruysen, suddenly, the air in the virtual night palace seems to be condensed.

"You and the blue dyeing right are one of my guys ?!"

A pair of dark and deep empty eyes look at the moment, the tone of Byligogon Ruyason is somewhat unexpected. Although since I started that day, he swearing that there is always a day to kill the dead god called the blue dye.

Although since I started that day, he swearing that there is always a day to kill the dead god called the blue dye.

But today, he is still in the mirror of the mirror, and he has to succumb to the championship of the blue dye.

"Sure enough, the guy has already come to virtue night ..."

From the midst of the Bayel Gang, Roujecton, I heard Ni, "And I also showed the bayness of Bayu Ruysen."

"kill him!!"

There is no helihood, the king of the virtue of the high stone step throne, Ruirog, Rujason, is directly under the six of Yump Cas under his own.

Although the guy is helpless for blue staining, he killed his guy, apparently, this bit of Baygang Ruyason is still very easy.


After receiving the command of the king of the virtual ring, the six of the six Yakkascaton time in the virtual night palace made a profitable snoring.

"It is a virtual mobile skill ... turn it ..."

Seeing six Yakkascas disappeared in front of you, if it is not a moment of moving the eyes of the right eye, the dynamic vision of the long-term naked eye is almost necessary to show the transient.

Eighty-one, breakdown! ! !

Under the increase in the Bible of the Night Bible, there is no need to sing directly, directly exhibiting the 80nd defensive ghost.

No, it should be said that there is four advanced defensive ghosts directly in the moment.

Only the signature book seems to be a huge barrier in the interior of all attacks, which appears around the body, forming an independent space that is complete and external isolated.

boom! boom! boom!

"The ability of the never bibli ... It is also convenient ..."

Enjoy the ethics of the six Yakkas levels around himself, and the spatial barrier that she bombards her ghost and she bombards her ghost.

"This ability of this kind of death ..."

Seeing the six Yakukas even if they showed the steel, they didn't all have a hunger, and Bayel Gang, Roujecton, reached out, grabbed the darkness of the huge demise.

"It seems that the strength of this guy is not more likely to deal with the blue dye."

Packed the black chain, the king of the virtual ring, who is in person, suddenly felt that the space in which he was in the space was suddenly dropped, and the passage of the surrounding time seems to be slow.

The blood is extremely cold! ! !

It seems like a mythical legend, and the red lotus in the cold is in the world.

A shake beyond the absolute zero to the cold air broke out from the moment, and under the temperature of this horror, the temperature of the surrounding space is slowed down.

In this ultra-low temperature that transcended the ultimate horror, six of the six Yakkas surrounded by the body could not feel any cold feelings, but the mellis deng has completely lost the perception yesterday.

I saw it gently and smoldered my wide and sleeve. In this time, the time-lapse slow time and space, it seems that only him can maintain normal speed and action.

boom! ! !