The sound of the endless freezing and broken sounds, as if this casual move caused some kind of vibration and resonance in the air.

Siki, six Yakkas, alliances, all of them were all being frozen, and the whole tall body was fully chemically created as a blood-red ice crystal powder!

"this is……"

A blood color is extremely cold.

I saw Six of his hand to swallow countless big virtual base, and the squatting sleeves were all smashed into a blood red ice crystal crumble. Rao is a king of the king of the virtual ring. · Ruysen Bang also can't help but pour a cold air.

Although Yakukas in this period has not yet entered the breaking phase through the impact of collapse, it is definitely the level of the captain and the vice captain of the corpse team.

However, it was even in front of this mysterious guy, just a sleeple sleeve, completely frozen and pulverized into a powder!

Dear ax! !

Symbolizing the force of aging and decaying, at all, the time in the hand of the Bayu Gang, Royssen, is spinning a dead melody in the air.


It has a moment of reincarnation of God, and the body is gently flashed, avoiding the death ax of Bai Legou.

However, the ground of the virtual night palace hit in the hand of the Bayel Gang Royssen, but did not have a mega of mean.

Instead, under the pressure of the decadent decay of Bayur Gang Ruysen, it directly created a piece of dark aging ash, finished all over the air.

"The power of death and aging ..."

I have passed my body, and I have a slight move in my heart in the moment of being destroyed by Baygang Ruysen.

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Chapter 51 Raw King of Rolling the Diamat (ask for reward and automatic)

Lonely, aging, sacrifice, virtual, despair, destruction, intoxicating, crazy, greed, angry.

This is a dead shape of the ten blade, which is a human caused by human death. Even if the ability of each ten blade is also the idea of ​​ten blade, it is a reason for the ten blade.

Although the virtual circle did not have a lot of slope and ten blade, the king of this virtual ring is the ability of the Emperor 'Byligang Ruysen has already dominated death and aging.

If he symbolizes the ability of aging and death, it is basically that everything can't escape the fate of decaying, and it can be said that the death capabilities of Bayur Gang Rouject are also an extremely bug in the world of death.

Renovation of eyes! ! !

At the same time, when Baygang Ruissen, I just flew out of my hand, the darkness of the darkness of the dark, the left eye ZHANG Guanghua incited between the whole person, disappeared in the original place.


Bygang, Roujecton, standing on the stone steps, suddenly saw the bottom of the following air, and suddenly the heart was vigilant around the heart.

boom! ! !

The entire huge throne of the void is suddenly smashed!

Baygang Ruysen has not been reacted, and suddenly the whole wine glass suddenly appeared in the moment in the moment in front of himself.


Baygang Ruissen only felt a pain in the body, and the horror power of the moment of transcendence directly took him all the people, couldn't help but vomit from the mouth of the mouth.

Bygang Ruissen, the king of virtual ring swearing that he has never experienced such a scene of such a wolf, and has never experienced such a huge force like an instant.

Even if I came to the virtual night palace to make him yield blue dye, it is only the ability to use mirror flowers and the moon, and he makes him no resort, and this strange guy in front of him is purely uses his powerful violence.


The whole person completely improving the belly of Bayel Gang, Royssen, and felt that the feet were like steel general texture, and the eyes of the deep Ruili flashed.

"The damn guy is going to die !!"

In the surrounding night vital vast palace, there are so many hands under the eyes, and the wolf is hit by a picture, Bayel Gang Ruysen, a deep dark eye, almost burning in addition to angry flames.

Flalk! !

I saw all the spirits in front of the front air were compressed by crazy.

Quickly formed a concentrated focus between the two people in the moment and Byligogon, which revealed a devastating destructive power.

"This is the virtual flashes of the Wattod Level."

In the moment of the blue blood of the blue blood, it reflected in the black virtual flash in front of him, and there was no fluctuation in the face of Junxiu, as if this moment, the heart of this moment has long been overridden from the mortal of love and hate. Van Tao.

Eighty-eight · Feilong thieves of the rules! ! !

In the face of your eyes, the spirit of the spirit is concentrated, and immediately want to destroy the outbreak of violent flashes.

The body surrounded by a half-black half-hour mysterious book, the surrounded by the Bible, the whole person is like the Holy Spirit, which is like the Holy Spirit.

At an instant of the vibrant jam of Baygang Rougins, the spirit of the spirit of the spirit of the spirit is crazy. Under the increase in the increase in the Bible of the Eternal Night, a senior horror ghost is also instantially formed. .

Bang! ! !

It seems that a horrible hydrogen bomb is blown in the center of this virtual ring.

The lightweight light is directly like the void, and the whole paint black night sky, the surrounding Giry and even Yakkas is all flying directly by this devastating airflow.

I saw a moment in Bayel Gang Ruysen released a black violent flashes, and the moment took the hand to open her hand to give him a blushing, and a blue-white picture shocking pound is a huge destruction of the beam.

Eighty-eight high-grade ghosts in the flash of the Eternal Night Bible, broke out of the flashes released by Bayl Gang, Roujecton

Fresh flowers

In an instant, I wore the entire virtual night palace, and all obstacles along the way were all flying ash, directly fell directly into a ruin directly into a ruins.

"Is it because I have not successfully entered the slope through collapse?"

The virtual night palace, a dusty ruins, the slender figure of the moment is more clear in the eyes of a lot of big fear.

"If the king of the so-called virtual circle is only such a power, then I am disappointed."

Under the neighboring enemy surrounded by countless big deficit, the moment is like a leisurely walk in the ruins of the virtual night palace.

The profound looks firmly locked the king of the wolf of the wolf in front of the ground gap, and he looked at his body's bloody.

It seems that Wattod, who did not enter the broken shape.

Is it still a stage in the power?

Looking at the Baygang Ruysen Bang in front of himself was made into this miserable situation under his own strong ghost, and the heart sighed in the heart.