Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 480 of Hueding Crack System

"What's joking"

"I am the only king of virtual circles, whether it is you."

First, the blue dye is right, and it is the moment in front of him. It is the king of the long-lasting ancestral ring. Byligang Roujecton felt the dignity in his heart was trampled in the foot.

"Or blue dyeing right, the guy is as long as I have seized the opportunity"

I saw the Bayl Gang Ruysen's full body out of the rush of the mountain, the rush of the tsunami, the power of the Wattod level is suppressed by the whole virtual night palace.

"All give me down corruption in this aging death!"

Zhang opened his own deep dark mouth, and the bayirogang Ruysen is full of bungees, which symbolizes the darkness of aging and death.

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Seeing the move of Baygang Ruysen, and he was disconnected from the dead, and all of all the prostitutes surrounded by the night, all the big screams around the night began to escape.

Death sigh! !

Under the ability of Bayel Gang Roujecton's death, I saw a layer of darkness of death, as if there was a wave of tide, and it was generally from him.

Under the spread of this dark decayed aging, the ruins of the entire virtual night palace, all the objects all quickly weathered the tattoo to have a dust in the wind.

Even the big virtual caused by the surroundings, the painted death of the darkness released by Bayur Gang Ruysen is contaminated, and the whole tall god will become a tired white bone, and suddenly it is scattered. The powder of the place.

"This power"

"Is it free to control the body around and the time and aging?"

Founding his eyes, this piece of Bao Rousen Bang is centered, with an amazing speed towards the death of the death of the madness spread around, and the spirit of the deep Ruili's eyes quickly analyzed the power. nature.

It is this trick, the original baygang, Roujecton, almost kills the bee directly.

As long as it is entangled in this horrible death, the whole person's body will quickly decay in a thousand times time, until it is ash.

Seeing that the death of the film is going to be a brake, I only see that my foot is pulled down on the ground, and the whole person is just like a sword to fly on the sky of the vitality.

"it's useless!"

"No one can get rid of death and aging"

Seeing an instant to fly on the sky and got rid of the death of the dead aging on the whole body, Bayley Gang, Roujecton, was scattered in the deep dark mouth of the Darkness. It is like a big shout and sigh.

"Whether you run to the end of the world, my death sigh will always follow your footsteps !!"

It seems to verify what you are talking, I saw the arm of Bayel Gang Royssen.

Suddenly all spreads around the spread of death, the darkness, as if there is a spiritual and life, and it is aimed at the moment in the sky, and it is like a black waterfall against the sky, and it is directly on it!

"People can embrace hope because they can't see death"

In the face of my own feet, I have a sway of death, I'm going to swim, and the sword meow is slightly. The blue deep and blood red monster is gradually cooled. "You are also the same, you are the king of a virtual ring."

"Then I will let you know what is the eternal and ultimate power !!"

boom! ! !

With the sound of VanIne in the moment, all the air around the body suddenly fell!

"This kind of spiritual pressure"

"How can there be such a flexible pressure in the world ?!"

Bygang Royssen Bang's face has only two dark eyelid caves, but it revealed deep shock and surprised.

The four weeks are in the crazy oscillation, and the powerful airflow actually blows all the darkness of all death aging in Baygang Runes. It has formed a circle of gas in the moment, and it seems to have some kind. The law of mystery.

I saw that the endless black horror in the instant was sprayed out. It seems like a wolf smoke, and the sky of the entire virtual ring is almost in the foot of the whole boundless virtual ring.

"What happened"

"Is the light of Bayel Gang, Royssen, who is the spiritual pressure on his body."

If you don't see this shocking scene before you see your eyes, the big virtue in the ruins of the virtual night is almost not in the spirit of the moment, as if this mysterious guy in front of you is not in one level.

Even in the moment of so horrible pounds, some weak subordinates around the virtual night palace have died, and they have become the most primitive spirit between the heavens and the earth.

God's six model! ! !

It seems that the soul of the highest level in the country is falling to this virtual ring.

I saw the moment of floating in the sky of the Night Palace. After the explosive swearing, I opened the gods of the gods, and I had a white cactus who was imprinted with countless blacks.

Silver white noble long-haired roots flew into the brain, there were twelve class black and shining jade, and quietly floating around the moment.

"how you look like"

The body will be wrapped around the boundlessness of the boundless death. Bygang Royssen is looked up at the top of the sky and the root is not in a world.

What is this?

Notice that the sky is like the spirit of the sky, his eyes seem to be killed in the sky in the sky, and the hearts of Bayur Gogen can not help but also flash a grievance and unwilling.

"King of Duction"

"Have you seen the end of the world of the world?"

The beautiful face of the beautiful face is inlaid, and there is no opening at the outstanding land of your feet.

When it is like a Van Yin, a general voice, such as Hong Zhong Da Lu, the spirit of Bai Legou, Royssen, deeply shocked his soul.

Everything is home

The world's end

The silence muttered in the mouth spoke through the sound of his mind, suddenly no signs, and a more lonely emotion of death has been in his heart.


The moment of the sky is slightly over your own head. I glanced like a very distant horizon, and a white morning sun quietly torn the night sky of the virtual circle.

In the feet, the king of the king of the virtual ring, Roujecton, all the eyes, and the moment gradually reached out of his fingers.

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