Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 481 of Hueding Cracks

Quietly float in the ruins of virtual night palace.

The moment gradually reached out, the index finger raised his hand, refers to the sky of the virtual ring. The body surrounded by the original, the twelve lacquered Dao Jade is suddenly riped, and a flying spheric will gather to the fingertips of the flash.

"That is"

"what is this?!"

In the foot of the veteran, all the easons all feel that they have a darkness around them.


Term of the jade! ! !

I saw the twelve of the twelve of the side around the moment, all gathered to the right hand-finger fingertips of the flash of the sky.

In the feet, all the eyes of the earth's earth are shocked, and the high-end earners of the moment is suddenly expanded to enlarge a huge giant jade.

The dark huge jade is completely covered to cover the entire sky of the virtual night palace, as if it is a bright sun, it suddenly comes to this world!

"What is this?!"

Even if it is a king of virtual circles, Bayel Gang Ruysen also covered the horror in his heart.

Look at it carefully, I saw this huge black sun in the top, and the continuous swallowing annihilate surrounded by all the air, space, and even light.

"I actually made such a horrible thing"

"This area can't escape."

It is weak to look at the head of his head. The taller is like a giant black sun, and the boyang Ruysen's reveals a crazy atmosphere.

"Not I am the king of virtual circles, how can I die in my castle?"

Since the moment of awakening awareness.

Bayel Gang, Rouject, has never felt such a pound of stress and fear, even if the original blue dye is not allowed to bring this fear.

A pair of white bones overlap in front of themselves, Lin Huzi in the surrounding air, gathered together, blooming a black destroy flash of endless and rich.

"It is a flash of Wang Gui"

Seeing your feet, Bayel Gang, Roujecton, the destruction of the madness of the madness, and the moment is gently raised, and then shakes his own head, "but these are not important."

"Under this, the power of the world"

"No matter what kind of tricks, there is no meaning"

The heart has already determined the moment of the life of the people. After opening the six-way model of God, it seems that the perfect face is lost, and there is no friendship.

All the air among the sky = space and light are all devourd, and the huge endless, and the jade is finally coming to the feet all the big feet.

"Ah, ah !!"

I broke out the biggest roar of my life.

Bayel Gang, Royssen, the flash of the king, the flash of the king deficiency, directly chemical, twisted, all the winds around the air and the end of their heads and the end of their heads.

I didn't even send a little voice.

The power of the Vajkod-level Bayel Gang Ruyson is enough to destroy any object of the king deficiency of any object, and hit the wave bombarded this end of this end, and even a little wail did not pick up.

It seems that it is swallowed into an unknown black hole, which is directly annihilated into a virtual.

The flash of Wang Xixu was swallowed.

What is the power?

The flash of the king of the king of the virtuous ring broke out could not stop the head of the black sun, and all the big heartless heart groaned out of the pain and desperate mourning.

Terminal ask for the jade, like a forceless force, it is still like the end of the day.

Without any explosion, there is no huge sound, including the entire virtual ring desert in the entire virtual night, completely annihilated into a virtual.

The king of the virtual ring, Rougison, countless Yakkas and Kiilean and other shapes of virtual, completely became the dust, completely disappearing in this world.

"Don't do it too much fire"

Looking at the virtual night palace that has completely disappeared at his feet, the moment is looking up and looks at the morning sun that has been completely bright, and it has already ushered in a new dawn of a virtual ring.

Didn't pay attention to the thrilling eyes and gaze around you, and the moment is destroyed between the true virtual night palace, and gradually floats to the horizon.

Evil Sen, Edge.

"Ethereal villaise!" The bee! "

A close care, I saw the soul of the bee in the hands of the souls, and the small cutting edge wearing a golden finger on the right hand.

The whole people are flexible and flexible to show strong body integrity and beats. There are several Kiyan who have only one Kiyan around the world.

"All of the flow waves, the turn is my shield, all of the lights, turned into my blade, two-color squat!"

After a long quanty, I saw the soul knife in the hands of the floats of the floats, and a pair of fish finless double knives, illusion of a shining road, constantly killing countless subordinates in front of them.

With a thousand deaths around a thousand deaths and gods and ghosts, the whole, the entire Tong Ting's virtual circle, the big army is in an amazing speed, and it is advised to move toward the ever.

Bang! ! !

Just at this time.

Suddenly, from the distant far sideless desert, a horrible scorpion, almost scared the swollen knife around some dead gods, and the horror pointed all people suffocating.

Chapter 54 encounters Wazteod (seeking rewards and automatic)

Even if you are so distant distance, you can clearly feel that this horrible spiritual pressure, suddenly the bee and the floats of the 14th Lang have opened their own eyes, and they saw the shake face on the opponent's face.

That direction is

"Virtual Night Palace !!!"

Almost in the same way, the bee and the floats, the 14th Lang also said three words.

"Even if you start, you can feel so clearly"