Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 482 of Hueding Crack System

"Be sure is the hateful guy"

When I think of the direction of the moment, now I have come from so horrible, and the broken bee will respond to the way to bite the teeth.

"This is the real spiritual pressure of the big ghost,"

I thought that this kind of horror of the horror of far-chances, I can't help but shock a deep shock and jealousy. "It is terrible that the head of the mountain is not possible. To achieve this extent, "

"I don't know what to fight in the end of the virtual night palace."

"I actually made the hateful guy out this kind of spiritual pressure."

A pair of beautiful eyes look deep and looks deeply in the direction of virtual night palace. If there is no mistake next to floats, her eyes have flashed a concern that it is not easy to detect.

"who are you?!"

At this time, suddenly a strange voice seems to suppress a strong anger, passing into the ears of all dead gods.


I suddenly heard such a strange voice into the ear, and suddenly all the dead gods suddenly went back.

I saw that I didn't know when, the edge of the essines, had already come out of an ordinary middle-aged uncle, and the little girl with a white niche side.

Dark brown microcontrol, gray blue eyes, under the white tabs, white tabs constitute necklaces, sharing a coat like a wolf, is staring at all the dead god.


"Why do you want to kill me so much ?!"

I saw this mysterious man, a pair of gray blue, like a lonely wolf, staring at many dead gods. It was originally full of anger on the face that was not interested in anything.

"what the hell"

"The same class ?! It seems that these two guys are also empty !!"

See the white blanks on the neck of this mysterious man in front of you. At this time, there were several deaths and death of the March.

"The appearance of the virtual fake and human eye"

"Is this guy?

Deadly staring at the middle-aged uncle that appeared in front of him, felt that he had an unusual breath on his body, and the floats of the lady seems to suddenly think of what, suddenly face madness.

"Wait a minute! Don't impulsive !!"

Obviously, the stop of the Poisher's 14th Lang is too late.

Flalk! !

When I saw a few deceased in front of my eyes, I was sprint to myself, and this mysterious middle-aged Uncle suddenly god.

A small pressure of the captain, suddenly broke out, in the eyes of all death shocked, this mysterious middle-aged uncle did not make any action, but the aura in front of the air was starting crazy coacer.

I saw a blue virtual flash in his chest, and a few dead gods in front of him were full of flying ash!

"This is virtual flash ?!"

Looking up the hand and stopped all the dust in front of him. When I saw a few dead gods, I was bombarded by this mysterious man, and the face of the floats and 14th Lang was full of horror, "and the human beings have different appearances. The guy is Wattod ?! "

"Watthod ?!"

I heard the words of the Poisher's 14th Lang, not only all the dead gods around, even if they didn't help but cover a layer of dignified look.

Soul split! !

After released the powerful flaw, I saw the mysterious man in front of him, and split his soul into countless fragments. Every soul fragment has allocated a fierce lonely Wolf.


I saw this hundred souls of the soul, and the madness of the madness suddenly shocked with the death of his limbs in front of him!

"what happened?!"

"If you can't get these wolves ?!"

As in front of him, all the souls were arrested, and all the death of the death of the death of the Dead Trunters.

The chops in their hands are in these lonely wolves. These or pedestrians are like the flames usually penetrate directly in their hands, bitten in their own body.

"Is these wolves ignored physical attacks ?!"

At this time, the wind and the floating bamboo were obviously noticeable, and the heart suddenly became vigilant.

boom! boom! boom!

At this time, suddenly a series of dramatic explosions sounded.

With the wind and floating bamboo 14th Lang suddenly found that those souls who bite their own death players have produced a violent explosion.

At a time, the death of the death of the Lingling Tong was dead.

Chapter 55 breaks (seeking rewards and automatic)

"It seems"

"Bashed, they are in trouble,"

Seeing this moment, the strong enemy encountered by the death of the death of the death of the Duwen, the left eye ZHANG Guanghua flash, and suddenly launched the whole person to disappear.

" "

The heavy breath is filled with the edge of the whole essay.

I saw that the bee and the float of the 14th Lang Lang looked at the horrible opponent in front of the horror, even on the forehead, and a fine sweat was heard.

"This guy is so strong"

The float of the squid, the hands of the squid, the chest is constantly up and down, and the eyes are deeply staring at the mysterious mysterious Wattod.

For him from the small body, it is similar to this high-intensity battle, physical strength is his largest constraints and short boards.

"Is this the strength of the Wattod Level Level?"

At this time, I stood on the other side of the bee, and I rushed to the chest, and a cold scorpion stared at this mysterious wattod.

The slender fingers are gently placed on the chop of the chopped bee wearing his right hand, and the face of the broken bee has become unprecedented. "There is no way, it seems that it must be used to kill the killing."

"You should be a dead god."