Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 483 of Hueding Crack System

As if not paying attention to the move of the bee in front of him, this mysterious Wattdad deeply frowned his own brows, and the vicissitudes looked at the dead sigh in front of them. "There is no companion is a very painful If you have so many companions, why not cherish it? "

"This guy"

I heard the endless vicissitudes of the eyes of this mysterious Wattonder, the unpaged bee and the floats of the heart made a warning of the battle gesture, and died in his hand.

Verity four white thunder! ! !


At this time, the mysterious Va Todad in front of the bee and the floats of the squadron seems to be aware of a strong crisis close, and suddenly she raised her brow.

Run! !

Driven by the strong battle consciousness, I saw him instantly launching the virtual movement, and the whole person suddenly disappeared in the original place.

Bang! !

At the same time, at the same time, the mysterious thunder bombarded a violent thunder.

Some people in the scene have only seen a strong Tongtian Thunder, and there is no sign of the sky from the sky, as if a sharp destroyed Thunder is generally rosted by the open space in front of everyone.

"Who is it ?!"

Using the mysterious Waz Todd, who turned into the air, the mysterious Waz Todad was turned on, and his face was surprised.

He found that he was so fast that it was firmly locked. From the huge Tongtian Thunder column that he fell tightly with his movement, the dead ended in his feet behind him.

"Such alert and response speed"

"The strength is quite good"

Some of the sounds of the world sounded in the sky of everyone.

Everyone looks up, I only see when I have already appeared on the high-altitude, the right hand finger fingers continue to radiate the destroyed huge Tongtian transpillary, and the constant cutting of the mysterious watt fled at the foot. Tod.


"The big ghost is long ?!"

Seeing the sudden appearance of sudden appearance over the top of your head, suddenly the broken bee and all the surrounding God of Death is full of exclaimed.

"did not think of"

Seeing the moment, I finally appeared. It seems that the whole person is relieved, and the heart has not come from the safe feelings that will not help but look back the head in the top sky.

"Will there be so much for seeing this alive guy"

"Is there such a power when a hit?"

Show out in the sky, this mysterious Wattond's face has a helpless color, "Not a simple guy, since Lily Nit !!"

Between the mouth, I saw that he had a speed that he had burst into his own rush. The whole person appeared in the little girl who followed himself.

"Chasing him, group of wolves!"

With the silence of the mouth, this mysterious Watt Todde presses his hand on the head of the little girl.

After a dazzling Guanghua flashed, the two actually fused together. It was originally a strong and unparalleled spiritual pressure. It was hard to be pushing a new height again, and it shocked all the dead gods around the field.

I saw this mysterious Watt Toder to change into a hunter dress of a pair of hunting wolf, with a mysterious weapon in the shape of a burner, and a black eye mask on the left eye.

"The blade is actually returned"

Seeing the feet, this mysterious Wattondard is so huge, and the face of Junxiu martial arts in the sky has played up with interest in the face. "Without the help of jade, you can break and return it. It turns out

"This guy is the first Koda Tak, ranked first in the next ten blade."

NO.1 in the ten blade of Koda Tak - the original

The only one in the ten-blade did not help the risking jade through the blue dyeing, and the Wattod Code of the Shu Swa Todde was eager to break, because of its own because of its strength, weakened is weakened. dead.

So, there is no peer that has no companions travel on a virtual ring, seeking to be able to be with themselves without being weakened, but there is no result.

Later, in order to get rid of this lonely, split your soul into two individuals, respectively, the little girl Lily Nit, which is just now.

In short, this obstacles that dominate the death of lonely, whether his experience is still his strength, only one sentence can be described in summary.

That is - I have to have no friends.

Chapter 56, Kodai Stark (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Feeding Todd"

"What's your name?!"

Quietly floating in half air, the moment is stared at the foot of the broken surface, and asked.

"Koaytai Starke you"

Entering the Blade Form of Koda Steak holds a weapon of the two ribs form, looking up and staring at the deep eyes of the sky, the vicissitudes of life, showing a look of interest.

"You should be a dead god"

Sure enough is him

I heard the powerful Wattet Todder under his feet and said his name, and the heart was secretly nodded.

If you have not remembering the wrong, this guy ranks on the broken side of the original one, and the first existence of the first existence is on the king of the virtue of the virtual ring.

Only this guy is lazy to the personality that is not concerned about anything, hate trouble, hate loneliness, leading to the final guy to face the master of several captains.

"My name is the moment, it should be a dead god."

If you think about it, you will look at the Kodai Stark below himself.

In all the blade and breakfast in the original, all virtual character is or cruel, or indifferent. Or being proud.

Only this guy's personality is lazy, but it is still a reliable, and the generals in the world experienced in the world have some similar images.

"Your strength is very powerful"

The right eye did not wear the black eye mask stared at the moment in the top of the sky. I found out the momentum of the very immortal in the moment, and the Face of Koritai Stark was replaced with a serious look.

"But there is no way your companion killed me many companions."

"I have to revenge them"

Unlimited filling filling! !