Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 484, Chapter 484

The voice of Kori Tak's voice is falling in the surrounding eyes.

I saw him lifting the shape weapon in his hand, and the dead is aligned in the bottom of the sky.

All the dead gods around the time only feel that all the spirits in the air are pulled with him. The whole space in front of the next second is full of blue light.

Boom! ! !

I only heard a roar of countless shocked roars.

I saw that Kodai Stark actually raised his hands between his hand.

Everyone saw the whole world in front of him as if it turned into a blue ocean. The air was filled with the endless blue virtual blue flanks of Koda Tak, and the horror moment of explosion is in the moment. The moment in the air is in the air.

He just now

I looked at this exaggerated scene in front of my eyes. The whole people were stunned, "I released how much flicker in an instant ?!"

In front of this name, Cori Tak, the strength is completely exceeded by his imagination. It has just been fighting with him and the bee. Starke has always been in his hand.

" " "

"It won't die like this."

As if he didn't hear the float of the squid, the broken bee was dead, staring at the unlimited fly fruity that Koda Tak is blown out in the middle of the air. Look.

"Ni ?!"

"how can that be?!"

At the same time, at the same time, all the death of the death of the death of Kodai Stark is also revealed in this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, this time, the Face of Koda Stark has also revealed the unbelievable look.

Void Keyway · God speed! ! !

I saw the unlimited infinite flanks in front of my eyes in front of Kodai Stark, and the mysterious brilli flicked. The whole person has no refund.

If the fierce fraction in the hands, if the fire is immersed, no one can describe how fast the sword in the hands of the moment.

Everyone only saw the never of the air in front of the empty swords, and the fire blade flicked in the hands of the moment.

Fresh flowers

The endless fierce sword is smashed in the air. In the moment of the top of the top, the top of the sword is broken, and the Korite Stark played a thousand haircuts in a moment, actually All of them were blown in the hands of the fire into two halves!

"Put my infinite infault"

When I saw this surpassing sense, Kori Tak Stark is in the original place, and it is not able to believe his eyes. "All will be opened ?!"


Looking at the abnormal guys in front of the moment, under the infinite infinite infinite infinite infinite infinite infinite infinite spikes.

Not only did the hair loss, but also unlike all the virtual flashes, the broken eye is almost impossible to make a colorful color.

"This guy is really a big ghost road?"

I witnessed my eyes in front of my eyes. I opened the shock of the Thousands of flakes. The floating bamboo 14 launched in the heart. He couldn't help but survey.

"What is the trick?

The speed of the speed of the sword is completely tattooed to the infinite violent violent flavor of Koda Tak, and the whole person flutters fluttering in front of him.

It's like the abyss a general deep eye, reflecting all the shock and wrong expressions on the Koda Tak face, "all make it out."

There is such a powerful guy in the world.

,, ,,, ....

I have been self-extinguishing by Koritai Stark, who has been self-extinguishing a loaf of ambient ring, and has never imagined that someone can have such a force.

Chapter 57 From the official (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 57 From the official (seeking reward and automatic)

Run! !

It seems that the huge pressure brought by the moment, Kori Tak, finally couldn't help but take the initiative again.

Fully show the rotation, there is no waves in the air, and the whole person suddenly disappeared in the original place.

Wolf Blade! !

When Keaytai Stark once again, he had appeared in the top of the top of the head.

In the hands of two blue slender spirits, it is flowing like the flame. The big spirit is high, and the hands have suddenly formed a cross-shaped sword!

clang! !

Sex and dull sound, as if two metals are hit by collision.

"what is this?!"

In the hands of the sharp two leaders, there is a flash of the mouth, but the mouth of Starke has a horrified voice.

Not only is him, all of the dead gods also sent the same excitement.

I saw the flash of red monsters in the right eye of the moment. The eyes of the gods were flashing, and the province started to take out the black flexural pressure of the flame.

A huge black push-pressure giant between the blinks quickly wrapped in his body, and quickly gave birth to meat and context, and finally formed a full set of armor, which was shocked by everyone around the surroundings.

Round looks · must be a must! ! !

"Sure enough, you can use the spiritual pressure in this world."

The whole body is firmly packaged in the dark armor energy giant, and the moment is looking at the black spiritual armor giant outside the body. "The corner of the mouth can not help," and the power is more than the past "

"What is this ?!"

"What level of push control is required to do such a thing like him to build such a thing like him.

Unlike other ordinary death players around, the floats of the Poisherd San Lang were shocked and the heart was secretly analyzed.

According to the standard in the world of the dead world, it is necessary to determine whether a person's strength is strong, in addition to observing his weakness and weakness, it is also necessary to judge his ability to control the spirit and spirit.

For example, the protagonist of the protagonist, the natural high-powerful pyroelectric pressure but is uncomfortable for the control of the Pressure Pressure, so it is not suitable for cultivation orbit.

While the blue dye is strong, it is strong, and it is also superb to control his spiritual and spiritual, so he sang in the original, and he will be able to defeat the seven teams in an instant to exhibit a 90th track. The captain of the village of the village.

There are even those who are in the invisible empire, and the control of the spirit is a hard standard for their evaluation strength.