Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 485 of Hueding Crack System

But as the earliest captain in the spiritual Tong Ting of the corpse, Poisher's fourteen lang knew that there were many people with strong pocket control, can manipulate the spiritual composition of the sword. Arrow, even other weapons.

But like an eye, directly manipulating the spiritual pressure in his body, building such a huge lifelike armor giant, he is unheard, which is more than his conviction!

"Calculate Takhake"

"Those Keyan and Yakkas, you are taking their companions"

The whole body is wrapped in the mighty black spiritual armor giant, isolated on the attack of the two spirits in Starke's hand, and the deep eyes of the moment were deeply looked at him. "They have never taken your companions! ! "

"When you are stronger than they, they fear from you"

"But when you have strength to force you, you will swallow you !!"

At the eyes of the eyes, this is very uncomfortable, the black spiritual armor giant, the moment from the middle and low sink, like the sharp arrow, is like a sharp arrow, the heart of Starke.

"Cannounce each other and eaten this is your nature and fate

boom! ! !

Dareful and bright collision sounds out of the whole ethics.

With the state of the sentence, I saw the mature body in front of my eyes, I was able to directly flew out the whole person of the history!


Among the eyes of nearly 1,000 dead gods, I saw that Starke as if the whole person was killed by a giant soul.

The whole person fired as a shell, and he hangs a hundred meters in the desert of the ground.


Looking for a trusted companion in the past countless long years

It is indeed because of his own spiritual pressure, which causes other weak dies to death

But those who can withstand their own Yakkas?

In addition to the fear to avoid yourself, what is the rest? ?

The whole person is inserted to be able to bear the punishment, even if you have a Wazte's billet and speeding, Starke can't help but feel the happeak of itself as if you are smashing.

But at this moment, a lonely and numb, but let him vicissitudes in the eyes of a confused look at my eyes, the body covers the black armor giant, and gradually came.

"Become my sonus official Vitak"

In Stark and all the dead are very amazing, the moment is actually going to the scene of Stark on the ground, "I have more powerful strength than you, you avoid loneliness. I don't have to be a heart, I will not withstave your spiritual pressure. "

From the official? !

Suddenly, Stark and all the dead gods around them.


I heard the suggestions made by the moment, and the float of the floats on the side became changing. I watched my eyes and looked at the moment. go?!"

(Ask for reward, monthly ticket, and flowers)

Chapter 58 is a complete return (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 58 is a complete return (seeking reward and automatic)

"Is there anything possible?"

I flash my eyes behind him. The rules for all rules of the corpse world and the Lingling Tin. He is really unclear about this foreign traveler.

"Of course!"

"Bringing a Waz Todde into the corpse! The history of the corpse is never had such a precedent!"

Some of the eyes, the face of Poisher's fourteen Lang is a slightly ill, "and a Wattet Level level is unimaginable if it is in the corpse

"There is no such a precedent, I will create a precedent!"

"And I will choose the official, I will of course be optimistic about him."

I haven't waited for the floats and 14th Lang, I suddenly opened the words, I suddenly broke him, "" In the event of the battle, this guy has been in your hand, you didn't find it? ""


After interrupting his own words, the floating bamboo 14 Langtou suddenly made a word, in fact, the guys in Titak, who have just been fighting, it is a pound of it.

Do you enter a wattod level to the corpse?

Real a guy with a crazy idea dangerous

The eyes were deeply stared at the moment before the eyes were wrapped in the black spiritual armor giants. It suddenly found that the new ghost road in the neighborhood of the soul of the soul of the soul, not only the mystery Unparalleled, and dangerous to the extreme.

"it is good"

"I promised"

I have always fallen on the ground to listen to the Spark between the dialogue between the floats. I thought for a long time, I finally reached the right hand to him, standing from the ground.

"One person travels in a virtual ring for so long, now there will be no deaths that die because of my spiritual pressure."


I also want to see what other countries look like.


Scarke in front of the swordsman agreed to become an official, the mouth of the moment, and the eyes of the mouth suddenly became gently, and the deep eyes of the deep eyes seems to see the blue dye.

"The blue dyeing future, the first and second guys in your hand, the first and second guys have been taken by me," "

"Is this madman really taken a watt Todes level?"

When I played my eyes, my right hand, the right hand of Starvi, and the briquette of the honey, "" This is the matter of this matter after the body of the corpse, it is estimated that it will be crazy. "

After three days,

After handling the things of Wattod's breakstut, within three days.

The only thing in the moment is a hundred bored to accompany the death of this group of Yuling Ting, which is a big army, rushing the ethics, and clearing the foundation of Kili and ordinary imaginary in the future.

"The 91st, thousand hand of the !!!"

A shouted voice sounded in the eucalyptus, and I saw that the moment is like a leisure, and it usually strolls in the ethical Sen,