Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 486 of Hueding Crack System

After following a team of dead gods and ghosts, the moment is to sing hands, singing and discarding instantly released a high-end ghost of ninety one.

Bang! ! !

Exaggerated to the extreme explosion, filled the whole ethnicity, set off a dusty and ashes.

I saw the flash of raising hands and I saw that the endless destruction of the light, producing a dramatic explosion power, and directly hit the countless Kiyan and ordinary virtual ignition of the world.

"No matter how many times

I looked at the power of such a horrible power in front of the moment. At this time, a ghost in the moment is like a sigh of the spirit of the spirit, "the ghostless road of the big ghost Is this free? "

"We didn't have a chance to do."

At this time, the death of the death of the six team behind the moment was helplessly recovered.

After following the movement of such an ordinary biblios, it is only a painful and happy thing for these ordinary death players.

"It should be almost the same."

The nephrosphere around the black and white is surrounded, and the moment will then have all the big virtual virtual in front of the world.

I got a lot of big virtues that had been cleaned up in front of him. At the heart of my heart, I was almost four days for their virtual circles.

"All the Baki'an and ordinary clearings of the whole essines are almost in a short period of time, there will be no virtual and dare to appear again."

While muttered, the eyes of the moment suddenly gave it to the ground behind him, "It's time to go back to the corpse soul, the brush leader"

"Really amazing observation"

As the chief of the two teams and the chief executive of the secret official, I didn't expect that I haven't discounted my own arrival, I can't help but sigh in my heart.

"Although many team members have been sacrificed but the task of this virtual ring is still successfully completed."

I took a look at it and I stood in myself and the middle of the lazy Steak. The floats of the squadron turned to the moment. "The ghosts in the world will open the space channel.

Responsible for opening the space channel of the corpse of the customs clearance, the official moment of the ghosts led by the ghosts.

Binding seventy-seven · Tian quite empty! ! !

Wen whispered to give up the ghosts that directly showed the corpse unique news, and control his own spiritual pressure to pass the news to the ghosts of the corpse.

In a few minutes, a deep space channel opened in front of everyone, and the moment took the lead in heading.

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Chapter 59 Question of the Captain of Yama (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 59 Question of the Captain of Yama (ask for reward and automatic)

The corpse world.

Between the Yuli Ting and the Slim Street, there is a door to the four doors from the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors, the four doors.

Just in this important level, today, it has concentrated almost all of the important death of the thirteen teams of Jinding Ting Ting,

Under the role of a group of ghosts around the ghost, the air in front of the air suddenly opened a deep space channel.

The first is an instant, followed by the bee and floats of the 14th Lang,

Then, nearly a thousand vulnerable virtual circles, all the army across the deep space channels before the eyes.

"You have worked hard"

The deep vicissitudes of life sounded, and he was shaped on a white chief, and a cane is in the hands of the mountain.

I saw the old man of Yamamoto, and he was really the death of all three of the Thirteen Shouquan of the Tong Ting Ting, all the people's eyes gathered in the troops returned in the expedition of this group.

It is the welcome ceremony that is the gorgeous return of the god of the death of the corpse.

"Finally, come back"

"Still come back comfortably, in the place where the bird is not pulling, I am already dead."

"Captain we came back"

Just in the surrounding Triumph Return to the army and the Lingling Tong meet the team, I only saw the noise of such a thing, and I felt a tight betting tight betting on my face.

In the moment, I went to this wet and hot sight. The young laughter of the young Junxiu was smiling. When the Synchon picks this simple and gentle little girl.

Following the moment, I feel that there is no good look, and it is standing in the blue dyeing of the Thursday of the Thursday. I only see the silent interaction between myself and the silent interaction between myself. .

" "

Kendo Blue Dye, the right personnel have a relationship between themselves with the peach peach, but it is still disdainful to raise their mouths.

Whether it is faced with any opponent

I have a victory of winning

"Do not disgrace the mission"

"The clear action of this virtual ring we finally completed the head of Yamamoto"

Just at all people who celebrated the ancestors of the ancestors, there was no floating bamboo 14 Lang gradually came to the old man's old man. "I still have to lose more than the big ghost."

"If there is no help, we have to die, you have a heavy task, but it is impossible to say."

"Oh? It seems that this time makes the ghosts and leads to your life, it is really a correct decision."

I heard the report of my love, the Yamamoto Li Zhai is nodded, but then she frowned, "But this time you come to see the enemy of the virtual ring, it should be some subordinate how to get it. What is the wolf? "


I heard my old man in the country, I will be the doubt of the Samsung, and the fire. The whole person is hesitant. It doesn't consciously floating to the Stark, standing around the moment.


Seeing that the float of the floats in front of him did not consciously remove the eyes, the old man is looking forward to his eyes.

Seeing that the side of the moment is not far away from the other men who have never seen before, the snow whitening eyebrows were wrinkled, "such a spiritual pressure is"

From not far from this unfamiliar man, Yoshin's old friend felt about a powerful to extreme, but it did not belong to the spirit of death of the corpse.

This kind of spiritual pressure does not seem to be dead, but it is not like destroy.

Instead, it is virtual

"Is it ???