As one of the oldest deaths of the neighborhood of the corpse, the mountains who count countless mountains will not be familiar with such a pixel.

His eyes suddenly looked at the floats of the floats beside themselves, and wore a variety of questions and questions in the eyes.

I found that I was an unexpected eye from the old man next to himself, and the face of Poisher's 14th Lang Xiuqi was struggling. Finally, it was a heavy silent point.

I actually brought a virtual place into the sacred place of the Lingling Tint. !

From the side of his love, Poizen, a surely replied, the old man's unchanging engraved expression finally changed, as if it is a horror volcano that is about to explode.

Old man

Have an angry

The keen captures the change of the old man's emotions, and the two of the floats and the Spring and Jingle Spring Springs suddenly look at it, and each other has seen the dignity and turns of the opponent's eyes.

Since the chapter of the 19th year ago, the incident of the defending rebellion

How long hasn't seen the old man in such a big fire?

boom! ! !

Bang, the whole screaming scene is quietly quiet.

Everyone turned his head, I saw a strong pound, as if it seems like an ancient volcanic terrorism, suddenly from the head of the 13th team of the 13th team of Yama, Liu Zhai, the country Outbreak,

Even more close-up players didn't take such a huge spiritual pressure directly, and all the dead gods and even the captains looked at the old man.

The whole air suddenly became the silence of death, and even the three old old ages were like a volcanic in the wild.

Everyone didn't understand what happened, even made their hills, the captain broke out such a huge movement.

"If the old man doesn't look wrong"

Under the long white eyebrows, the mountains came to a pair of vicissitudes, staring deeply at the moment and historiography.

"The people in the moment are the people around you should be empty ?!"

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Chapter 60 Ghost Taoist VS Captain (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 60 Ghost Taoist VS Captain (ask for reward and automatic)

True? !

What did the Lingling Tin have false? !

In addition to the death of the ghosts returning this time, all the death of all the deaths in almost all the gods have turned their heads, and the eyes were dedicated to the moment of Spark and his side.

When I heard the head of Yamamoto said, even some of the death of some of the thoughts around the Yanding, the death of his hand directly pulled out his hand, and he was vigilant.

Is Stark found?

Seeing all the dead gods around the scene, all of them were betting themselves, and the deep eyes of the moment were slightly flashing.

Attached to the Stark next to him, I found that even under this tense scene atmosphere, his vicissitudes did not change the expression.

"You don't need to make such a big moving, the main captain"

The mountains who are not far from the front of the eyes, the deep eyes of Liu Zhai, the deep eyes, dead, stare at themselves and Starke, and the moment is not shrugging the shoulders.

"Please answer my question! At this moment, the big ghost!"

I didn't pay attention to the uncomfortable look of the world. The mountains were staring at the beginning of death, staring at the moment and Starke "The man standing by your side is a virtual ?!"

"His name is Kori Tak, which is this in the virtual ring I found."

When I heard the old man in front of the old man, I didn't hide it. I didn't hide it. I said the status of Stark, "is a vibrate of the Wattod."

Watt Toder levels of ethics? !

I heard the identity of Starke, and all of the dead gods around suddenly stunned.

I saw all the dead gods around all took out their own chops, immediately stuffed into the moment and Steak, they took a large bridge.

"It is the ethics of the Wattod level?! This is a rare experimental material in the world !!"

The golden doubles stared at the Starkes around the eyes, and the twelve team captains and the face below the black and white two-color mask showed a distorted and fanatical expression.

Studying everything that he is interested in is the goal and direction of his mad scientist who is crazy about the Director of this Technology Development Bureau.

"Yamamoto Captain!"

Seeing the surrounding atmosphere, standing on the broken bee around the moment, the face is urgent, and the front step is explained to the old man of Yama. "This Va Todde is the big defense is the moment of the big ghost."

"The broken bee captain, you step down!"

I haven't waited until the bee is finished. Yoshantian Yuan Liu Zhai is born, and she suddenly smelted. "Is there a hundred years ago?!!! Don't you have to be grateful and virtual To Wu ?! "

"But the big ghost, he said," seeing the things in front of him, is pushed to such a serious situation, and the broken bee is once again alive.

"Don't say the broken bee captain!"

At this time, a generous palm after breaking the body grabbed her slender arm, looking back to a gentle smile, "I will give it to me". "

"Shanda Captain"

"Starke is the part of my emptying, I will explain myself with the central forty-six room."

After the petite bee was stopped behind, the first step in the moment, the eyes of the deep calendar seems to condense the essence of the hills in front of the mountain.

"This doesn't need to be asked by your Tian Yutan."

This is a good show.

I saw that I took out the name of the 46th room in the center to suppress the old man of the mountain. The blue dye of the heart and the blue dyeing of the city and the city of the city did not have a sound.

In the case of the majesty of the city, Liu Zhai, the crowded the whole corpse, the most strongest death 'in history.

Even the blue dyeing, if it is not the ability to completely hypnotize the mirror of the mirror, you will not dare to go to his tiger from the front.

Now I am actually challenged his dignity directly, and the air on the entire field is as if it is solidified.

"Central 46 room ?!"

I heard the moment in front of my heart, the highest judicial organs of the corpse, pressed myself, the whole body exudes the burning huge rumor, the old man suddenly drunk.