"Senluo is all ... all is ashes ... Dragon is fire !!"

It seems that it is not enough to shock your eyes in front of you. You can only see Yamata Yuan Liu Wei's slightly towards his long white eyebrows.


Gently raise your hands in your hands in your hands, if the fire is in your body, you are like a sinking, you will look at the liberation of the fire.

"It's a familiar power ..." Snooked in the mountains in front of the city, the heavy country was liberated, the sword, the sword, the shame, the face of the face could not work.

With the ancient

Sninding everyone suddenly felt that their throat was worn, and all the moistures in the air suddenly sucked away.

Bang! !

A burst of burning sound came out, and the hot radiant light illuminates the entire space.

I saw that the city of Yamamoto, the heavy country gradually took out the fire in the hand, as if it would pull out the whole of the ancient volcano from the sword , the boundless flames spread from the sword sheath, wrapped around The flow blade in his hand is on top of the fire.

"Remember ..."

"This is down ... The old man actually uses it ..."

"The matter is even serious to this point ... I haven't seen the old age for many years ..."

Chapter 62 is handed over (seeking rewards and automatic)

As a river, a young man, a young man, a strong disciple, a disciple, and Jingle Spring water, and his eyesight look at each other.

They didn't think that the moment would be uncomfortable, and they pushed things hard to have such serious situations.

"The most stronger sophisticated knife is buried by fire ..."

"As the strongest death ... The power of the old man is not playing ..."

When you see the mountains in front of you.

But if it is yours ...

The result is really unpredictable ...

"You all take it !!"

Seeing all the dead gods around, I have a big empty land for myself and the mountains. The state of the country has made a big empty land, and the head is gently said to the Stark after you.

"Yes ..." There is no extra nonsense, and Starke will silently retreat to the side. He understands that his identity has caused such a significant movement before his eyes.

"Even if it is a thousand years, it is not more than yours.

The blue blood of the blue blood is firmly locked, as if the gods in the world, the mountains of the world will be heavy, there is no weapon, but it is like Hong Zhong Da Lu 's voice, but it seems that the heart of the heart is awkward. .

"So now there !!"

Cross the 96th and one knife cremation! ! !

All the dead gods feel that all spirits are all mad riots in front of the air.

The sound of the moment also resounded in the hearts around all the dead gods. Under the increase in the Bible of the Night Bible, the highest level of the corpse is known that the highest level of rules have been singing.

Bang! ! !

In the air in the air, the horror of the red flame suddenly illuminated the entire sky of the soul of the soul of the soul.

It seems like a general voice like a hydrogen bomb, I saw it casually waved, and I suddenly slammed a huge pound-shaped flame suddenly slammed from the air in front of everyone.

Then, I saw the figure of the moment, and even the whole person turned into a very fast immersion, tightly followed the top ghosts of their instant release, ghosts generally rushed to the mountains.

Even if you sing the ghosts that I have abandoned, the top ghost is still explosing the energy of all deaths around the world.

"Sing to discard it ... speed is fast !!"

This idea is just now produced in all dead gods in the field.

The horror ghosts showing the exhibited exhibited seems to have a huge flood, and all the things in front of them have been held.

"One is coming to sing to abandon the power of the power of the sacrifice ..."

The huge pound-shaped blade flame is shocked to the face of Yamamoto, and the horrible energy blows a mustache that he is bundled with the string, revealing his face.

The top sacrifice of the top sacrifice from this moment, whether it is released, or the power, far beyond all of the imagination around everyone.

Ruplers, fire, torch! !

Seeing Yamamoto Yuan Liu Yuzhong is going to be hit by the hidden mouth of this horror.

The moisture in all air is as if it is instantaneous, and it is impossible to imagine a blazing blaze like a huge fire ring.

It seems like a blazing huge sunflower flower, and the city is now exploding in the middle of the mountain.

Like the hot hot high temperature of the sun surface temperature, the fire is in a moment of dreams, and suddenly welcomes the shock of the shocking in front of him!

The whole person is like a sputum, and it is always tightly followed by the powerful ghosts released in his own. He sees the hills in front of the mountain. A inexplicable feng, ...

! ! !

One is the powerful top ghost after the neuron of neurality, one is a six-thousand flame burst with a temperature of the sun surface temperature.

One is the newly promoted corpse mysterious ghost, the general, one is the captain of the strongest death nation in the millennium.

The impact of sudden collision and out of the surrounding gods did not open their eyes, exaggerated to the extremely invisible shock waves, like destroying hurricanes. Generally speaking.

A red flame and burst of the fire show the sky of the whole, and shocked all the shape of the whole body of the body and the souls and souls.

"The ghosts after singing will actually have such a power ..."

"This kid ... is really not simple ..."

The whole body is wrapped in a blazing of the blazing, the mountains in the bodies of Liu Wei formed a fire ring that resists all the fire rings, biting his teeth, against the horror of the horror of the horror.

"Give me !!!"

I saw that as Yamamoto Yuan, Liu Wei, the wilderness of the country, and suddenly the endless flame burst of the body rose, the four-over the fire rings finally offset the ghosts released in front of the moment.

However, Yamamoto Yuan Liu Wei's heavy-old house did not expose the slightest color, followed by the next scene, but his pupil suddenly contracted.

Round looks · must be a must! ! !

Just resisting the sunny ghosts, the Slug, who had a heavy ghost, heavy country, and his eyes suddenly appeared a huge incomparable black fist.