Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 490

Following the moment behind the ghosts he translated, he did not hesitate to show the exhibitance, bones, meridians, muscles, and armor, instant construction.

With all the power of smashing everything, the mature body must be protected from the horses.

(Ask for reward, monthly ticket, and flowers)

Chapter 63 Collision (seeking rewards and automatic)

boom! ! !

A shock wave visible to a naked eye is crazy, and the dull impact is almost rushed throughout the spirit.

"what is that?!"

"The big ghost road is actually used to build such a monster using the spiritual pressure ?!"

All the dead gods were all stunned, and the moment of the moment was covered in the moment, and the wrapped in a huge armor flame giant formed by black pondix.


When everyone was shocked by the huge mustvalence of the momentum of the moment, it was a little surprised to raise their eyebrows. "I still saw it ... I actually use my own body. Respond to the attack, you must attack ... "

Bone! !

Only the signature book did not know when, the clothes of the mountains in front of the mountains, the clothes on the bodies were fully exploded.

Exposed his exaggerated muscles in the upper body, as if a python is generally in the muscles, the whole person is tightened to the extreme.

If the flow blade is hung in the waist, the hands of the box have played the power of the fist, and each punch has a fight against the destruction of several buildings, and the death of the death of the moment is a huge boxing.

"Good power ..."


Feeling the pounds of the pounds that were passed on the huge fist from the eyes of the moment, it simulation is like the power that the man is able to block, so that the mountains of the city will be deeply frown.

"What monster is this ... he turned a lot of ways to change the form ..."

"I don't want to make things so big, I think it is not very suitable ... Yama Captain ..."

The whole body shrouded in the dark armor, the bumper giant, the moment, the hands of the hands, hugging the chest, and looked at the old man's old man in front of himself.

"If you don't show a wind solution ... I think you will not be my opponent ..."

It seems to verify that the words you are saying, only see the eyes of the blue blood red, the eyes of the eyes, the huge significance of the in vitro is suddenly increased in his hand.

Rumbler ...

It seems that there is a huge bulldozer.

I saw the mood of the body outside the body, and suddenly broke the unimaginable fierce force. I actually pushed the mountains in front of the mountain.

"Less letter open the river ..."

Feeling that the huge spiritual armor giant in front of his eyes suddenly increased the power of terror, and he bite his teeth and killed the mountain.

Suddenly I couldn't stay this majestic, the feet were dragged on the ground. Two long and deep gully, the whole person was launched hundreds of meters all the way.

"These two monsters ..."

Some sluggish stalks look at the moment before playing forward, and Yamamoto Yuan Liu Yu is heavy, and all the dead gods around me are standing in the original place, and I find that I can't intervene in this level of fierce battle.

"I am when I become a dead god in the world ..."

The whole body is like a blazing volcano, and all the full body and strength of all the whole body and the power of the mountains, the heavy country, and finally arbitrarily resisted the terrorist force from the moment.

"Your kid still doesn't know where !!"

Dragon is firefully, pine! !

Among the roar, the Yamamoto Yuan Liu Yuzhong took out his own church and a sword.

The blazing flame sword stunned hit a violent dragon volume, like a hurricane to destroy all the things in front of all the things into a piece of ashes, suddenly bombards that there is a must of the meat in front of you.

"The six thousand flame swords are strikingly got a violent dragon volume, like a hurricane to destroy all the things in front of him into a piece of ashes, and suddenly bombards that there is a must-see you in front of you. .

I saw the most familiar grades of the most familiar, if the fire in the mountains of the fire, the heavy power broke out in the hands of the country, and the eyes flashed a stunning color.

As the strongest death of the corpse, each of the strengths of Yamamoto Liusheng is the top existence of the whole corpse.

Even if even the eleven team captain, the swords of the fire swords, the swords of the beast are also taught, although teaching more wood swords, this is not intention.


It seems like a lot of boiling sounds into the ears of the moment.

I saw a huge mature body outside the moment, and in the eyes of Yamamoto, Liu Wei, the destruction of the heavy country, the destruction of heaven and six thousand flame bursts, and suddenly produced a signs of dissolution collapse.

"You this trick defense is also strong and the push is constant ..."

"And my flame ... I can destroy all my spirits in the air !!"

I have to see the sound of my own sword and flame bursts in front of my eyes, and I suddenly passed the sound of the Shan Billin Liu Wei, the sight of the city.

"Is it……"

"Don't be too self-righteous, Yama's old man ..."

Seeing that it is necessary to be killed by the mountains in front of the mountain. It is still a heavy posture of the chest, but it is a light gesture, "Dragon is still the case." I know more than you !! "

what? !

I suddenly heard some inexplicable words in front of my eyes, and Yoshinyuan Liu Wei was obvious.

Round looks · The best must be able to afford! ! !

Without any hesitation and hesitation, the endless odor violent flowing in the right eye.

The round of the bloody gods came back to the eye, and the unspeakable monster, and the immediate use of spiritual power is exhibited.

In front of all the dead gods around the gods around, I called this in the Nango World. As long as I saw it in my own eyes, I would like to be inevitable, and it is completely perfect in this world.

Chapter 64 God's power (seeking rewards and automatic)

I saw that in the moment of the moment of the moment, the vastness of the eyes, the momentum was originally fixed by Shan Benliu, which was suddenly fixed, if the fire broke out, if the fire broke out, the fire broke out, and immediately repaired.

Not only, under the complete mobilization of the wheel of the moment, the black body surrounded by the body is surrounded by the black, and the blanks surrounded.

It turned between a whole body, and held a hundred-mem of a super long martial art in his hand, he took a long-term pressure giant to the clouds.