Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crash System Chapter 491

I am afraid that the ordinary civilians in the soul street are also safely seen in the spiritual tinity.

"The best must have a must-have ... The world of death should have not had such a huge guy."

Deep and sharp double looks at the top of the heavens to stand in vitro. Looking at it is like a mighty god in the real world. It seems like a person who speaks. language.

"That ... what is it ..."

Looking at this hundred-meter tall Tongtian Push-style god standing in front of them, there is a blank in all the dead brains, like this, has completely exceeded their cognitive scope.

"This is ... God is ..."

At this time, it is not only the other dead god, and I have been hiding the blue dye of my strength, and I have a horrified and widened my eyes under the black-frame glasses.

The next consciousness hit the mirror of the mirror of the mirror in his hand, even he never thought that there would be such a power of such a shocking power.

If it is now my strength ...

Always open all the death of all the deaths of the entire Tong Peiling, the blue dye on the applause. He suddenly saw the power of this shocking world, and he could not contain an unconfident feeling.

"Open ... What is joke ..."

"It has created this volume of guy using the firing ... I am dreaming ..."

In the face of this seeming to destroy the whole corpse of the whole corpse, Jingle Chunshui does not help but muttered, his vice captain is cold, and the face is also colorful.

Dang! !

At this moment, the other side of the Azhi, the vice team of the Ling Ting Ting, who stayed with the commander of the people, the slogan of his mouth, even if he loved the snake tail pill, he fell to the ground, he I didn't know it.

"No ... If it is a guy like this program ..."

"I will destroy the whole Yulian Tong ..."

Have a half-score.

"What amazing power is ..."

"At the moment, the ghost, he actually ..."

As a wolf's body, the village of the wolf, in the hooded of the secret, a pair of wolves full of shocking look.

I am afraid that he has applied his resolution of the black rope to the world, and it is far from being able to find a volume like an eye, and the visual measurement is estimated that the position of the knee is very reluctant.

"Don't have guys ..."

Yamamoto Yuan, the deep eyes of the country, the death of the death, the most appeared in front of his eyes, and he couldn't help but knead his hands in his hand. Inflammatory blade.

Is it really like what he said ...

If you don't show a wind solution ... Isn't his opponent at all? ?

"give up……"

"Yama old man ... Even if you show a wind solution, it will not be my opponent ..."

It seems to read the ideas and readings in the heart of the mountains in the mountains. I saw that I'm proud of the diamond crystals, and the hands of the chest overlooking their feet.

"What joke is joking ..."

"How can the corpse world have such a monster ..."

Even if there are hundreds of meters away, Yamamoto Liusi is still able to feel the spirit of the moment in the high-altitude. It is usually condensed on himself.

When the hot and cold, the hot and cold, the heat shining is tight, and the hearts of Yamamoto Yuan will start a group of suspicions.

"Just relying on the center of the forty-six room, the decadent will only play guys who can use the right thing ... How can I secretly cultivate a monster like this program ... and I don't know?"

Is it ...

Do you really want to have a wind solution?

When I think that I have a wind solution, I will evaporate the water in the soul of the corpse. Yoshinyuan Liu Yu is hesitating when he is born.

"Hey ... Hesitant ..."

"Where did you don't have to reject? Yama old man?"

At the moment, it seems to be a devil who can read the people. It is slightly lighter in the high altitude. It is suddenly lightened in the eyes of the blue blood.

There is no slightest, the wheel of the moment is an eye on the eye.

Manipulating the most must succumb to this up to hundreds of meters, the Tongtian giant of the stars, the super long profousness of the hand suddenly rises.

Senlo Yijian! ! !

(Good king) a kind of air crazy on top of the dead head, the force of the extremely Sasone seems to be almost exceeded the load limit of this space.

The act of a sword of Senluo, a sword of Senluo, and all the dead gods at the foot seems to be a loss of her soul.

Looking up at the shaft of our head, all the sights around him have all the scenes, there is only this sword of the world between heaven and earth.

"Everything is all ... all is dust ..."

In the face of the top sky, the moment is a sword that must be obedient.

Even the mountains of Yamamoto Liusheng also finally felt what the threat of death, and the mouth directly silently meditated Putuo Mountain.

Chapter 65 Tianzhu (seeking rewards and automatic)

Wind solution · Dead fire is too knife! !

In the face of the head of the head of the head, the Senli Sword, which must be affair.

Under this horror crisis that seems to destroy everything, Yamamoto Liu Wei finally couldn't help but enter the form of its own style.

The fire is too knife, west, the wake, Japanese jail! !

Everything in front of you is in the colors of the red flame, as if the people are suddenly bloomed in the sky!

A thousand five million destruction flame bursts suddenly slammed out the flow blade in the hands of Shan Billou, Liu Wei, and the fire!

Formed a boundless flame burst of the sun, the body of Yamamoto Yuan, Liu Wei, the body of the country and the blade in the hand, all of the water around the surrounding air was taken a little bit.

All the snow-white benger eyebrows and eyebrows were rendered by the boundless flame burst. At this moment, only the mountains of Yamamoto, the whole country, the whole person became a blazing flame.

The fire is too knife, the north, the earth ashes! !

Since the battle of Wang Youha, the king of the teacher.