Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 492 of Hueding Crack System

After the thousand years, the Shan Ben Liu Wei is finally once again let the draft of the fire have once again appeared again.

In the face of everyone's head, it must be destroyed by the Senlo, and the mountains will be so angry.

A super long flaming red knife bloom, suddenly illuminated the whole space, Yamamoto Liu Wei broke out all the strengths of his body, killing the destruction of the knife.

boom! ! !

It seems that the whole land of the whole corpse is twisted.

At the moment of the top of the moment, it must be saved and the residual fire of the Shan Billou, and the two shocked all the power of all the world, finally collided together.

The devastating air waves and ripples seem to be shocked. The four-sided spread spread, all things around them are directly shocked into powder, next to the dead gods are all flying out.

"If it is not the same ... I can't imagine ..."

"Is this really a power of death ..."

The surrounded by a group of shock waves flying out from the shock waves of the hiking collision of Liu Hao, the heart of the country, and the heart, I couldn't help but send a painful mourning.

Rumbler ...

At the time, the depths of the spiritual court where everyone was in place, suddenly came from a sound.

"Quick watch ..."

"The whole of the Tong Ting is cleared ..."

The great movement is waken, and all the dead gods surrounded.

I have seen the countless buildings behind them, as if they were cut by an invisible sword, all have neat gaps, and they have fallen into a piece.

"Deceive ... deceived ..."

"It is far from the eye ..."

Seeing the moment of the moment, the sword of Sen Luo, an empty sword, causing such a terrorist topography, and all the dead gods in the scene have pumped a cold.

"I took a lot of Senli, who was responsible." "

It is a heavy country, which is more old and strong, and it is a bit surprised to pick up his eyebrows in the world.

"Yes, Yama's old man ... It seems that even if you have a thousand years, your strength is not retired ..."


"I am still the strongest death of the corpse ... The kid you still have to be far ..."

I heard the sound of a little in the moment, and the stubborn mountain old man suddenly walked, but the heart was secretly shocked in the power of such a horrible (beaa).

The unstead of pinching the mouth of his hands has been cracking, and the spilled blood instantly evaporated by endless destruction of flames around his body.

"Old man ..." It was actually forced to use it ... "

Some unbelievable look at everything that happened in front of him, Jingle Spring Water is staring at the whole body to destroy the burst of the fire in the city.

"No ... The teacher seems to have been hurt ..."

Dead staring at the distant and ostrich of the mountains, and the tone of Poisher's 14th Lang is extremely dignified. It is clear that the hidden moves of Mountain Ben will not escape his eyes.

"His public is a hit ..." Do you have to hurt the old man ... "

Jing Lichun was stunned. In his mind, he was invincible for the millennium, and he was hurt by the big ghost road in the moment.

"It's a stubborn old man ..."

Yamamoto Yuan Liu Wei's heavy-hunting tiger mouth naturally fled the eyes, seeing his character is so engraved, the moment is helpless, "it is ... I have to see if you can also pick me a few swords? ! "

In vitro, the most active must be too knife in his hand, but all the dead gods around the feet were highly lifted, as if the next sword wanted to completely smash half a half!


Including the mountains of the mountains, they are in the eyes of all people's eyes, and they must be a sword when they are dead.

I suddenly stopped the movements in my hands, and some of them were surprised to go to myself.

! ! !

Seeing the movements in the hand stopped, all the death of all deaths is unexpected.

At this time, in the sky, the people where everyone was located, but suddenly opened a black space channel, and another as if it was connected to a higher mysterious world.

Then, a huge object of the column like the Qing Sky, leaving the mystery, the flood control dike hooks from the top of the top of everyone, falling towards the land of the foot.

"that is?!"

Seeing such a sudden change in front of you, looking up to the mysterious space world in the sky, the blue dye is suddenly widened.

He planned for hundreds of years in the corpse soul, which was to enter the mysterious to high space for the creation of the "king", which is to capture the whole corpse.

"That is ... Tianzhu ..."

Seeing the post in the sky in the sky, Yamamoto Liusi is a whole country.

(Ask for reward, monthly ticket, and flowers)

Chapter 66 Dai Dai (seeking rewards and automatic)

"It's them……"

"How can they suddenly come to Yuli Ting ..."

The whole person is wrapped in the boundless flame burst, and the mountains of Yamamoto Yuanzhong looked at the main scene of the auto-falling in front of the sky.

"what is this?!"

I suddenly saw such a big guy from the sky, I stood in a hundred-meter high-altitude steril, and I had a surprising in front of the whip. I didn't respond.

Is it ...

Just now, is the Lingwang Palace ...

Just now, the top of the sky is a flashing mysterious high space, there is no fleet of the eyes.

Among them, the faint approrations showed a spirit of spiritual density to be far more than the scent of the corpse, and the heart is in the heart, there should be the highest waiting space among the world - Lingwang Palace.

"This is ... Tianzhu ..."

The floats of the floats, the two, and the two people were deadly staring at the post of the Qing Tianzhi in the sky.