Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 493 of Hueding Crack System

It is not the same as other ordinary death and captain, as a disciple of Shan Billou, a heavy country, and the earliest death captain.

Two of them have always known that there is a more mysterious high-level space on the corpse soul and the spiritual Tin, where there is a ruler of the three worlds - the wedges and foundations of the world - the world where the king is located .

"Why don't you ask the world to directly be exclusive to the royal family ... will suddenly come to the corpse ..."

"It seems ..."

"The Lingwang is indeed true ... I don't have anything in anything ..."

Looking up at the Sky Pillar of Qingtian, the sky, the blue dye, the right, and there is no mild smile on the face, and the indifferent and wise eyes flashed.


I have to create a "king" to kill the Lingwang Palace ...

Breaking everything will control the whole corpse in your hands ...

boom! ! !

Just when everyone is eager.

Yu Ling Tin

The top of the sky, suddenly landed in the top of the sky, finally landed, and slammed in front of everyone, flying the endless dust and fog.

"This strange guy ..."

"What is something ... I have dropped from the sky ..."

In addition to a few people, all the dead gods present, even the dead people did not know what they were in front of me, and they were talking about it.

"The body of the corpse ..."

"I haven't remember how many years haven't returned here? ..."

Just when everyone guess the post-day column, the sound of the martyrdom suddenly had a thick and remembering the voice of all people.

I saw the top of this Optimic Column, a light head stunned with a thick frown beard, the nose-shaped wide body, and the monk wearing a wide-sleeved coat bench gradually exposed.

I saw this mysterious big eyes and still hanged a string of dark red large-scale American aid. He stepped on a pair of high-footed wood, and the whole person revealed a mysterious breath, as if heel Everyone present is not in the same time.

"It's so lively ..."

The big eyes and still glanced from the sky and the eyes of the sky, and the honest face was in a very honest smile. "It seems that all the death of all the spiritual Tin is almost all here. Have you fighting ... "

Who is this guy ...

Strong ...

All the dead gods in the scene looked at the mysterious eyes of the sky.

From his body, everyone felt an absolutely not lost to the 13th team of the 13th team of the guards of the court, and even more than the horror momentum and pixel.

How can the corpse world have such a guy? !

"This guy is it ?!"

I have been standing on the side of the blue dye, and I saw the mysterious big eyes and Shang Dun, I saw my brow.

The confidentiality of the opponent's powerful pond and power, the blue dyeing and wise eyes flashed over the dark thinking, deeply hiding himself.

... seeking flowers ...

"Shanduba is heavy ... we have not seen more than a few years ..."

I didn't pay attention to everyone's strange eyes. I saw this mysterious big eyes. After the appearance of this mysterious, suddenly hosted to the whole body, the whole body was wrapped in the fire too knife to destroy the flame burst of fire bursts. .

"I actually let you launch the 'true fighting' ... It seems that this is really interesting this child's boy ..."

"He didn't know me ?!"

I heard the words of this mysterious big eyes, and the moment on hundreds of meters above the high-altitude, and the blue eyes were deeply covered with a wise brilliant.

True to fight ... it is a wind solution, the name of the evolution of the ethniscies before the appearance of the scenery.

And Yamamoto Zhongshi ... that is, Yamamoto Yuan Liu Wei's original name, Yuan Liuzhai three words are he later because something is particularly added.

"'Truth called the monk, the soldier, the main department of the soldier ..."

After listening to the mysterious eyes of the eyes, I still call my own name. Yamamoto Liu Yan is gently frowned, and some doubts and solemnly looked at him.

"What happened to the end ... Your royal exclusive special agent is not in the Lingwang Palace ... will suddenly come to the corpse world ?!"


The legend of the corpse is almost no one knows the most mysterious zero team ...

I will choose to appear at this time ...

I heard the name of Yamamoto Yuan Liu Wei, and the heart finally affirmed the identity of the mysterious eyes of the sky from the sky.

Daiqi - Queen exclusive special agent, is not subject to the 46th chamber of the central, but directly in the royal family.

It is more advanced than the thirteenth team of the Yuba, and the Shan Benliu is responsible for guarding the Wuming Ting before the establishment of the 18th team of Zhangbaun, and then stayed in the Lingwang Palace.

(Ask for reward, monthly ticket, and flowers)

Chapter 67 Really called the monk (seeking rewards and automatic)

There are only five members of the zero team, and the five people are captains, but only five of the five people have completely transcend the entire army of the whole of the entire Open.

As the mysterious combat power of the Ling Ting, after being selected as a member of the Zero team, its bones will be re-architecture from the spirit of the king, and the bones after the re-architecture will become the key to the Lingwang Palace - the king.

In the corpse, except for the four major nobles, only a few people know the existence of the zero team, even the vice captains of 110 years have never heard of, and the blue dye is right. Good example.

And the guy in front of him - 'Really called the monk's soldier, one soldier guard, in the royal family of the king, is equivalent to the general presence of leaders.

It is the "sixty-seven zero" name "Sixty-zero" that started with all the things of the corpse. If the real name of each dead god, the strength is more in the mountains, the Shan Biao Liu, is a deep existence.

"The Lingwang Palace has some other four guys guarding ... I haven't returned to the corpse activities for a long time ..."

In the face of the quality of the mountain, Yamamoto, Liu Wei, I saw the "true name called the monks" The main department of the soldiers, the guardian smile, one hand, a huge brush, the knife, flexing his own brain spoon.

"And you are so big ... I have to be destroyed by you in this way, I will have it to stop you ..."

"More ..."

Speaking of this, the big eyes and the master of the soldiers, the sanctuary, the eyes, the eyes turned to the top of the trees, "good guys ..." actually uses themselves The spiritual pressure constructs this existence ... "