Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 494, Chapter 494

"Even in the spirit of Lingzi's density, the spirit of the spirit of the minor is ..." also can't do this ... "

Looking up, I'm looking at the most eye-catching role in my eyes, I saw that the big eyes and the soldiers of the soldiers were surprised.

"It's really a little guy ..."

Should call me for a small guy ...

Standing on hundreds of meters high-altitude, the moment to hear the soldiers, the main division of the soldiers, the name of the young Junxiu, did not appear to have a look of breath.

Because of the country, the zero team 'true named monks, the main department of the soldiers, the main department of the soldiers, almost waiting for the age of the mountain in the soul of the whole corpse, said that he is also normal, but it is true.

"Bald monk ..."

However, the moment is also very polite, looking down on his feet, as if the ant is generally small and a soldier, the master of the soldiers, the opening and he says hello. "If I have not guess the wrong words ... you should be directly under the royal family Is the zero team ?! "

"It seems that you are very clear about my identity ..."

It is unfair to be bald, and the soldiers are not angry. Instead, it is expected to look up at the sky above the sky.

"How ?! Let's talk about it, the little child ..."

The soldier main department, a soldier, Wei Zhiyu, why, contains an inexplicable look, says the words surrounded by everyone, "In fact, I am from the Lingwang Palace ... one of them is for you ... "

for me? !

I suddenly heard the big eyes and the soldiers of the soldiers, such as such awkward words, couldn't help but all the dead gods, and they also stunned.

"You know me ?!"

I am a bit awkward from my own brow.

The zero teams have been in the Higher Education Space Lingwang Palace even know that they have passed away, and use the big ghosts who have just taken the center 46 rooms, this is indeed a little incredible.

"You said that I am coming ..."

In all the eyes of all the dead gods in the spiritual Tong Ting, the moment it seems to be in direct contact with the direct contact of his own in vitro.

The whole person seems to be a gentle deciduous fallen leaves, gradually falling to the mountains of the mountains, the heavy country and the soldiers of the soldiers, the midfunction of the soldiers, the deep and sharp eyes, the leader of this zero team in front of him ...

"What means??"

This kid ...

I actually relieve my ability ...

Seeing the moment of the best in front of his eyes, he was able to slow down, and the fire in the hands of the people in the hands of the country, and the deep eyes flashed in the deep eyes. Hesitated. Decisive look.

Obviously, this kind of moment is in control, regarding everything, if you have an endless discouragement, it is shocked to him.

As the moment is very effective, the pressure of sudden air is dissatisfied with one.

All ordinary death team members and the Safaries have grown up, and everyone is full of sweat as if they are fishing from water.

so horrible……

The power of the big ghosts ...

Just like ... God ...

Everyone's eyes are dead, they are stunned from the moment of falling from the sky, and their eyes are full of mean and fear.

"Of course you know you ..."

"More accurately ... as the spirit of the three rulers ... know everything in the past and the future ..."

Seeing an instant seems to be surprised by his own zero team knowing his existence, the big eyes and the soldiers - the soldiers are smiled, "as long as it exists in this world ... No thing can escape the whole world of all. eye……"

Know everything ...

Whole know all ...

Listening to the words of a soldier guard against his eyes, the eyes were slightly flashing.

It is worthy of "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "

"So ... I just said that you came down from the Lingwang Palace this time to see me ..."

If this is the case ... So will know that my true identity and I use the control of the central 46th room ... The moment is fast, but my eyes are staring at the soldiers in front of you. guard.

"What means??"

Chapter 68, the invitation of the zero team (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Really famous monk's soldier, a soldier, the guy is not a simple guy.

"Potential Ability", "combat power", more wood sword eight, the "battle power" of the soldiers, the "talented" and blue dye, and the "resort" of Pudao.

These five people are the "Great Almighty 'Friends", I've Ideal as the five major advice of the corpse of' unknown.

And the most terrible thing for the soldiers' main division is in that he first knows all the real names of the knife.

As we all know, the two homes of the zero team have created all the prototypes of all the sings of the knife, and after the death of the death, they gradually and dialogue in the process of decades, in the name of the knife After you can "get me, this means that you really create your own loose knife.

The soldiers sold the soldiers, but they got a shallow moment in the death of the gods, I know the ultimate real name of all the sings.

This means that he has insights, holding all the knives, more than the death of myself, and the potential of the knife and the true power.

"Friends Haber's five major specials of fighting ... I don't know if I will be marked in it ..." I flew in my heart, and I couldn't think about the margin.

" ..."

"I am special from the Lingwang Palace ... officially invited you to join our king's specialties ..."

Just on the moment of my mind, the big eyes and the big eyes of the Shang Bing, the soldiers of Shang Bing, said the purpose of this trip, suddenly turned over all the dead.


Not only is the other people around them, and they also have done.

"Invite me to join the zero team of your royal family ?!"

At the moment, I walked myself a pair of blue blood red, and I looked at the soldiers' soldiers in front of them.

"Yes ..."

There is no strangeness of everyone, and the big eyes of the moment and the soldiers of the soldiers are nodded. A pair of dark red big wisdom, the eyes, the eyes are closely stunned.

"We evaluate your war ... It has been fully exceeded the level of the captain of the thirteen team of the Ting Ting Ting, so I invite you to add our zero team ..."