Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 495 of Hueding Crack System


I have always hidden who stands next to the blue dyeing of the death of the death of the Ling Ting, the first reaction, the growth of the big eyes.

Is this guy in the moment ...

Want to enter the zero team to upgrade to the Lingwang Palace? !

He has been in the final goal of the final goal with the preparatory plan for the creation of the "king", and suddenly heard the king's specialist monk invited to join the zero team in front of him.

"Invited this guy to become a member of the royal team of the king family ?!"

I haven't waited for it to come back to God. I heard the main department of the soldiers, from the spirit of the Songwang Palace to the corpse, the mountains next to the Yamamoto, Liu Yu, a shock, "the soldier main department Wei! Are you crazy ?! To know this guy, ... "

"No ... Yama Zhongshi ..."

I haven't waited Yamamoto Yuan Liu Wei, and I stood in the soldier owner, I was reached, and I went deeply at him. "You have to believe in the judgment of Songwang." ...... More ... "

"The king has been predicted soon ... the guy who has been sealed before a thousand years has begun to recover his consciousness and has retrieved his strength ..."

When I think of my own will and messages in my Lingwang Palace, I can't help but calm down when I have a soldier and the soldiers and the soldiers.

"Shortly after the stream of the corpse even includes the world and the virtual ring ... will face a huge robbea in an unprecedented ... We need to add a special force like this ..."

"That guy ..."

I heard the leader of the soldiers in front of him, the guy before I mentioned thousands of years. Yamamoto Liusheng was in the country, and suddenly silent, "I have awakened ..."

The guy before a thousand years? !

Listening to my arms, the soldiers, the soldiers, the soldiers and the mountains, and the sorrows of Liu Wei, and the deep eyes suddenly turned, he certainly knew who the guy they said ...

"Bald monk ... I have a problem ..."

Just when everyone was in silence, at this moment, I raised my eyes, staring at the big face of my right hand border master.

"According to the 2012 Central Forty-six" literature ... only creates a thing in the corpse world ... by the Lingwang's Nushan's History of the Soul, '"" "

"I just served as a big ghost to long ... Why did you recruit me ?!"

After that, he said quietly staring at the soldiers, one soldier guard, and even secretly opened the top level and heardance, listening to the ability of all things.

"It is actually found in the 46th session of the Central 46th ..."

I heard the answer of the soldiers, but I didn't carefully think about what I said, but I looked seriously. "You don't have to doubt your ability ... Since the King is definitely your Ability ... You must have an extraordinary force ... "

Do you have your ability? !

I heard the brakes, and then I suddenly smiled and smiled. Some disdain raised their mouths.

Now that the yin-yang is holding the round to return to the students, when is it suspected of having your own abilities, the words of the soldiers, the main division of the soldiers are simply ignorant.

"But the body of the corpse ... No ... It should be said to be the spirit of the world to the world."

However, the message revealed in a soldier Director of the main department of the EYS, but it also makes the heart secretly thinking, "I don't know when I started ... my gaze has quietly betted my body ... this is not I noticeable. Things ... "

Chapter 69 defeating the strongest death (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Your king family invites the moment to join the zero team ..."

"That is your Lingwang Palace, the old man is universal ..."

At this time, I have been quietly looking at the dialogue between the two people and the soldiers of the soldiers. Yoshinyuan Liu Wei suddenly suddenly sinking, "But ... this Watt Todde has entered the corpse Soul world ... "

Reviction! !

This is the speed that is unusually reached at all.

Holding the fire is too knife to destroy the red light, the whole person suddenly disappears in the original place.

"I have to kill him, this is the system of the corpse and the rumor, who can't change !!:

When Yamamoto Yuan Liu Wei's heavy fire red burst appeared again, the original stood in Starcon, only felt that the air in front of him was dry.

A wordless destroyed destruction of the fire in front of Starke, the whole body is wrapped in the horrible flames, the mountains of the mountains appeared in front of him.

Fire over the fire · The earth is ash! !

All the water in the surrounding air was taken with the mountains in the mountains, and only the columns in his hands were too knife to destroy the fire. He looked at a flame burst knife. Stott is a big virtual snorkeling.

Strong ...

When I saw the strongest death of this corpse in front of him, Liu Yu was in front of himself, and the violent spiritual pressure and horrible high temperature suddenly attracted Stark's heart!

After all, the entire virtual ring is the only thing that is successful. The first existence of the first existence in the next ten blade, Staike is strong and strong, and the weapon is holding the weapon.

But someone's action is faster than him!

"I said the mountain old man ..."

"Starke is my shot ..."

The goal of the Shan Benliu, who was in front of the mountain, still locked himself to bring himself into the signs of the corpse. The first-knownent's moment of orthodontics, the left eye ZHANG Guanghua flash, the launch of the whole person instantly disappeared in the original place.

"No one can move my part in front of me !!"

Of course, when the sound of the cold and cold and indifferent sounds again, the whole person has instantly appeared between Stark and Yamamoto Yuanliuzhong.

Diamond star dust! !

In the surprise eyes of the mountains of the mountains, the shackles of the world, the moment is like a handwife, and suddenly all air condense.

The surrounding has been pushed by the air of the fire, and the air is pushed to the air of the boiling, and it is calm down.

I saw that under the moment of the ultimate frozen force broke out, the frozen force surpassed by the absolute zero extension was instantly formed an impact wave.

Like the mountain snowflake, it is like a star of the stadium to frozen and smash, and suddenly slamming the mountains of Yamamoto.

"this is……"

"It's a horrible frozen force ..."

In the face of the diamond star dust to the cold from the moment, the pupil of the mountains, the young pupil of the mountains, suddenly shrinks the needles of the pinhole.

Rao is at this moment, he opened the residual prison clothes that he had a fire, and it covers the whole body covered with a thousand and five million degrees of the sun center to destroy flame bursts.

The whole person has become a small sun, but it is still very clear and unparalleled, and it is only the coldness of the ice from the moment.