Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 496 of Hueding Crack System

How can it be……

How can there be such a horrible frozen force in the world? !

If someone tells him that this snow is able to freeze even the sun, he is estimated that it will not hesitate to believe.

Yamamoto Yuan Liu Wei is a severe discovery, and the spirit of this in front of the moment, the so-called ice-called ice, the so-called Ice, the so-called ice, and a slag.

boom! ! !

In the case of the moment, the momentum of the absolute zero is so excited, the mountains, the city, Liu Wei, immediately cut out the fire of the fire in his hand.

The burst of the destruction of the devastating temperature suddenly greeted the hit of the flash of freezing atoms, and the horror energy that collision broke out almost made all things around the body.

The drill star surrounded by the absolute zero-scale frozen, the diamond star dust hit by the mountains of the city, the sun, the sun, the heaven and earth, the flame knife of the earth.

The two shares represent two extreme extreme power stunned together, and the two suddenly emitted a unnatural distortion, and the surrounding land began to frozen and burned into ashes.

"What kind of power is this ..."

This time, even the captain of the captain, I looked at the feet, I was very completely destroyed, and I couldn't help but have a pool.

The power of these two guys ...

It seems that it is stronger than I imagined ...

Dead staring at the power of two horror of the eyes, the power of the outbreak is almost completely exceeded with the right budget of the blue dye, and the eyes of the indifferent pupils are flashing.

"You lost!"

"Yamamoto Yuan Liu Wei is heavy !!"

At this time, all the entire Tongling Tin (Qian Zhao) people are surrounded by far.

I saw the impact wave of the diamond star destroyed in the hands of the flash, and it has gradually frozen and smashed the mountains in the mountains. The city is full of flames, and the mouth is suddenly emitted.

Damn ...

It's time to look at all destroyed high-temperature bursts around you are blown up, and Yamamoto Liusi has discovered that the strength of this guy in front of him completely exceeded his imagination.

! ! !

Just in the mountains of the city, the whole person, the whole person, the whole person, flashing in the right eye.

Renovation of eyes! ! !

Yamamoto Yuan Liu Yuzhong suddenly showed a flower in front of him. The next moment only felt that his chest suddenly hit.

(Ask for reward, monthly ticket, and flowers)

Chapter 70 refuses (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Yamamoto Captain !!"

Seeing Yamamoto Yuan, Liu Wei, the whole person, the whole person shells were blown out, and all of the death of all the deaths around the Tongling.

The strongest death of the corpse is ...

Since more than a thousand years, there have been people who can surpass the Thirteen teams of Yanding, the head of the group, will be defeated by people? !

And this guy is a long-lasting corpse of the neighborhood, and I saw such a shocking scene, and almost all the dead gods were all in the past.

Is it a moment to win ...

When the two of the eyes were finally separated, the blue dye on the side of the black box glasses, the eyes under the black box glasses, the heart is flashing, and the moment is a fertilization of the moment.

"It seems ... or I have a good skill ..."

Among the surrounding frost and the hot aftertaste, the whole person is full of falling into the ground, and the blue-blue scorpion is closely staring at the mountains who are flying out by themselves.

I have to say that the Shan Ben Liu Wei is a strong opponent after the moment to come to this world. In addition to the years, the ghosts are not the top of the corpse.

In particular, if the power of the flow blade after the fire is, it is finally the intuitive experience of the moment to how the opponents in the past are mourning in their sword.

If you don't have your own efforts to explode all frozen, Yamamoto Liu Wei is a thousand five million degrees of disappearance of the fire too knife to show, it is really unable to resist.


The whole person was blocked with the sternum, almost all of the body into the earth under the foot.

However, Yamamoto Yuan Liu Yanzhong stubborn personality is still driving the support to struggle again, even if blood is reddish, his white beard does not extinguish the hot flames in his eyes.

"The little child ... the old man has not yet defeated !!"

"Let's here ... Shamoto is heavy ..."

At this time, I saw that the big eyes between the heavy countries of the moment and the mountains of Yamamoto Yuan, and the soldiers were shook their heads. "The injury on your body is not light ... I have a good rest ... Ting also needs you to host the Bech "..."

"Captain ..."

As if he responded to the soldier's soldiers, only the signature of the Bookshan Benliu, all the death of the death of the death of the death, the face of the death of the death, and the face is concerned about him.

Talk! !

In particular, the captain of the four teams, Huilu, and Hede has been aligned with the crushing chest of Yamamoto, Liu Wei, and showed medical ghosts.

"I can't think of even thousands of years ..."

Looking at the Shan Billou, the Yamada, who was surrounded by a dead god, was heavy, and the big eyes and Shang soldiers were shook their heads. "This guy's character is still so stubborn ..."

"Since you have doubled the wins ... so the small child ..."

I saw the fight in front of the moment and the mountains of the mountains, the battle of the two people, the big eyes and the soldiers of the soldiers, the main part of the soldiers, "Joined the royal family of the trip ... How do you consider? Sample? "

Join the king family's special zero team ...

The deep eyes of the moment were slightly flashing, and the inner heart was slightly hesitated, and the pros and cons of eyes were analyzed.

In this mountain, all the dead gods around the dead sport all the breath, all of them are quiet, apparent that everyone is very concerned about the answer.

"Do not……"

"I have no interest……"

As a result, the big mistakes were, and the moment didn't want to look, and they rejected the invitation of the soldier main department.

what? !

At the moment, the refusal of the refusal of suddenly let all the dead gods around the court have been surprised to open their mouths.