On the thirteen team of the Yubin Ting Ting, the invitation of the highest royal family of the corpse world is turned out, it is said that it is so little written? !

Until at this moment, all the death of all the deaths in Lingling Tong finally re-appreciates that the new ghost road is more responsive.

"But ... why ?!"

The soldier main department is too unfolied. He doesn't understand why the highest invitation from the corpse society, why not think about it, "You don't want to think about it again?! "

"Don't consider ..." Compared to the cleanliness of the Qing Dynasty ... "

There is no half-point hesitation, and the direct weapon has returned the soldiers, the reason why said the reason is that everyone has dropped the chin. "I think it is also the border of the corpse more prosperous ... more suitable for me ... "

"Let's go, Stark ..."

Waken the Stark, which seems to be awakened by the dream, I didn't pay attention to all the eyes behind him, and I didn't return the head after the ghosts around him.

"All ghosts are returned to the team!"

Seeing the moment to turn around, Stallon also turned around to keep up with the pace of the moment, but no one did not pay attention to the horn of the possis of the inexplicably.


I will go to the Lingwang Palace ...

Just just use a way you can't imagine ...

"The old man is from the Lingwang Palace ..."

Give him a will and will.

"Is it still rejected by him ..."

The prophecy of Lingwang really won't be wrong ...

This kid's body has a terrorist force that does not belong to this world ...

"It's really unexpected harvest ..."

After seeing the moment, the deep and indifferent gaze seems to have no big eyes in front of the eyes and the soldiers of the soldiers, and hit the mirror water in their hands.

"If you can't think of today, you will appear in the Ling Wang Palace.

Chapter 71 Delivery Wheel (ask for reward and automatic)

"Feeding the baby"

"I advise you to think again."

In the moment, he declined the invitation of the big eyes and the soldiers, from the zero team, and turned around Tak and the ghosts. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()

When all the dead gods around the dead, it seems to be a little unwillingly attached to this, and the big eyes and the monk of the soldiers, the sound of the soldiers sounded again.

"Since the spirit of the spirit will become very difficult, if I don't follow the finished words, it will be very difficult."

Thousands of miles

Among the surprised eyes of all dead gods.

As the soldiers sold the war, all the spirits in front of the air suddenly took away from one-time.

I only saw the soldiers of the soldiers, and the air in front of the people suddenly condensed a huge palm.

With the destructive power of all the imagination of death, suddenly crushed all the obstacles and air in front, and made a pound of pressure directly shot to the moment.

The soldier main department is suddenly shot, and there is no death in the scene to reflect.

Seeing the sudden appearance of such a horrible force, someone in the field couldn't help but reinitely met the big monk of this temperament, emotional, and unpredictable zero team.

Especially as a member of the zero team or even the leader.

The Bear's Bear, the Bottles of the soldiers is the 'king "that is from the power of the spirit of the Songwang, and the body intensity is far from all the deceased.

And the zero team lives in the spirit of the spirit of Libe several times all the year round, the spirit of the spirit of the spirit, even when the deceased death of the vice captain, will not be breathed, and the curling is not allowed to move in the ground. .

Therefore, the soldier main department, the soldier, the army, the huge power, the huge power of the hidden, and the concentration of the spirit of the spirit, it is not the imagination of others.


"Go back, baldness"

"I am not interested in anyone who can't force me"

In the eyes of the soldiers, the master of the soldiers, the huge pounds hit the palm of the palm of the palm, and the palm of the hand is going to be on the body. At this time, the moment that led everyone turned around and suddenly asked her head. .

The moment of returning his left eye, the blue eyes of the blue eyes, which shines the mysterious bright light, as if the cave wear the future of the world, as if it seems to be a Holy Spirit that knows all the whole meaning.

"One hundred and one hundred and one fate of the road"

The nest of the white-black metaphorn is like a elf to be surrounded by the moment.

I saw the flash of silver, the silver white long hair, the whole person, the whole person is like a Holy Spirit that is separated from the dust, and the mouth is like the sound of Van Yin Songs, and the mysterious ghost mentioned above the Bible.

The mysterious ghost road recorded in this Eternal Night Bible is exhibited.

There seems to be heard between the peaks in the scene, as if there is a burst of gears to roll the general voice, and they directly crushed all the people's hearts.

With the sound of the gear rolling in the midst of the gears, everyone only saw a huge incapacity between the existence and the non-existence of a roulette.

The mysterious ripple is complicated, which seems to be printed with a fate of a shameless people, and a vast potential that is simply unable to describe in words.

Under the fate.

All are anthones.

The wheel of the fate is rolling, it seems that there is no footsteps that will be fate in this world.

I saw the life of the mysterious ghosts to the mysterious ghosts described in the Merry Night Bible, and they were directly crushed.

"what is this?"

One soldier guarded the soldiers widened and had a big double eye.

Rao is aware of everything of all corpse people, and insides everything that is the ultimate name of the knife.

In front of you, this is like a giant wheel that is unobstructed in front of the treasure, and suddenly feels that he has become a fire of a car.

·· ···