Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 498 of Hueding Crack System

Shock all the sound of all dead spirits

Finally, the fate of the fate of the moment of the moment was crushed after the soldiers sold the soldiers, and they took directly to the vast potential, straight to the hook.

"Black and a word"

In the face of the fate giant wheel in front of the moment, in the face of this unmanned, no one can hide the majestic power.

The strength of the soldiers, the soldiers, the soldiers, also finally felt a huge pressure capable of crushing themselves into a powder, and directly explained the text of the chop in his hand.

.. ...

I saw the soldier main part of the soldiers after entering the state, the head of the huge brush in the hand changed to the sharp blade.

Item of Xuanao, who is called ' ', wrote a huge 'sealed' word directly in the air in front of him, and created an invisible boundary knot and blocking all objects. successfully passed.


However, the brittle sound of the cold, the brightest sound of the soldiers, and the face of the soldiers were suddenly changed.

I saw him using his own beginning, the knife was written in front of the border, and actually in front of the fate of the moment, it is like a fragile and weak egg shell.

"No one can escape the destiny, even the spirit is the same as" "

"It's really ridiculous to stop the fate."

Seeing a soldier owner of the distance, a soldier, trying to show the end of the fate of the destiny, and there is no such thing as a smile.

I haven't paying attention to how people will respond.

After released the mysterious ghosts described above the Eternal Night Bible, the figure gradually disappeared in the sight of everyone.

Chapter 72 ends (seeking rewards and automatic)


"What is this ghost?"

Rao is a soldier owner of all things that know all things in the world. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

After the moment, the whole person's Queu, the body was pulled by the fate of the treasure, and the mouth couldn't help but explore a burst of angry and shocked roar.

Originally, as a spirit of death, under this power of inexpensive fate, everyone did not shape.


A burst of the sound of the old door plug rotated.

Under the moment of the mysterious ghost fate released in the moment, only the soldiers of the main department of the soldiers were built by the strength of the spirit, which was the 'king ", and suddenly broke the sound of the overwhelmed.

"The power of" eight zero seven "is the strength to reach this level?"

"What is this ghost?"

Feeling that you gradually gradually broken the broken body, and the shock was completely filled with the inner heart of the soldiers.

Although his strength and ability, even if the body is completely destroyed, you can call your name through others, so that the power of the call is re-resurrected.

But at this moment, his inner is still can't help but be deeply shocked.

It is more powerful than ordinary ghosts and the neighborhood, and the inner is of course, which is unbearable. What kind of power can be used to do this.

"Is that a ghost?"

The mysterious ghosts released before the moment were shocked, and there was more than one person who soldiers soldiers. All the death of all the proficiency of the ghosts were shocked.

"Good power"

Even singing and discarding a 90th ghost, black, can knocked down the blue dye of a captain level.

At this moment, I feel that the crushing of the soldiers in front of the soldiers, if there is no fate, hidden people who have hidden their strength, they can't help but stop.

"Is the corpse industry record the ghosts above 96?"

Standing among a group of deaths in the Dead, the mortgage wood whispering the ghosts is trying to have all the memories of themselves.

As the most old four major aristocrats of the whole corpse, he also finds that this seems to be in front of this seems to be unpredictable, and the fate is generally shocked.

"Maybe did not have"

It seems to hear the shock whispering whispered by himself, and Jingle Chunshui is not half a point in his face. The mouth is self-speaking.

"But now there is"

"Do not"

At this time, the exquisite medical ghosts have temporarily steadily steadily steady, the flowers of Yamamoto, Liu Wei, the hurt.

Gradually walked to the people, the quiet face was still smiling, but the flashing of the eyes of the eyes showed that she was not calm in the heart.

"It is not a simple ghost that this has been involved in a deeper level we are unknown."

Go back to the road of ghosts.

"The Mr. I"

Feeling that there is a dramatic movement that is passed in the air behind him, it seems that he is skepicious, and Starke finally can't help but open his mouth: "Thank you"


"It is what I let you become my essential official, I will bring you to the corpse, these are all I should come."

I heard the words of Starke walking next to him, and I didn't make my own brows, and these principles in my heart were just his incident.

"More than a small thing"

Is it just a small matter?

Sitak, who heard the lazy vicissitudes of life, had some bitter touched his nose.

From the moment of remembering, he wandered with the ridiculous virtual ring. He just came to the new world of the corpse, and he saw a lot of powerful power.

Whether it is the strongest death of the Lingling Tin, the heavy country, or the high-profile royal family, the division of the soldiers, one soldier, and even surrounded by the captain of a deep-tibble.

Of course, even if he still remembers is deeply shocking, or the moment of his own side, this will save him from the people in lonely and wandering .. .......