"Now you don't have to endure eternal loneliness and lonely, so you don't have to split your soul into two halves."

The Starke by the side reminded that this suddenly remembered this matter, and the moment I gave a look at Starke, and the little girl Lily Nit next to him. "Let Lilien are re-integrated with you. "

Steak and other ethical split into a broken face, split into ** and the cutting knife, in order to get rid of the lonely Steak evolution, Split the body and Lily Nit, so his return is from himself. Complete.

Anyway, this is a large extent to which his strength and strength are more or less, so it is still not recommended that he will return the soul back.

"Is it re-integrated with Lily Nit?"

Wen Zhekiki, his eyes moved to the little girl Lily Nit, who walked to him, and the two opposed to each other.

"Special Mr. Stark is not wrong"

Little girl with the Spatak soul, the little girl Lily Nitter, who is in the heart, I read the fluctuations and struggle in the heart of Starke, and the exhibitions smiled: "We have two originals now, now you are no longer lonely. There is no need to exist in this form again.

The voice is falling, and a Staark reaction is also unequal.

I saw that the little girl Lily Nitt has made a blue soul flame, just like the soul of Stark Shi, dissipated in the air, completely integrated with Stark's Among the soul.



Chapter 73 complete breaking (seeking rewards and automatic)

After the fusion of the soul of Lily Nit, it is integrated. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()

As the Titak, the Titak, the vibrate level, is already strong enough to let the surrounding ghosts the swearing, and then push a new height.

The sharp metal roar sounds.

I saw the Spark after the soul returned, and she was born from the soul. She was born with his own loose knife.

Like all other breaks, Stark, who returns to normal soul, finally split into a normal form of ** and chop knife, and the strength suddenly moved.

"It's a horrible spiritual pressure."

I suddenly saw the terrorism of Starke, and the ghosts who had followed those ghosts after the moment were thrilling.

"Not bad"

"After re-integrating the soul into one, you really have stronger Steak in the past."

Feel the powerful spiritual pressure of Starke, whoever himself, the long hair of the moment is blown up by the violent breeze, and the handsome looks showed satisfactory look.


"For example, the loneliness in the past, I have found the reason that makes you stronger."


He replaces himself from the soul of his splits, now no need to cooperate with Lily Nit to instantly enter the shape of the blade, and the strength is far from the ordinary captain level of the ultra-torrential spirit.

"It seems that you will never be confused again," Starke "

"So let's go"

Looking at himself, it is no longer confused because of lonely, and the moment is satisfied with its mouth.

The deep eyes seems to be a sharp sword, but also the sorrow of the corpse of the corpse, as if foreseeted the future.

"You will have more companions on the future of the future."

Bai Wei is over.

The time from the kingdom of the corpse, the retreat of the big army, has passed for three days.

But all the people who are still immersed in three days before the three days.

Even the ordinary civilians and souls in the soul of the soul of the corpse, the minds of the mind will always be in the three days before the three days, the Tongtian Weiwu god, which is like the heavens, like heaven. The gods usually stand between heavens and the earth.

For a time between the entire corpse soul, all the rumors and rumors rushed to tribute, and they were spread.

But no matter which version of the rumors are spread, there is a same protagonist.

That is the new ghost of the corpse, the horrible image has been included in the subjects of the corpse into one of the objects that cannot be provoked.

I haven't had time to show my real 'whiteline a text' and all the strength, I was completely suppressed by the mysterious ghosts of the mysterious ghosts, and a soldier guardian.

I have already gone to returning to the Lingwang Palace, and I will report the shock and seeing of the supreme spirit of the supreme.

The ghosts are a team.

Be in a hurry

I saw that the moment is sitting in their own practice room, and the nest of the nest of the nest of the nest.

He is getting all distractions at this moment, and the sophisticated Eternal Night Bible of your soul is a deeper exchange and communication to accelerate the pace of understanding.

After this period of time, I used the Bible of the Bible, and I have been very clear in my heart. I have a powerful force that I contains the chop.

Not only the neopes of the Bible, the addition and growth of the ghosts, and in the moment, there is still the kind of the kind of the kind of the corpse records recorded above the Bible, and there is no mysterious powerful ghost.

If you break through the bottleneck breaking the boundary, you have successfully completed the neopes of the Bible, the increase and blessing of the ghosts, there is also a terrorist ability that completely discards singing and does not reduce the power.

Even now I have such a powerful force and a variety of capabilities, I can't help but feel the expectation and yearning.

And at this time.

I suddenly heard the original quiet ghosts, suddenly came out of a slight embarrassment, and I opened my eyes when I opened my eyes.

"Is a small famisho"

The revivement of the left-eyed God penetrated all the obstacles in front of him. When I saw the sophomore, I saw the egg peach, the mouth of the ghosts, and the mouth of the mouth.

Rogue eye ·

I saw that the moment was launched, and the whole person disappeared in the precise practice room, and the shuttle space came to the ghost hall outside.

"Thursday Deputy Captain"

"We have a big ghost, the long is waiting for him to be repaired, you will come back."

I saw the gate of the ghosts, and an ordinary ghost man was watching the sorrow and difficult to look at the peach face in front of him.