Naruto's Jade Crash System

Fire shadow collapse system Chapter 500

"What's joking"

I haven't waited for the peach to talk, I just came to the moment of the ghost team, I heard a voice of proudly, "People's Thursing Santo, with their own manual to see him, the stinky guy. If you don't see people, even if you still put us outside? "

"It's really this, let me let me let me let me know that I will break your ghosts."

It seems that it seems to be more and more, I saw the broken bee on the peach of the Thursday, and the beautiful little face was ambitious. The ordinary ghosts in front of their eyes.

"The broken bee captain, we are in our moment, anyone is not disturbed when the big ghost is quiet."

Although some of the captain of the debris in front of you, the ordinary ghost people are still hard to explain their scalp.

"What? What is the profit?

The lake of the proud of the bee, I saw a narnotype of the red ear, and this is hard to swallow the words of the little girlfriend. .

Chapter 74 Leisure Time (ask for reward and automatic)

"Small Tomato Bad Bee"

"Don't use this for a common member"

Just when the member of the ordinary ghost, the sound of the public, the sound of the moment suddenly passed over. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?


"Your hateful guy is finally reluctant?"

I heard the sound of the moment, and the anger of the broken bee suddenly came back to look, and I saw a face of the face of the appearance, and gradually came to her and the peach.


Different from the arrogance of the bee, after seeing an instant, the hands of the hand be put in the box in front of the church in front of him.

Shamened your own small face slightly low, with your own head, and the mosquito and the moment are greeted.

"Do you know that Mstenton is waiting for you at the door?

And the lake of the proudlaces is the hands of the hands and the waist, and the pretty face suddenly, "What did you just call me?"

"Little bee is wrong?"

At the moment, I raised my brow, and my face hanged a smile, and even reached out to the height gap between the two of themselves.

Indeed, compared with the push-up of the body shape, the bee height of the Millennium and the grass in front of him appeared in front of him, and the little bird was so cute.

"Betting, you have to call me a hive senior or broken bee captain"

Seeing that the moment in the moment in front of him, the broken bee has risen into his pretty face, almost roaring and shouted: "And where did you see me?"

"Where is it small?"

In the moment, whispered muttered, the blue blood red eyes were staring at a pair of povertakes in front of the hive, and some flavors raised their mouths.

"Damn ..."

"I want to kill you this alive bastard"

The most taboo people hit her on her label, suddenly felt that the invasive eyes of such humiliation in front of her eyes, suddenly all people were fried.

"Ha ha"

At this moment, I stood on the side of the peach, watching the two in front of the child, as a child, and a hurt, and smiles with my little mouth.

Finally, after half of it.

" "

"Forget it, it's not chasing"

I have found that I have an instantaneous moment, I can't catch up with the moment of moving skills.

Finally gave up the broken bee that stopped his footsteps, support his lower abdomen, a pair of crisps, the moon is constantly breathed, and a pair of gods hated hate the moment in front of the moment.

"I really don't know how you have a hateful guy, and I can't catch up with the secretary of the secret unit.


Different from the huge hiking, the use of easily and freely show the moment of gaining space transient.

Then, a relaxed screaming, standing in front of her, playing the taste of this proudly pretty Pretty Ling Ting Pass, "I want to catch up with my footsteps, you have to practice 10,000 years. "

" "

"The hateful guy, you better bless yourself, don't fall in my hand"

The fragrance of fragrant sweat can not tear the abnormal breakdown in front of him, a pair of beautiful hate staring at the face of a bad laughter, almost bittering his own silver teeth.

"Otherwise, I have to let you see the means of Xing Jun."

"is it"

Feel the bee bet on your own face, a murder's eyes, the mood, I can't help but play this proudly, the captain of the proud of this proudly, "Little Based's 'Means' I really look forward to" "

"You" bee again.

"Well, don't make trouble."

At this time, I stood in the sideline of the Thursday, the dead gods and the ghosts who had a variety of people who came over, and finally couldn't help but stop the bee and moment of playing.

"The two people are the gods of the corpse, and one is the team leader of the Lingling Tint.

I saw that the Tomson's peach is strange to see the straw and moment in front of themselves, "I also played with a child."

"I will bring you myself today" I have brought you myself. "

On the one side, while the Synno Tao high raised the exquisite and convenientness of his hand, and the brushed bee and the two people went in and spoke. "I also help you, I will go, one.

Love is

Stared next to such a simple and kind and mind, the monodal peach, the moment, I can't help but feel warm, I feel that I have come to this world is so beautiful.

"It seems that this simple day really little girl"

While led the sophomore and the bee around you, step into the ghost mass team.

On the other side, the soft look of the soft looks, and the soul face of the Tomssen Tao. If you think about it, "It has been completely saved from the hands of the blue dyeing". "

I was aware that I was a soft look that myself shot, and the milled pego was ashamed to embed his face into his moon.