Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 501

"I don't know if I don't know how good girls are like this."

Some of the big feet stepped into the ghosts of the ghosts living, and the bee is like leaders to inspect the luxurious and comfortable and simple decorations and space of the surrounding moment.

"It seems that your guys are not as bad as your appearance."

Exquisite, it is generally carefully gotting a moment, and the broken bee can't hold a butt. Sitting into the comfortable big sofa in the moment. The little mouth can't help but send a cozy embarrassment. "The place where living is more than me. I have to be so much like this. "

Chapter 75 is six years later (seeking rewards and automatic)

"If you like a small bee you like"

"I can stay at me anyway, I have some". "

Looking at the broken bee in front of his eyes, the delicate bodies are almost sneak in their big sofa, and they have a little laugh. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

"Stay here ??"

Seeing the moment in front of him so enthusiastic invitation, the small brain of the bee suddenly shakes the same as the sharp drum, it seems that it is a nervous Wali peach next to it, "I still count, I don't want to go to two. Team came to find me desperate "


However, the marshal suddenly appeared on the pretty face of the bee, and the bad eyes moved to the peach face of the abnormal silent shyness next to him. "You can think about moving here. Come"

"Every day and your heart is together"


I heard that the broken bee is, I am my own person, I still have to move to the ghosts, and I'm hung together, and the character is simple and gentle, the peach polar peaches are jumped.

I saw her lovely small face moment became popular, and he had been red to the soft ear. It was low to twist the mosquito. "How can I do this?"

"Small famisho moves to me here"

I heard the suggestion of the bee joke, and suddenly the sword was slightly raised, and she made a heart string in her heart.

Although the blue dyeing is right, no matter what kind of means, you have confident to defeat him.

However, the ability of Mirror Water Moon is a tricky bug, if he takes the relationship between the egg peach and the relationship between him, it is not worth the safety of the Synnantian Tao.

"Small Thurs"

The heart is slightly thoughts, and the thoughts returned to the reality in front of me. The young handsome face solemnly looked horrified. "I asked you a question, you have to consider you."

"Which question"

I saw that I was so solemnly staring at myself. I didn't know when I started, and the Synno peach found himself without courage to look at the eyes of the moment.

"I remember that you graduated from the Central Institute for graduation because of the dedication of the ghosts.

The mind is slightly finished, and the deep eyes of the moment are extremely staring at the emerald peach in front of themselves, "So if there is no problem, I hope you can transfer to me from the five teams. The ghosts are all in the ghosts.

"Is it good to help me?"

From the five teams to the ghosts, serve as the ghost road?

I heard the words of the Pasta, not only the patio peach in front of it, and even the bee next to it is also stunned, this is not a simple little thing.

"Serve as a long way?"

I saw that the eutheno peach in the moment had a big pure eyes, some hesitated and unconfident, "I can I can?"

"Of course, you can, but my sister," "

"The strength and performance of your five teams is that everyone is obvious to all, this is not me."

Looking at the Synno peach in front of himself, I made a pair of I am very optimistic about you, reaching out, taking a skilled double shoulder for her.

"As for the five blue dyeing, the right, the mountains, the old man, I will come out," ChDE mentioned the blue dyeing right and the mountains, the sun, the heavy country, the deep and sharp eyes suddenly looked slightly. "

"Then let me think about it again."

Listening to myself, I'm giving a self-confidence, I finally retrieved a self-confidence.

But I think that I have been gentle and good to take my own blue dyele, and I apologize in my heart.

After all, in this period, all the eyes of all the death of the gods, the blue dye is a good picture, and even the calligraphy teacher of the Central Institute.

"You consider the good news that I am waiting for you."

I have been completely pulled by myself in front of you, and I have dressed in my heart.

This thing seems to have been tenth of nine, after all, now you have to be more important than blue dyeing in the eyes of the peach.

In the next time.

The three people in the moment and the peach horses were in the hostel of the ghosts, and they went a happy dinner.

The love of the peach peach person is, not only the color is full, and even the taste is far more than the imagination of the brakes.

I came to this world for so long, I still tasted such a delicious every meal for the first time, especially the full friendship contained in the eucalyptus.

time flies.

At the age of the corpse, the age span of the death of a hundred years old, and the six-year time turns away.

More importantly, the time has been transformed from the plot that is known to the moment.

The body of the corpse, the spirit of the spirit.

Among the buildings of the ghosts.

The appearance is almost completely without any changes, and it is closing and moving in the practice room. The hands are in the hands of a cross-shaped luxury, and the sleeper sword.

"The system detects that the host, the nest of the night, the Bible has arrived in the bottleneck, break the boundary success, congratulations to the Host's neighborhood, the Bible is increased to a higher level."

Just in the moment, it was a long-lost system notice in the minds of the Bible in the brakes and the soul of the soul.

"Finally completed the nephew of the Night Bible"

Among the silent practice room, it suddenly received a notice of breakthrough bottleneck breaking through the system. The original closed-eyed is suddenly opened his eyes, and the blue-blue blood has a twice. Rays.

"I have been here for six years."

"Calculating time plot should also start"

Chapter 76 Nightmares (seeking rewards and automatic)


"What will the nephew?"