"I am looking forward to"

Sitting in the practice room, the moment is returned to all the thoughts, and the star of Stars falls above the nest of the night in their hands. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

"The disaster of the night is coming to the nest of the night," I didn't think it didn't think I didn't think it was, and I was directly sourd to the emanative language of the Bible.

Be in a hurry

I saw it, and the neopes of the neopercary entering the shape of the form directly from a luxurious cross fencing sword, directly, a black and white mystery book as if there is life.

"But how can I enter"

After entering the form of the Bible of the Eternal Night, the moment is softly frowned, and he finds that he has not given a soul ditch that you have not had a soul of your knife.

It is when I don't want to explore the never-nest of the Bible.

Suddenly the scene in front of my eyes changed, the whole person came to a black and white mysterious space.

"The spirit space for the Bible is coming again." At the first time, I responded in the first time. This is already his second time I came to this mysterious space.

"We meet again"

"My master"

, ethereal, enchanting, familiar, and unfamiliar sounds into the ear of the moment.

I saw this black and white reversed spirit space before, a woman who was perfect as natural jade gradually came to the moment, a pair of mysterious eyes and hooded.


"meet again"

Different from the emotion of the Bible soul of the never, the moment is just quietly staring at this mysterious woman in front of him, and there are no big waves in the heart.

"I said that we will meet again again."

There is no indifferent in the orthopedy, and the mysterious woman in front of me is just a smile, and the deep eyes are moving. "Congratulations, you finally completed the Night Bible"

"Thank you"

I can't stand my nodding, and the blue blood red is directly on the deep eyes of mysterious women in front of them. When I open the door, I have entered the theme, "So I want to enter the understanding?"


Among the eyes of a misty water, this mysterious woman flowers in front of him smiled.

What is a laughing moment, I looked at her. He suddenly found out that this mysterious woman's smile is as mysterious as mysterious and unpredictable.

"The owner is really anxious, then singing with me, singing into the neopes of the Bible."

After gradually converge, after you had a big laughter, the mysterious woman's voice gradually pelled, and his eyes were deeply staring at the moment in front of him. The eyes of the two were closer to intertwined.

"The disaster of the night is coming" "The mysterious woman is medcof.

"The disaster of the night is coming", "I also followed the way.

The "chapter of the Night Bible Nightmare" mysterious woman tanded with the real name of the Bible of the Eternal Night.

"Chapter of the Night Bible Nightmare"

Following the guidance of mysterious women, the truth is the real name, and the moment is also directly burst to sing the ultimate real name of the Eternal Night Bible.

As the moment followed the mysterious woman, the real name of the neopercle, the mysterious space of the black and white reversed suddenly became unstable.

The twisted space is constantly collapse, and at the same time, the real world is originally surrounded by the never-night Bible, which is flying to the moment, and the moment has occurred dramatically.

"this is?"

The black and white anti-mysterious spirit space that collapsed in front of the eye was stared, and the mysterious perfect woman in front of his eyes was awkward. "What happened?"

"You seem to be worried about me, my master"

It seems that you can accurately read every subtle idea in the heart, mysterious woman smile again, "But don't worry, this is only the strength of the never, the power of the Bible is too strong, there is a strong spirit space Collapse "

·· ···

"Back to your world, my master"

With the gradual collapse of the sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred, the moment is gradually faded out of this spirit space.

The voice of mysterious women in front of the eyes began to get empty, but in the final distance from the moment of the sputum in the sputum, it passed into the spirit of the ears, but the moment suddenly opened his own double. .

"I am looking forward to our next meeting."


real world.

"This is"

"The Night Chinese Bible is the chapter of the nightmare of the nightmare"

After being popped up with the mysterious spirit space of the chopper, it was a bit of a new neopercary bible around himself, and saw it like a complete life and a spiritual elf.

I only see the neopes of the night, but not only the body is slightly bigger, and the pages that are constantly rushing are also opened. The new mysterious one is revealed. It is printed that many of the past have never had experienced content.

More significant changes are the mysterious books between the neoperculous night bible black and white, they have grown out a pair of nice, if there is no shine wings, do not stop fan, surround the moment, it is true It is like a happy little spread.

"Good power"

After awakening the nephew of the Bible, I looked at the new chapter of the black and white metallo book that he was in his side, and felt the mysterious message from the depths of his soul. Self-calling.

And after opening the pattern, the spiritual pressure in the moment was also pushed into a new height. If it is not a moment of trying, I believe that the spiritual pressure he burst now will be alarm the whole of the spiritual tinity and even the whole corpse. World.

Chapter 77 Ghost Road (seeking rewards and automatic)


"What is the last sentence of her last sentence?"

Feeling the terrorist power to pass from the chapter of the Night Bible Nightmare, the moment is trying to restrain his body, the whole body is almost a volcanic. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

The thoughts of the moment were completely immersed in the scene before the spirit of the knife, and the mysterious woman finally got to the words you said. "Looking forward to our next meeting"

"Will we have a chance to meet again after the cutting knife?"

"Of course, the host"

At this time, I suddenly came out of the long-lost system sound among my brain. "The collapse of jade system breaks through the bottleneck breaking the boundary. There is no limit. As long as your mind is still" three or four seven ", there is no way to go. Stop evolution

"I haven't seen it for a long time," I heard the system sound that I have no audio, I am sigh.