Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 503 of Hueding Crack System

"I haven't seen the host for a long time."

The sound of the system is contrary, it seems to have a little weak, "" I wanted to tell you this time, I want to enter the system for a while. "

"Sleep for a while?" The heart suddenly shocked, he has never seen the system so abnormal state, "How long does it take? I still have a lucky draw?"

"Don't worry, how long does it take?"

"In the system, all breakthrough bottleneck breaking the boundaries of the bottleneck, everything is old and will not let the host you disappointed at the time of the lottery."

The system that binds in the soul of the moment is aware of everything in the heart. The sound is gradually weak until the sound of the comfort of the turning is until it is in the brain.

what happened?

Listening to the system's voice gradually disappeared in his own mind, the moment is tightly frowned, and the system is so abnormal, so that the moment is faintly caused by a different feeling.

But since the system he said, it will be re-come out, and the lottery will not disappoint yourself, and the moment is still put down on a high hanging heart.

"Although I don't know what happened."

"But with my current power is not afraid of any challenge"

It took all the waves in his heart. At the moment, I looked at my own side of the empty vulnerable wings around the venue of the night, and the blue blood red eyes revealed unable to confuse.

Badded seventy-three, reverse mountain crystal

In order to verify the effect of the nightmare after the Bible of the Bible, the moment is in the heart.

After the Night Bible, it is possible to improve the power of ten times the release of the ghosts in all directions on the basis of the beginning and will not reduce the power while singing.

I only see that there is no need to sing and preheat, and gently raise your hand to show the existing ghosts to summon a huge unparalleled inverted triangle cone defense.

The sky blue junction has a unable-shaking defense. In the eyes of everyone in the whole ghost team, they directly enveloped the entire ghosts in the moment, all of them. It is protected in it.

"Sure enough strong"

"Whateousness, no matter whether the scale is still increased, there is no number of times, and there is no power to save all the power."

Seeing the increase in the chapter of the Night Bible Nightmare, he will have such a sharp scale and effect, and the moment.

Sixty-three · thunder

After instant exhibition, the high-level ghost defensive knot, the flash is lightly raised, and the sky is lifting the sky, and all the spirits of all spirits are crazy to jump with an unimaginable rhythm.


In an instant, I saw the entire building of the head of the Banghati was completely treated.

A violent thunder blasting in the world sounded through the entire Tongling Tong, and the whole of the entire Tongling Tong all did not agree with the whole head .. .......

Originally a sunny miles of cloudless sky instantly Thunder, the horror ghosts bombed in the hands turned out to reverse the sky, the devastating violent thunder was constantly roaring in the sky of the entire Ling Tin.

"what is that?"

"what's going on?"

Almost all the death of all the deaths, all of the dead gods, unbelievable looks at the thunder blasting of the world, as if the Tiangong is coming soon.

"Is this a natural disaster?

At this moment, in the team of the team, the team leader Yamamoto Liu Wei lived up with the sky of the head of the thunder, and the heart was faintly uneasy and shaped.

"Unlike the natural spirit of the corpse"

At the same time, the blue dyeing in the Wanban team is, the keen spot is filled in the air in front of the air, and the indifferent eyes are gradually deep. "This scene is more like Some people are in the ghosts


The city, silver, who is standing in the blue staining right, and the whole person is stunned, and the next consciousness is said: "How can I create this effect?"

"No people can't"

No, because the city's silver is refuted, the blue dyeing is more sinking, and the wisdom of the wisdom is, if there is no connection to the direction of the ghosts, the ghosts.

"But there is a person"

"It's him?"

The city's silver heart is shocked, and the tone is somewhat. "His ghost has reached this realm of changing the sky? This is not possible."

Having said that, I think that the guy who is not able to measure it at all, and the city's heart is still can't help but make a little.

Chapter 78 (ask for reward and automatic)


"Check it down to Po Hua Hao

Just when the city's murder is also immersed in the villain of thunder blasting in the sky, the blue dye is slightly flashing, pulling back his thoughts. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?

"Well, already found, he is now in a grocery shop in the world."

Going back the gods, the silver voice is gently replied, and the eyes are squatting like a depressed snake.

"Grocery shop ??"

Wen said that the blue dyeing is gently wrinkled.

"This kind of guy does not match my opponent,"

Speaking of Pudao Help, the blue dyeing, the right, and shook his head, indifferent eyes, turned to the direction of the ghosts.

"I can see that the guy who has this guy with this eye to all of everything is not yet."

"Only such a guy is worthy of my opponent"

Blue dyeing right, this guy

It's more dangerous.

Feeling that you are cold and persistent, the rational and crazy blue dyeing rogue, the city silver pill has set off a stormy waves.


I think that I have already mastered the clues and resources in my hands, and the blue dyeing has a cold face.

"Soon I can get a complete collapse and that guy is very low."

The ghosts are a team.