Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 505 of Hueding Crack System

"I am worried that this time I'm going to ask for the urgent call."

The three people in front of me have explained the tasks and conditions of this dead wood Lucia to the current execution of the world, and the face of Azhi is filled with concerns.

"Lucia was sent to the current implementation of the mission for two months, have not come back yet?"

After listening to the explanation of Azole in front of the Apihood, I thought about myself, and the blue blood red eyes flashed a deep light, "It seems that the 'script" of the Death World is going to start. what"

script? What script? ?

Just in the surroundings of the three people said, I was unknown, so I was unclear.

"Let's go to the collection"

I saw a flash of flash, and the horns and innocent faces loudly, "I will go with you"

"Do you want to go with us?"

I heard the intention of the moment, the broken bee next to it, watched him with a strange look, "But this is only the convening of the thirteen team of Yuling Ting, you are, you are a ghost The ghost road is long and the vice ghost

"Anyway, I am also bored with you, and I will contact you about the thirteen teams."

On the other hand, I didn't wait for them three reactions while I have it.

Rogue eye ·


The broken bee is slightly wants to talk, but only see the blind eye of the left eye of the blister, and the four people disappeared in the original place.

Yuling Ting, a team of teams.

"All are all in it."

After launching the Xunging Ting's emergency message, the whole team's team of deceased all the death of all the deaths.

Yamamoto Yuan Liu Hao has a crutches with a crutches. After glanceing at all people who have arrived at the scene, I found that the position of the seats on the seats of the two teams were out of space, slightly frowned.

"The broken bee captain, why didn't you come?"

"Bracker Captain, She"

I heard the doubt of the Captain Hills, the doubt of Liu Wei, and the two-meter team of the two teams grew up in the heart of Tian Tian Qian, who was explained.

"Don't ask"

"We have arrived"

At this time, a familiar and unfamiliar sound suddenly sounded for all the people present.

I saw that the original spaceless two team seats, suddenly the four people have no signs, it is an instant, the eggs and the bee and the Azole in love.


"The big ghost?"

I suddenly saw that there was no sign of sudden appearance, and suddenly all of the dead heart was shocked.

After six years ago, I played an eye on the soul of the corpse and the Lingling Tin, and no one would be more jealous than the youth that suddenly appeared in front.

This is another way of moving with air disappearance.

And this is the three people who do he do? ?

The blue dyeing of the five panel seats is slightly smile, and the moment of this unable to make the instantaneous movement is really can't find anything.

"It's you?"

Seeing the moment with the hive and the peach and behind the Azole in the sky, the mountains of Liu Wei suddenly died, and the tone immediately settled, "I didn't have a big ghost, if I didn't If I remember, this time is the urgent call of our thoughts of the thirteen team.

"What are you doing?"

"What is the unfriendly tone?"

Seeing the gods of the old man with a vigilant, the mouth of the mouth is soaring, "Don't be so serious, a lot of people, the head of the mountains."

"To know that I am representing the whole ghosts in order to promote and participate in your emergency calls in order to promote and get together."

Chapter 80 goes to the world (seeking rewards and automatic)

This kid's spiritual pressure

I didn't pay attention to the nonsense of those who didn't expect their margins, and Yamamoto Liusi's heavy eyes stared at the moment in front of him. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()

But it is okay to find out what kind of point of the pyroement of it does not look at it, "I can't see his strength in six years."

Is this the form of his chop?

At the same time, in the mountains of Yamamoto, he stared at the moment, and the blue dyeing figure was also deeply smashed, but he observed that the Mount Liu Wei was more careful.

His gaze has noticed the black and white mysterious book that surrounded by the flash of the flash, and the form of a mysterious book that has been flying with transparent wings has a huge change in the past.

"Is it a persistent liberation?"

The wisdom of indifferent and wise eyes is like a deep abyss, and the blue dye is secretly analyzed in his own heart.

Cough "

Finally, I finally pumped myself to my eyes, and then loudly sneaked twice, and I saw all the dead gods in the scene. Emergency order

"I will find it to the disappearance of the people in the disappearance of the people in the world two months ago, and arrest it back to the spirit Tong.

Sure enough

I heard the task announced by the mountains in the mountains. The deep eyes suddenly became slightly, "It seems that 'script' is indeed began to start."

"However, since the central forty-six room will reach this order"

Immediately, the eyes were gently turned, and glanced at the blue dye of the five strokes and the smile. It immediately responded in the heart, "It seems that the blue dye is right." This guy has already controlled all of them all the ability to use mirror flowers. "


At this time, I heard the task promulgated by Shan Biaoxiai, and I stood in the Six team seats and Azhiri.

"Sure enough, is it the task of catching the Qi Qia?"

Unlike all minds of all mind in the heart of CHDI, Azhi is directly written in your face.

"So this task"