Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 506

It didn't pay attention to a whispering of death, Yoshinyuan Liu Hao's deep eyes have passed from the captain of the twelve teams in front of him, "Which of the team is going to execute before going to the world?" ?? "

"It's better to hand it over to the main captain of the mountain."

I saw the team of the Sanban team, the first standing, the fox is a false smile, the poisonous snake is unsatisfactory, I am standing next to it seems to be a dead wood white. .

"Do not"

See the first stone of the city of Pills, it seems that there is a gentle wood whitening, but it flashes a gentle and struggle. I said the previous step: "Demon Lucia is our dead wood home Sinner This time I went to the world to catch her or handed over to us six strokes. "

"Hey, if I haven't remember" ""

I saw the dead wood and white, I finally stood out, a false smiling city pill, whisper, "This dead wood Lucia should be the sister of the dead wood captain?"

"" The dead wood is heard, no words.


Yamamoto Yuan Liu Wei is slightly sinking. It seems to consider another identity of the dead wood, the four major aristocrats, and she has made a decision to fall on him.

"Then this matter is handed over to you, the dead wood captain hopes that you must arrest the dead wood Lucia in the three days."

"Yes, the head leader."

Seeing that the mission to the current arrest of Mu Qiqia finally fell to himself, the dead wood is in a nodded, and there is no more nonsense to turn around.

"Wait, I am going with you."

I saw the dead wood and turned and left, and the heart of Azhi is in a hurry, and I suddenly responded over and turned.

"Such a lively thing"

Seeing the mortgage of the dead wood, I went to the love of Azhi, glanced at the silent people in front of him, and I was a little bit of the world. "I have never been to the world. "

" "

When I heard the sound of the moment, I stood in the bartard of the two team seats, and I suddenly took the peach.

"Shanda Captain"

I saw a little bit of play, and the blue blood reddown was stunned to the captain of the head of the head of the head.

"I heard that there are many dangerous big virtual erudits in the present now. I am worried that the dead wood captains will pay for them, but they will not come to help them."

After that, I didn't wait for the old man in the old man to promise, and I took the eggs around him in the eyes of everyone's eyes.

He also wants to go to the world? ?

what the hell? ?

At the scene of several captains, the character was deeply frowned, and the idea of ​​the ghosts of the ghosts in the ghosts of the ghosts in this strength, they never pondered.


"Blue Dyeleman"

"What you have been looking for should be stored in the world?"

I saw that when I went to the five team seats with the Synnion Tao, I paused a little on the blue dyeing, and the mouth was light.

Blue dyeing, changing the face, the face is mad, the whole person is like electricity, the gentleness and goodness of the original camouflage is unfair, and the horror has widened his eyes.

In the way, the way to speak to his heart in the way, the way to speak to his heart, it is like Hong Zhong Da Lu Generally shocked his heart.

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Why do he know?

If the whole person is suddenly returned to God, but it has never seen a trace after the moment. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

Dead kneading the mirror water moon in his hand, the blue dyeing is allowed to live so much, and there is no one can make such a prophet to give him such a huge shock.

It seems that no one can detect the shock of blue dye, at this time, all the dead gods in the scene are complex, and the atmosphere is in the scene.

"Shanda Captain, if there is no other thing"

After seeing the ostrich of the trembers, there seems to be some entangled colors between the Tentang Square.

"Let's take it first."

Immediately after the opening of the Shan Billou, Liu Wei, who said hello, and some of the looks in a hurry.


Here is the split point of the Lingling Tin and the Soul Street.

"Is it going to come to the world?"

When the moment, when I arrived here with a wicked peach, I didn't know the trail of the dead wood and the Akiri peace. "The action is really fast, it seems that the dead wood white and Azhi love The two are really nervous of the safety of the dead wood Lucia. "

"Of course, Lucia is a sister of Qingmeizhu Ma is the most concerned of the head of the dead wood.

I heard the soft emotion in the moment, and the chick peach and whispered next to it. "Although the dead wood captain is always a pair of faces but actually a enthusiastic guy"

"Don't worry, you are wrong"

At this time, the back of the two people suddenly came back behind the two people.

"It's you, don't twist your mature little ghost"

I heard the voice of the people, the mouth of the mouth is slightly raised, the blue blood is gently glanced, and the white broken ice is the double eye, is the captain of the Ten team. Supreme Facials.

"Are you free to send us?"

"Little Try Lang" saw the coming people behind, and the Synno peach small mouth around the moment.


Looking at the eggs in front of you, this you have always been admire, you have been a happy look of a happy face, and the eyes of the day Googong Winno can not help but have some complicated.

"I am in an instance, I don't care what you have this guy"

Referred to the eyes of the Synno Tao, the two eyes of the Supreme Facial Valley, "But if you dare to fight and hurt, I will never let you live."


Since this is what you want

Then let me guard you in the heart of the day of the day.