Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 507

"This little ghost is not bad"

It seems to hear the idea in the heart of the day in front of the day, in front of his evil tone, and it is not a soft smile.

Blue dye, the right, the city's silver, the enemy, the revenge of Dongxian, and the madness of the wood sword and the laze of Jingle Chunshui, etc.

The genius of the geniors in front of me is one of the most responsible for calm and serious, and has excellent observation and powerful potential. It is really difficult to hate.

"Okay, I will go to the world with Syno."

"After we come back, you will then tell the no lovely little ghost hope that you have a long talle."

Then, in the eyes of the Synnorn peach and the Tongfang Winter Lang, I saw a moment of laughing and reaching out, I was born, and it was like an adult in love with a child.


" "

I hate others to treat myself as a child. The day of the day. The Winter Lang, is when the move is angry, but suddenly discovers that the moment in front of them has disappeared.

Dangerous feeling more than blue dyed guys

This guy seems to be better.

The ice-green scorpion is staring in the moment with the eucalyptus pecans, and the Supreme Facial Valley Winter Lang looks back and finally turned.

No matter how the Thursman, you must be happy.

The world.

Emoti-cho, Pubao store.

The sky is near dusk, a grocery store that seems to be in a gentleman, and the Pu Zaimi helped out of the store.

Take a look around, the next pair of fishermen's edges of the fisherman, but the wisdom is very popular, and the night is no one. "Night Mr. there is hot milk today"


Next second, the shadow of the streets came out of the shadow of the street, and even the mouth, "Hao"

"Yes, Mr. Night." Pu Zhen helped smile, looked at the black cat under his feet swaying milk, "Do you want to drink hot milk?"

In front of you, this black cat is like at all, and the demon looks looks at the depths of the city, and the sound is dumb, "you understand that they have come to the world"

After he heard the words, the lazy smile on the face was gradually wound. "" Finally came here, wait for you to drink milk, let's talk again. "

"Do not"

I saw that the black cat in Pudao helped his eyes full of humanized shake the brain, and the golden pupil was full of wisdom. "In addition to sending the dead wood, it seems that it seems to have an unable guy to enter the present. "

"Do you have a guy? Who is it?" "Pudao helped his mistakes, gently frowned.

"I am not very understanding"

Black cat lightly shakes his head, and the tone gradually became a bit heavy. "It is said to have a guys who have appeared after we leave the corpse society."

Chapter 82 Current World (seeking rewards and automatic)

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at the same time. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

Among the void of a high-rise building in the empty seat, it suddenly opened a deep black chamber.

Two men and women wearing a dark ornate black and suits suddenly came out from them, and it was an instant and edible peach.

"whispering sound"

"Something says it or covers us this stuff?"

At the moment, some depressed look at the soul seal in which it is on his arm, disdaining .

Usually the Captain of the Canceton, the Death of the Deputy Captain Level is coming to the world. In order not to bring unnecessary impact on the spirit of the world.

When you are going to come to the world, you will be able to cover the defined printed print on a certain part of the body. The spiritual pressure will be extremely restricted and the limit rate is%. After the approved approval, it can be relieved "eight Zero 3 ", it is 5 times that of the world.

"That is to say"

"Do you put this stuff in the world's spiritual pressure will be limited to one-fifth?"

I am willing to lose the defined printed print on my arm. It doesn't matter to shrug it. "But it doesn't matter if it is just a antique opponent."

"One-fifth of the pyroid and 100% of the fierce pressure is not too big"

"Don't spit it,"

Listening to the sound of the moment around myself, the Thursday, the peach, "This is the body of the corpse, we have followed it". "


Said that Mri Pengo is curious to show the modern urban empty-kuki-cho, after landing, look forward to the high-rise buildings and intensive people around himself, "Is it a magical place?"

"And we are the state of the soul, they can't see us"

Just after the Wicheln, I didn't finish it.

At this time, I saw the appearance of the moment and the elderly peach. I didn't think of the people who hadn't lived in Sichuan. The girls who wore high school uniforms as if I saw something that I had to be screaming.

"Wow, a big handsome"

"I really don't have a dream?"

"Do he is playing cosplay? Is it a good hair?"

I saw a high school girl who went to go home, suddenly I saw a dark gorgeous ghost, and suddenly screamed.


"They will see us?"

Seeing the reactions of several high school girls not far away, the Synnant Pexos around the moment is stunned.

"Don't see 'we'l, you can see' I '"

I found that I had caused my hairdressing, and I was smirk and touched my nose.

Different from the death of the ordinary soul, he certainly can be seen by ordinary people.

"Can you see you?"