Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 508 of Hueding Crack System

I heard the narcotte Tao, she found that all the eyes around him were all penetrated to the moment, and the heart suddenly turned out a ridiculous idea. "Is it a moment?"

"Don't care about these details, please explain it."

Said that I was directly holding the little hand of the peach peach around, and the launch of the disappearance was in the same place.

Among the alleys not far from Pudao Shop.

"We are now too conspicuous in the world."

The moment of appearing in the abnormal peach, the left-eyed god of the eyes, the blue light, the blue light flashed, surpassing the extreme spiritual power, giving himself a new costume.

I saw a black suit, and the silver-white long hair lighted into a black gentleman's hood.

The hand is tapped in the hand, and the firk, which is a fire, and the perfect face and blood-blue double pupil revealed a unique atmosphere.

The Synno peach around him, the body became a set of high school girls' sailors, completely became a delicate and cute high school girl.

"Is this the costume wearing a common girl in the world?"

The original loosened kimono suddenly was turned into a high school girl's sail, the short skirt suddenly exposed in the air, and the Synno peach is somewhat uncomfortable. ...... .

"You are used to it."

I am so smiled, and the blue blood of the blue blood is in detail the modern city around yourself.

Since the passing of the second year of the world, the modern city with his past life is still seeing, so I can't help but remember.


"Now I will find the dead wood captain and Lucia who."

The curious play with the skirt of his own sailors, and the profit of the peach looks up at the moment.

"Immortal wood, their movements should have not so fast"

Unexpectedly, the moment is slightly shaken, and the deep eyes are condensed into a sharp sword, and directly refers to the extremely far-reaching Pubao shop.

"I want to see several special guys first."

Pubao store.

The two roll doors are half-horned, and there are some expired goods in the middle of the time. At first glance, it looks completely a store that does not have the value of business.

"Pudao store, you should take medicine"

A tall middle-aged man gradually walked to the side of Po Hua, and took out a few pills and handed him, a pair of glasses blocked all his emotions.

"Can you not eat ??" Some of the strange pills heard by the high middle-aged man, and the eyes of Pu Zahai helped the eyes, and there was a fear.

"No." The middle-aged man is simple and clear.

"Well," Pubao helped helplessly grabbed the strange pills in his hand, threw it into his mouth.

After a few seconds, the face of Pu Zahai helped the face gradually became the color of the deep purple, and the hands were killed and died, "the stomach is really difficult to eat, I should not eat your inexplicable medicine."

Chapter 83, Po Hua Hao (ask for reward and automatic)

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"Former Protection of the 12th Double Captain and the First Director of the First Delivery Technology Development Bureau

"There is also the front corpse of the ghosts, the general, the ghost, long-term grip"

Just in Pudao Help and Holding Tiezhai in everyday funny. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

A strange and dull voice suddenly passed into their ear of all people.

I saw that Po Hua Hao and Holding Tiezhai changing his face changed, and there was no color you just joked.

"I can't think of it now, and the storeman who is a grocery shop member is really suitable for the storeman who has been grocery shop."

With this unfamiliar sound, half-in-half-haired rolls are half-closed across the boiler shop, I saw a man and a woman and two strange figures in the distance gradually came.

The male figure slept in a black suit, holding a simple slender tooker in his hand, a silver-white long hair is circulated into a black gentleman's hat.

Although the shadow of the hat can't be seen in the face, but it can't cover the contour of the general impeccable sculpture.

The woman is wearing a set of ordinary people's high school girls' sneakers, and the black hair looks pure and sweet.

"who are you?"

Surveying the identity of your identity accurately, Pudao Help and Holding Tiezhai pupils suddenly.

Although I only felt the weakness of this sailor service, I didn't know why she had brought two of them brought two dangerous feelings.

"Oh, I almost forgot"

"There is also our 'Study' Four Maple Night Miss"

After the peaches around the side, the peach is gradually approaching the Pubao Shop, and the moment is like suddenly remembers. If the dark hat under the black hat is like a black cat who came out of the shadow next to himself.

There, it is empty before a second.

"Pudao Hao? Holding Tiezhai? There is also a four maple nights?"

Accompanying this strange landing shop door, suddenly listening to the name of the whole corpse of the whole corpse in the moment, and the Synno watched his eyes.

"That is not a hundred years ago, the spirit of the court"

Thomantian's peach loudly stared at the black hat under the black hat, and found that he thought that these people were hidden here.

At a time, I have a young man who has been more than six years around, and I have become an unknown mystery in her eyes.

"grim Reaper"

It turned into a black cat, the night, a golden double, a look at the Synno peach around the moment, and the eyes were tightly locked in front of the moment. "It seems that you are the boiling spirit that the corpse is now passed. The new ghost road is long. "

"I didn't expect the night a little, I really gorgered me."

The tone seems to be slightly surprised, and the ceremony of the ceremony has taken down the black gentleman's hood on his head.

One silver white sparkling long hair is like a waterfall, and the handsome face is a pair of blue blood red doubles, and a few masters of the original corpse, sharp eyes are like a sword.


"Why do you know how many of us are all hidden?"

It seems that the impeccable handsome appearance is stunned, and the night a golden double-datings that will become a black cat.

"Don't talk nonsense with him"

"Since this guy has discovered that our whereabouts we have to have two uniforms to the basement," When the night is asked, this time, the Hedging Tiezhai in the boiler shop suddenly smelled. .