Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 509

He refers to the basement in the Underground of the Underwater Shop.

"If the opponent is this team leader,"

Wen Yushu is muttered in his mouth, and the deep eyes fall in his hand in his hand, liberate his own chitney Red Ji, ", Hong Ji"


At the same time, while liberating yourself, Pudao Hoard has disappeared from the store.

"Good to be careful"

I saw that the boots in front of the store suddenly disappeared, completely captured the profound peach of his instant trajectory, immediately opened the moment, reminding himself to the moment.

After all, as a hundred years ago, the team leader, genius Pudao, perhaps, maybe more stronger than the current Junning Thirteen team captain.

Uncomfortable blanks sound.

Thomantian pecans just just opened a reminder of the moment, the two people had a sharp chop knife, the sword handle is bent, is the Hongji Hui Ji.


The unbeatable sound came out of the mouth of Pogency.

I saw a more surprised expression in the face under his hat, because he found that Hong Ji in his hand could no longer hand out half a minute.

I don't know when, the six light is not comparable to the light, which seems to have formed a jail that I can't escape from birth.

The dead roots entered the body of Pudao, completely blocking all the actions of his body, and even the spiritual power on his body was stagnant.

"When did this happen"

Some somewhat looked at the six Yao eye photos that were bloomed in the sky, and the action that was completely blocked, of course, I found the identity of this ghost.

In fact, he is also a big master using ghosts, but the speed of this silent and shackles to abandon the instant to show the ghosts, making him completely reacting.

"The sixty-one and six sticks of the cable"

The never night, the Bible is lively and transparent wings, and the clouds are light and light. This is the name of this ghost.

"what happened?"

"Do you all don't break free?"

Moreover, it is even more shocked by Huguang, and it is the belt that is exhibited after the abandonment, and his strength is completely broken.

Chapter 84 former Great Ghost (ask for reward and automatic)

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"Do you want to ask?

"Why do you have a long-term strength of a senior team?

At the moment, it is full of staring at the boot of the boiler, the elegant eyes and the deceased seem to be appreciative of an art. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()

Pleura Helping Bill In front of this, this is a loose, light-colored hair wearing a fisherman, leaving a little scull, seemingly decadent man.

It is the highest intellectual intelligence in the impression of the world. It is one of the five major sickness of Wang You, Wang You, Wang You, Wang You, who is destroyed by the invisible empire, and is deeply able to test the genius scientist Poolona.


"My strength is far more than the captain level."

The sound of the moment is scattered in the air. After a chic turn, a rapidly tapping is unlimited in the pupil that suddenly shrinks in Pudao.

Bloodxia shield

The ghosts in the moment were fixed, and the flash of the moment was in front of the moment.

I saw that Pudao Help used his own church knife, and the whole force broke out the spiritual pressure on his body. When he made a bloody six-side spirit shield between himself and the moment.

It seems like a bomb explosion average sound.

Next to the white-enrolled four-maple night, the first reaction, the golden doubles suddenly wide.

The blood of the blood in front of the eyes is like a glass of glass, and only the entire people have made a strong shelling after the kicking of Pudao.

In the shocking eyes around everyone, wear the countless buildings in front of them, forming a disaster ruins.

Be desperate

I heard the movement of the outside of the basement space. Two little ghost rain and flowers are so much, just see the scene of the original Pool's original help.

I saw the flash of the moment that caused this prehistoric behemoth, and the two little ghosts in the boiler shop couldn't help but swallow their mouthmake.

"Puyuan store is not so dead ..."

Little girl with two wands, the rain, the rain, looking at the collapse of the collapse in front of you, can't help but mutter.

"This guy is not a new ghost road long."

I looked at the Pudao Helping was blown out in an instant, and I looked at the moment that hit the destruction of such a scale.

When the black cat's four maple garden suddenly turned over, the dead staring at the moment, as if it was only a slightly small, the golden double-pupil is full of horror, "This monster is averaged. what happened?"

"Bound of Ninety-Nine · Two ·

"First Qu, Stadand"

In the moment, I just bombed the original Pu's original Help, not far from the gripping tibei in the Puman Shop, I have already sang a long-awaited spell spell, and immediately put the top of the corpse.

I haven't waited for an instant and the Thurses of the peach, and the air around them suddenly appeared in the air, and the two people in the moment were completely blocked in the moment.

"This time has been completed in 99th,"

"It is worthy of the last ghost road long grip tetra"

Just in the moment, the two people were completely in the last moment of being sealed in countless huge cloth, and the deep eyes were deeply gazed in the eyes.

"It's too late to say this."

I heard the words heard in the moment, I saw that the griente Tiezhai was so cold, and the power was deeply tricks.

When there is no slightness, the whole body is burst, and only the top of the top of the front of the front.

" · "