Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 510 of Hueding Crack System

With the voice of the gripped Tiezhai.

I saw that I was completely wrapped around the insert and the air around the seal, and the two people around them were suddenly appeared in countless cloth strips, they will flash and the Synno. Secure fixed in the original place.

"Not yet finished"

I saw the strength of the moment that I have built in an instant, and I didn't have a slightly dropped my heart, and I once again exhibited his last top ghost.

"Final song · "

I saw that I was ambiguous, and I suddenly dropped a huge number of monuments in a huge value of '' word pattern.


The huge monument of the '' word pattern falls from the sky.

Directly suppressed in the moment of stubbornly sealed by two top ghosts, and the two were completely sealed in it.

All the top ghosts are all, and the strength of the ghosts in the gods of the ghosts in the world is undoubtedly in the corpse of the ghosts.

"Is it done?"

After the dust finally settled, the night's embedded black cat is mighty moving his footsteps, and the golden eyes are deadly staring at the stressed in front of the three top ghosts, and two people.

"of course"

"The three ghosts in the 99th is suppressed,"

I heard the voice of the night, the king is good to stand in the same place, the two-handed Ten-grade, the three-top ghost, the grievances, the stable face flashed, it is not easy to detect.

As the ghosts of the corpse, there is a ghost, the ghost, the generals, the whole world, no one can be more proficient than him, and even a variety of powerful ban has not yet been displayed.

However, if you haven't come back, you haven't come back, but suddenly the whole person is like poured the cement. It is generally stiff in the original place.

"What is it?"

"You will not think that I have been printed by your ridiculous ghost?"

A calm and light voice came, the night and the gripped iron, the two people couldn't help but have a shock, but the stiffness, but only the brakes were carrying the patio peach, and the two had no injured appearance behind them.

Chapter 85 Instant Night (ask for reward and automatic)

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How did they escape from the seal?

Seeing that there is no injury to the two people in the moment, and the whole people in the whole person, the gross tetra, the heart suddenly set off a stormy waves. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?


Just now, my ghosts did not seal them two?

"It seems that from the corpse of the soul, after the world,"

"One hundred years of time, let you start getting arrogant,"

Some desirable shocking sighs, among the pupils in the night and the griente Tiezhai, I saw the opening of their two ministers.

Eighty-eight · Feilong thieves

I saw that the black and white mysterious book around the body is surrounded by the Bible, and the whole person is like the Holy Spirit.

The spirit in the air in front of the air started a crazy riot. Under the increase in the growth of the Night Merry Bible Nightmare, a senior ghost is in the hands of the moment.


It seems that a horrible hydrogen bomb fries in the modern city of Emoti-machi.

The lightweight light directly illuminates the sky, the sky, the empty sky, and the devastating airflow directly fleszes all the buildings around.

I saw that in the palm of the flash of the moment, I went straight out a blue white shocking pound, which was like a star missile from the same time.

Eighty-eight high-end ghosts in the chapter of the Bible Nightmare of the Bible Night, the explosive terrorist power is comparable to a war nuclear weapon.

The devastating huge beam is in an instant to the entire modern city of the empty space, all buildings are all treated along the way, and the original and prosperous modern urbanization in this world is one-third. Ruins.

"whispering sound"

"Is this a little power? It seems that this thing is still a lot of limitations."

Keeping a single-handed posture, looking at the empty seat of one-third of the empty space that was destroyed by himself in front of him.

At the moment, there seems to have some dissatisfaction with this power and effect, and the eyes of the blue blood of their mouths have a definitelyprint on their arm.


"Are you crazy"

A pair of pure big eyes are somewhat awkwardly looking at everything that is instantly evaporated in front of you.

Mrwant Tao turned his head stared at the moment of sacred devil and as far as the fallen angel, she found that she seems to know this youth.

"In the world, this disaster and sin, the spirit, will be sanctions us."

"What happened?"

"That is the ghost? Actually, some people release this level of powerful ghost?"


"Don't forgive"

"It actually caused such a unrebeiled disaster in the disaster in the world."

Originally, I just want to find the dead wood whitening of the dead wood. At this moment, only the horror beam of one-third of the city is in the middle of the mind.

at the same time.

Among the other elements of the empty space city.

"What happened there?"

"Do you have such a big movement?"

It was originally sitting in the classroom, but I was awakened by the drama CHDG that came from the extremely far away. It is a bit of a bit of the dead wood Lucia on the table and chairs.

"Do not"

"This feeling is not like emptiness"

I went back the gods of the dead wood Lucia, looking at the disturbed emoticated empty space, the familiar and strange fluctuations sent in the air, making her feelings in their hearts.

"Instead, it is a power of ghosts."