Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 511

Dark eyes are slightly scattered, and the power of losing the death of the dead is coming to the world's two months of the dead wood Lai Ya muttered. "But how can this powerful ghosts are" he 'personally came to the world Is it impossible? "

"Who will it be in Lucia?"

A keen capture of the complex face on the Lucia face, or fear, or doubt, or admire, the Heyaki is secretly curious.

"San San Sanction"

"Don't worry that there is no one in the world to make me" in this world. "

Junxiu is in the heart of the indifference, like a cuddling, like all the souls that are destroyed in front of themselves are only slightly weak.

The whole person is full of people, revealing a heaven and earth that is not benevolent, and the blue blood of the blue blood is gently glimating in the air next to it.

"Do you say right?

It seems that there is a sudden illusion next to it, and there is a fierce fluctuation when there is an air, as if the same moment has countless fast to the ultimate phantom in action.

Lei Wang

Show the velocity that is unusually captured at all.

One moment, the night of the "instant ', I suddenly appeared in the moment of the ghost, and she fought in the moment of the moment, and her hand fissed in the flashlight.

"It's not the ban's anti-ghost combination of banned 'instant'"

I am a little disappointed with my own head, I want to shoot the ultra-high-speed hammer of the 'moment' night.

However, the dynamic vision of the dynamic vision is far from the genericity of the ordinary naked eye, and suddenly captures. It is clear that the state of the four maple garden is almost almost nose.

Chapter 86 Monsters (seeking rewards and automatic)

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I only see the nightmare that is restored into humanoid, and the exhibition of the gentle speed movement is displayed in the air. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

Sex | Improvial! The state of mind is unpisped, maybe the usual naked eye may not capture the speed of the night, but the moment of the trendy of the gods can be clear.

"It's a wild | sexual woman."

The blue blood of the blue blood is staring at the blood of the blood, and the heart is in the heart.

Golden double, brown full of wild | Sexual skin, purple long hair is tied to a horsetail, because the exquisite percaries of the year-round, the front convex warpage | The fire burst into the ultimate body.

It was a princess of the four mates of the four major aristocrats in the corpse, and the twenty-second generation of the Si Maple family, the first female family, the first two team captain, and the body of the corpse The general commander of the motor team and the Xing Jun Legionguan.

It is a woman who is unforgettable and gorgeous, and has a strong and terrible strength.

"The spiritual pressure of Jia Ling Tiezhai disappeared?"

I saw a very speedy phantom of the four maple garden at this moment, like a noon | Night black cat generally lazy in the face of elegant faces.

"You actually kill the rural iron?"


I saw the corpse of the corpse, and the ghost, the generals of the gods, the long-term gripping, the ghosts, and after the hit, the spirit was completely disappeared in this world.

The violent four-yield night, there is no harmonious wild wild wild wildflowers, the sexual body broke out, and the super high speed slamming with violent giant strength is unrecognizable.

Unparalleled impact sound.

The four maple categories night hi-high-speed sniper and flashing the hardships of the collision, even blew the bangs of the ostrich.

"So easy"

"How can I stop my Lei Wang? If I use my own hand?"

The four maple garden is unbelievable to open a golden cat. I saw a happy face in front of my eyes. I hang a laughing expression, it seems that the little handwritten written is firmly held. Her fist.

A punch that she is well-known and the instant is famous, and it is easy to bokely bombard the building. It is so easy to pick it up by this guy?

"and many more?"

"Limited to printed?"

Then, the strength of the power has been deeply shocking. At this time, the eyes of the two are in the same distance suddenly saw the definitely printed printing of the moment.

The four maple garden night is full of wild | sexual bright face, thoroughly, a layer of good expression, or even the originality | sense of charm, the low sinking voice is also excessively deformed.

I saw that her whole person was like a cat who was stepped on the tail as a scream. "Your body has this thing?"

Limited Limited Print as a family and two team captains that have been the Soule Maple Song of the corpse, and the night is of course recognizing this thing. The general captain and the vice team leader will wear this thing.

In order to prevent the captain and the second team leader, it is possible to limit the spiritual pressure to one or so after the definition is defined on the world.

Means of

This alive guy in front of you

What is just one-fifth of his five-fifth?

The lightning in the heart generally has passed this terrible thoughts. The four maple gardens all people have lived. The soul of the corpse of the corpse of the corpse after leaving it?

"Miss Night"

"It's true, it's true."

Just a short time in the two-person floating glammet.

At the moment of the moment, the dynamic vision of the long-term ultra-normal person has been instantaneous to see a high-spirited naked in front of the night | The bare naked |


·· ···

"Your eyes seem to have different people"

In the moment, I saw the eyes of Zhan Lan Xiaoxue and red monster. It is straight to the hook to the body, the body is not hung, and the night is full of wild | sexual face can not help with a slight red.

"no solution anymore"

"I can only use that ban."

In just one moment, the four maple garden night is bite, and she suddenly compressed into one extreme.