Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 512 of Hueding Crack System

As if it seems to be a thunder, I saw that there were countless spirits in front of the air in front of the air to be highly concentrated into a group.

I saw that the four maple garden finally showed the secret of the older nobles, the older aristocratic family of the corpse, and the high concentration compression formed a pair of thunderous sparkling wings appeared behind her back.

.......... .......

The instant is a combination of ghost and white-playing combat surgery, the user's back and two shoulders will be wrapped in high concentrations of compressed ghosts. It is a very dangerous and more dangerous. Powerful ban.

"The ghost and spiritual pressure actually concentrate this in this way"

It was shocked by the night of the four maple garden in front of the night, and the Synno peach was an incredible look at the front of the back and backpacks. They were muttered by the Thunder shining the wings.

She is born in the soul street civilians, naturally can't recognize the secret of the old aristocrats in front of this corpse.

"I need to"

"Tear you"

The blindness of this dangerous violent is exhibited by the moment.

I saw the four maple nights in front of you naked | body | madness | wild, both shoulders and behind the highly concentrated ghosts and pondered coverage, golden cats were staring in front of death The moment of hand standing.

A so fast speed, the deep eyes are slightly condensed, and only the air in front of the eyes suddenly blown away, and the four maple garden lost the trace in a moment.

Chapter 87 Instant (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"Strong explosive force"

"Five times faster"

Seeing the speed of the four maple cars in front of him, I couldn't help but side. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

The rotation of the right eye immersed red gods in the eyes of the hook, and the night is a rapid speed, and there is still no capture of the eyes of the moment.

As if it seems like a thunder fracture.

The whole humanity made a thunder violent cat, I saw that the four maple nights broke out in the air, and there was a speed that ordinary people could not react. After a quick rotation, I suddenly screamed a violent whip leg. The cheeks of the handsome cheek.


"Night Miss, why do you always like to attack my face?" Zero 53 ""

In the face of the squid of the four maple categories, the murderer, the fierce, the flawless face, but still with the expression of hippie smile.

In the night of the violent whip leg, I have to attack my moment. The whole person is poor, and the dangerous movement of the danger is a slight walking, a fierce wind from his handsome face. Over.


Some surprised sounds sounded, seeing that it was so easy to avoid the violent blows after I launched the instant, this seems to be a sense of prior to the early insights, so that the night was frowned.


Surrounded around the quiet and unmanned alley, this moment is full of exaggerated loudings.

I saw a building with a black-collapsed crushing, a black slender figure and a full-body white Thunder glitter flashed in this ruins.

"This is not good"

"Night a lady, your speed is still not fast enough."

As if it is like a kitten playing with a mad kitten, I only see the movement of the brakes in the ruins.

In one hand, the fashioned dragonfly, if the fire is behind him, the whole person seems to be like a fluttering catkin, which is constantly dodging, and the night of the four maple cars. A violent attack.


"how can that be"

Enthusiastic to start instantity, explode all the nights of all speeds and strength, watching it in front of him, but once again, I successfully avoided my attack, and a heart finally gradually sinking into the bottom.

"Can't catch up with his speed"

I have never touch my strength in front of my strength, and I have a shocking color in front of the horn. She has begun to doubt my 'moment'. Name.

"What is this guy?"

"Well, a happy time is always particularly short."

Two people shuttled at the ruins, and they were observed in front of the night, and the mouth of the moment gradually hookped a shocking radians. "I still have something to do in the afternoon. I can't play with you. Night. A lady "


I suddenly heard the moment to play with the general words introduced my ears, and the night was ambiguous, and my heart was suddenly shocked.

Round looks · Shen Luo Tianzheng

The horizon night is full of murderous thunderstorms, suddenly a moment, a moment, the front, punched, directly, Into the wormless smile.

Then, the night is stunned, I feel that my fist is insensitive. I suddenly produced a layer of huge resistance in front of myself, as if I was forcibly gave her and the two people were separated from the end of the world.

The ground under the feet suddenly sinks, a circular repulsion ring is constantly grinding the earth.

It's not to prevent the huge pounds that appear in front of the body, and the body of the night, the whole person, the body is suddenly shock, as if the bones under the whole body are shaking.

Under the outbreak of the gods of the gods, I saw that the four maple cars, the whole person was used as a shell .. .......

In an instant of the night of the Four Maple Catering, I blege my teeth, I barely opened my eyes, I saw the wheel of the blink of the red light flashing in the right eye.

This guy

too strong

The whole person is like a shell, and the sky is sluggish in the air, and there is such a thought in the night in the night in the night.

Rogue eye ·

A god of gods flew over the night of the Foufah, and the moment was smiled. He Zhan Lan Guanghua suddenly burst, and the whole person disappeared in the original place.


"What is this speed?"

The body of the whole person is still sliding in the air, and the four maple garden feels that there is a wave of fluctuations in front of them, and barely struggle to open their eyes.

But I saw that I didn't know when I had already appeared in front of her, and the Junxiu was ambiguous, and I opened my palm to align her.

She is called the 'moment', at this moment, the mind is simply impossible to practice what kind of point to practice, and it is possible to show the ghost speed of the moment.