Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 513 of Hueding Crack System

"Binding six Thirty-three lock strips"

Immediately, I was soft, and I didn't have to sing instantly through the chapter of the Night Bible Nightmare, I released a powerful ghost.

In the eyes of the four maple garden, I saw the air between the two people, the infinite spirit is active and active, and the time has a strong shape. It seems that the mad giant spirit lock is directly entangled. Maple Night is a whole body.

Then, the flash of the moment, the dead, the whole body spirit, the giant lock chain, the wind, the squid, the two, and the two were in the air, and the final feet landed.

Among the four maple garden night, a golden cat, a black wide suit jacket gently put on her body.

Chapter 88 kills (seeking rewards and automatic)

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At the moment, I took off my black suit jacket and gently shaped on the night of the four maple garden. I bloused a feeling of sexy and graceful posture. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

This guy

The heart seems to miss a shower. I don't know why I have never had interest in any male for so many years. At this moment, I suddenly swayed.

But very fast, this kind of ripple that has just been generated in the next second night is unfair.

It's going to look at the dust, this time, the space behind the moment suddenly distorted, opened a deep black chamber.

"The sixty-one and six sticks of the cable"

A calm voice suddenly sounded behind the brain, in the moment of the four maple gap in the moment, the deep black cavity is a high body shadow of the blood, and it is Holding Tiezhai. .

As the grip tetra sang, the ghosts released, the air formed six golden light, and the dead fixture was fixed.

"Spatial transfer?"

"It is worth a hundred years ago, the ghost road in the corpse is, I didn't expect to hide such a hand."

In front of me, the whole person is all killed from the black space, the whole body is blocked from the black space.

But the face of the white handsome, but there is no wave, as if it has already been expected to have this scene.

Spatial transfer and time prohibit these two ghosts that affect the symmar order of the corpse and listed by the central 46th chamber as a banned ghost, in addition to the world, there is only one of the world in this world, and there is a Zhaota Misu. Individuals can show.

"Good terror"

"If it is not just released the spatial transfer, I will die,"

After singing and going to the action, I saw the action of the moment, I saw the pain after the moment, and the heart had a sense of heart, I had a ruins and ridiculous empty seats.

After wearing the Limited Ling Print, the ghosts who will sing will also have this power to destroy the earth, and the new ghost road in this corpse is completely exceeded by the imagination of Jiaging Tiezhai.


"All this is here."

The eyes were unbornless, and they were blocked by their ghosts. They were in the heart of the ghosts. At this moment, they did not have half-shaped psychology. They directly played their own efforts to sing the corpse princes known the highest level sacrifice. Words of words.

"I can't touch the flame of the world, the heat of the inflammation cannot be traced, sacrifice the broken body, ignite the wind of the fire, and the gathering will not be fascinated, and I will follow the fingers"

"I plan to release the top sacrifice to kill me with the body of my seriously injured body."

The deep singing of the grown, the deep singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer. Sing the text.

"But you don't think your ghost road is too slow,"

In the words of the mocking ridicule and the night of the four maple gardens in the moment.

Among the air in front of the eyes, it seems that it is suddenly stagnant, and it seems to come to the very cold ice of the country.

Ice ring

The figure is not turned back in the figure, there is no back, and the double

I saw that I was shining on a white ray in my body, and the speed of light was condensed into a huge incomplete ice ring in the air, and suddenly spread to all sides.

The crisp freezing sounds in the air, and the sound of the passion in the air is abrupt.

Everything around you caught silence, all the substances stopped sports, and I was blinded in the morning after the moment, I was blinded.

The whole person, the whole person, the whole person, has been completely shocked, and the whole person is full of golden cats.

After the moment, I have completeized the eternal ice sculpture of the ice sculpture, and I can't get the role of the heart of the world. I fell straight on the ground, completely crushing into a hooded

"Holding Tiezhai"


The sound muttered, dragging the Wolf's body, the boot from the ruins of the far floor, just witnessed the ice rings of the rack of the ice, the ice ring, frozen, and shocking.

"You kill him"

Standing in front of the Four Maple Nights, there is some eyes that cannot be believed, but the flour on the ground on the ground is constantly reminding that this is the fact.

"I regret that there is such an unpleasant thing."

At the moment, I said sorry, but there is no apologize to shrug your back shoulder. Deep eyes are like Li Sword points to Pudao, who is still standing behind him, "But who makes you so unfamiliar. Just do it? "

"I have two important things to come here."

On the side of the lantern, I was holding a suit jacket that I was tightly covered in the four maple cars in front of myself. "So, the way, remind you"

"Blue Dyeing Rights Rights Started"

A silent.

In the mouth, it seems that the news that does not carefully disclose, but it seems that a strong deep water bomb has grown into the hearts of the four maple categories and Pudu.

"Blue Dyeing Right"

The mouth is soft in the mouth, and the name of all of the people who defended the devil, the night, the night, the dead stare, the young handsome face, "then you, you and blue dye What is the relationship? "

Chapter 89 is coming (seeking reward and automatic)

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"I am with blue dyeing"

In front of him, the four maple garden is very vigilant. The careful eyes are deeply paired, and the moment is not careless to pick up their own brows. "It is the opponent of each other." I don't know this opponent unqualified. "

And blue dyeing guy

Mutual game?