Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 514 of Hueding Crack System

It seems that all the gestures and tone of the unique eyes and the tone are deeply shocked. The Si Fengyuan night and the unless of the mart will not help but look at the eyes, and it sees the shock and turns of the opponent's eyes. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

"Things to do this"

"So you are good"

After that, after I said what I said, I walked through the night of the four maple categories in front of him, and I walked toward the not far away. "Well, we should go"

"Small famisho next our trip is very tight"

After reaching out, I took some daisy chicksheet, and I walked with her with her in front of the front of the city.

" "

With the wicked peach, I gradually became a grand moment, it seems that I suddenly remembered what, suddenly stopped my footsteps.

Looking back, I have a deep-blue eyes, and I am deeply staring at the nights of the four maple garden in the place. The show is leaking out a smile, "I am very happy to meet you"

This guy

If it is not an enemy, maybe

,,,, , , ,,,,,,,

Can't help but reach the black suit jacket that is closely shaped. I feel that the faint concern is still about the breath and warm questions, and the night enchanting face has emerged a complex expression.

"Such a horrible guy ..."

"How can I be in the corpse of the corpse?"

Different from the night, a complicated mood, at this moment, the car is used to support the bodies of the bodies. The next pair of deep eyes are flashing in the face of the eye.

On the body of it just now

He clearly feels a more dangerous breath than blue dyeing.


In the other end of the disorder of the ruins, the campus.

The whole three-third of emotici is now destroyed, and such a major giant disaster has occurred, the entire campus is evacuating in the students.

"I ask you."

"Dimming wood, do you like Takasaki?"

Just in the evacuation process, the classmates Xiaochuan went close to the dead wood Lucia, and asked mysteriously.


Suddenly heard such a abrupt problem, I was sprayed out in a water, which was drinking water.

Two months ago, she was assigned to the empty seat to implement the task, and met the Kurosaki guard during the chasing the virtual period, in order to keep his own life and his family were hurt.

So I passed my own half of the dead power to a guard, but the spiritual power was almost taken away by a guard, lost the power of the dead, and later got the 'righteousness' after the Luogen store was two months. In the face of the virtual, the soul is funeral.

"It seems that it has frequent frequently and a protective treatment that has begun to make them doubt that I have the relationship with a guard."

It is difficult to please the ridicule of the surrounding students, the dead wood Lucia leaves the campus into a unmanned trail, looking at the distance is laughing and laughing, two months of class, the eyes of the look I have a hint.

"Whether it is love, family or friendship, these will only be my shackles, because as a dead god, I will leave here too later."

I have seen the sky that has gradually be gradually black, and I am walking into the dead wood Lucia in the unmanned road. "I am not waiting here for too long?"

"Too shameful dead wood Lucia"

"For death, these are excessive feelings"

While running from the self, I ran in the depths of the unmanned street.

"It seems that you are not bad for these two months."

Suddenly, a strange and familiar voice sounded, heard the sound of the sound of the dead wood, suddenly contracted, gradually stopped his footsteps.

"Sinner Demon Lucai"

I saw a young man in the street lamp in her head, and I walked a black and dead barrier, and I watched her eyes.

"In the face of chasing soldiers coming from the corpse world until now, you will find that although it is just 'righteousness' but is your alerture in just two months has been degraded to this extent?"

"Afang Li Saix" Zhang mouth, never got a large green Jiji horse, and the first eyes of the dead wood Lucia recognized him.

"How can I be able to show such a human expression?" As a big aristocratic wood home.

Search, I saw that the Akiri's love fell from the road lights on the head. The turner in his hand stopped the way to go to the dead wood Lucia. "

"Love, I" to the road to be stopped by Azhi, and I think that I want to get the dead wood lames of Kurosaki.

"Privately handed over to the mortal, the people of the corpse, this time, even the central 46th room has been discovered to you."

At this time, I suddenly appeared another figure, white captain, and the cold face black hair had a blast sparkle with a neighborhood.

"Is you going back with us or we caught you back?"

"White big brother?"

Lu Qi, who heard the sound, saw the figure of the dead wood, and suddenly shocked, the whole person was in the same place.

Chapter 90, appearing (seeking rewards and automatic)

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At a moment of the dead wood Lucia, the knife in Akati is rapidly approaching. ( (meaning (thinking (book )

"Love you?" Rao is struggling to avoid, but he receives the limit of the 'righteousness' body, and the face of the dead wood still leaves a wound that is not deep.

"Say, I will never cover him again."

It has greatly paid attention to the Azole of Azole in my hand, and I opened the sin of Lucia after landing to take the sin of Lucia.

"I want to kill the guy who snatches you."

At this time, it was steep.

Appearance of the body is full of bodies, a white purely formed by the arrows formed from him from his eyes.

"Two big men who hold weapons are bullying a handless girl really can't see it."