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Rigs Crack System Chapter 515

Everyone went back, I saw a black hair and a boy with a pair of glasses held a spirit of the bows. In addition, I also mentioned a shopping bag in my hand, and it seems just passing here.

"Especially for your own hate"

"This kind of spiritual use method"

Avoiding the Azi's arrow, a slight frown, staring at this boys, "Who are you?"

"Her classmates Shi Tian Weilong" clear school boy reached out and pushed the glasses on the nose.

"Stone Tiantian Classmates" saw that Shi Tian Rain Dragon has rescued her, and the heart of the dead wood, I can't help it.

In the two months of the world, she seems to have got a lot of things that have never been experienced at the corpse society.

But after five minutes.

Shi Tian Yulong was cut down by Apadi, and the belly was drawn from a huge wound. The hook fell to the ground, and the face of the show was full.

After ten minutes of past.

Turkaki, who is in a hurry to rescue, and will be killed by Akata Rainlong, who is killed by Azu, and fell to the ground in the battle. CHCC

"Even if I die, I will not let you take Lu Qia's" "

I saw the Kurosaki, which was cut down by the dead wood, the whole person fell in a bloody, and the bloody wrist was killed, grabbed the trousers who were illegal.

"Do you want your hand?"

As the signs of the Sixth Captain of the Soul Soul and the big aristocratic wood home, the mortar wood is cold, staring at my foot under the bloody, and there seems to be a huge human boy.

"Let's let go, protect you will be dead"

I watched my partner in the world, Ishidian Rainlong and Ishikasaki kardan. Before and after being cut in a bloody, the dead wood is in a time, and the dead wood Lucia is in a hurry.

"Would you like me to kill him? The dead wood captain" Azolei is in front of the front step, and the hand is placed on his sick snake tail pill.

"Don't have to completely destroy his soul of the soul's" lock knit "and 'sleep'"

The face-fledged wood white gums gently kicked Open Kurosaki, killing the hand of his trousers, and said his face and said: "Even if he barely can live, the strength and spiritual power of the death of death will also disappear."


Even the last wrists have been kicked by the dead wood, facing the absolute strength of the death team leaders in front of them.

I watched the dead wood Lucia to be brought back to the corpse of the corpse. The first feeling of the first time, the first time, the first time, he never had such a desiration for this moment.

Just at this time.

The Kurosaki in the blood of the blood suddenly found that the cold face of the eyes of the eyes, the cold face suddenly happened dramatically.

"I haven't seen Lucia for a long time"

A unfamiliar voice suddenly passed into the ear of all people present.

The dead wood Liki is looking forward to, I saw a slender figure, from the depths of the streets, she gradually came.

The iconic noble silver white long hair is inserted into the black gentleman's hood, and some can't see his outline under the dim light lamp.

But he is a unique breath that he is not a moment, but let the dead wood Lucia recognize his identity in the first time.

" "

Looking at it, wearing a black suit with a gentleman's hood, it looks at the image and the impression, and the dead wood Lucia will stand in the original place.

Do you

Also come to grab me back?

"It seems that you have encountered our own companions in the past two months."

On the mouth and the dead wood Lucia, he said, and the deep peer is in the top of the top two people in the borne, Kurosaki and Shi Tian Rainlong.

"The spiritual pressure of Kurosaki is really different from the huge people."

I glanced at the dazzling orange short hair boy in the ground, and I watched the brunette glasses boy on the ground. If I thought, "I thought about the blood of Shi Tian Weilong. It is flat to be odd. "

Who is this guy?

Feeling the moment is like a substantive sharp eye like the swords are generally scribbled.

In the ground, there is still a conscious Kurosaki and the stone Tian Rainlong suddenly in the heart, but the strength in their two hearts does not feel at the bottom is what level is in one.

"I should guess it when I am a big ghost, I should guess it."

The eyes of the eyes were staring at the moment. I couldn't appear here. The cold faces of the dead can no longer maintain the calm, "except for you, I think there should be no one can release in the situation of the pondix. Hidden road like that

"But what are you coming to the world?"

Unable to determine the trend of the trendy wood, watching this dangerous youth in front of him, "and use ghosts to cause so big damage to the centers of centers."

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This guy

Who is it?

The blood on the forehead has gradually blurred the sight of Kurosaki, and he has been completely unclear what the relationship between the few people in front of him. (Yes)? (Meaning)? (Think)? (Book)? ()

The period in the look of Lucia is a thoughts, the vigilance and dignity of the dead wood white look, and there is a sacred and meaningful to the guy's face of Azolei.

"Don't be so serious, although this is in the implementation task"

It seems that there is no attention to the look of the dead, and the gods of the woods are not good, and the moment is not intentionally shrugged, "But everyone is also a colleague and Lucia is still your sister."

"She is now the sinner of the corpse of the dead wood home"

The old wood is as if there is no way to move, and there is no such thing as a knife, a knitted knife.

"I am a sinner of the dead wood home." Wen Yan, the eyes of the dead wood, looked at the back of the eyes, "Bai Big Brother"

"Okay, it is a stubborn guy."

The illegal raging raised his eyebrows, reach out of his fingers, lifted his black hat, showing a pair of Zhan Lanzhi's deep red monster.

"It seems that it is from the corpse of the big aristocratic wood home to make you experienced educated education."

"This guy"

Seeing the moment, he revealed his own deep eyes. All the people in the scene suddenly shocked, as if they were stared at home by an ancient murder, it would be more than one time.

"But here is the world"