Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair Crack System Chapter 516

"It's not in the corpse of the world, like you, take the knife, cut, kill it, it's too beautiful."

As soon as I am easily chatting with my old friends, I put it softly and gently made a thoughts in my eyes.

"" ,, in this night, no one, no one, is so empty.


Seeing the move in front of the moment, the dead wood and Azhi louder suddenly, some unclear, so widened his eyes.

Verity four white thunder

Just as the dead wood and Azolei two people, I saw the words of the moment, I saw a violent passime thunder, suddenly bloomed when I saw the empty space in front of myself.


The martyrdom of the violent violent in the blue sky and the sun.

I saw the body around the body, the chapter of the nightmare, the fan, the transparent wings, quietly flying, and the black suit wearing a stroke is full of fire, and the one is elegant and extension. I have a finger.

The slender finger pointer has a rude violent thunder's column, and the ruthless cut is destroyed in front of the silent emotici.

With the gentle swing in the hands of the flash, countless buildings in the empty space in the empty space are now crazyly destroyed cut, and it is outlined to have a dark and blurred gully.

"Damn this guy"

The violent horror horror in the side seems to be in the shape of the shadow, and only the figure of the dead wood white and Azhi's second person is fully engaged in the ruins.

"This guy is good"

Some muttered sounds, I saw that I originally fell into the gobasaki, and shocked the eyes of my eyes.

Just in an instant, he cut him in the ground and unbearable dead wood, with absolute overwhelming strength, it was pressed by this mysterious youth, so taking it.

"The dead wood is actually suppressed in an instant". "

"This is really a four-way white thunder?"

Shocked is not only the black Siki and Shi Tian Rain dragon, and the dead wood Lucia next to the Bosa is also stunned.


"I don't need to wear the defined printed after entering the world. This guy is still able to have such a horrible power."

In the flash finger finger, the thunder is ruthless, and the madness of the wolf is in the ruins of the madness of the madness.

While looked at each other, it was clearly seen that the shock of the opponent's eyes was seen.

"I said"

"As the Sixth Captain of the Thirteen of the Ting Ting Ting, you can only escape like this to cross the mouse like this?"


Some of the sounds sounded, looked at the dead woods and Azhi love, who were pressed by himself, fringer.

On the other hand, I said that the fingertips of the fifiler in the hands were gently grabbed again. Suddenly, a large city was once again cut, and there was a little taste that raised my mouth.

" "

At this time, the nearest wood Lucia, I watched the mouth of the mouth, the whole thing, the mouth of the hook down, and the whole person suddenly understood, "This is the big brother and love"


I heard the discourse of this mocked, as the big aristocratic wood home, the head of the Sixth Captain, who had been humiliated.

"But if your opponent is your words"

However, as the death of the death of the world, the death of the world, the death of the Yamamoto, and the heart of the dead melody mean.

I saw that the transient speed is flying, and the dead wood is slightly closed. The whole person has changed the changes in quality and quantity.

The chop of the knife in the hand is soft and thin, and suddenly sinks into the ground until it disappears.

Chapter 92, thousands of Sakura (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"This is the flexible pressure?"

"The death of the captain level is released in the world."

It is perceived that the anti-pressure pressure of the dead wood broke out, and the whole corner of the empty seat is invisible. Yes)? )? Thinking)? Book)?

"I can't feel the push of a guard."

"The soul of the corpse dispatched the captain's death."

Blackkey, a seemingly appearance of ordinary beard scrap middle-aged uncle looked up to the direction in which the pole burst out of the extreme, muttered in the mouth.

"It is the boy of the boy of the wood home"

"Don't he encounter the guy, it is actually forced to the extent to launch the understanding.

Pumeen store, the four maple nights a golden cat flashes inexplicably brilliant.

"Four-three" I don't know why she has already worn her clothes, and they still have the black suit jacket to her.

"The Pressure of the Captain Level"

"It is a chasing troops in the corpse, but the goal doesn't seem to be us."

At this time, there was a waste-free warehouse in the empty seat, and there was a room that was used in the ghost junction.

A young man in a hanging child is holding a light colored sister, and his face hangs a strange smile.

"We have been hiding here for more than a hundred years. It seems that it will be calmed down."

As this has a strange young youth, the dark warehouse space, his back has gradually emerged, and the sound of different voices, low voice and vicissitudes.

"Human death is not our home"


Jing; thousands of Sakura Yan

I saw that the dead wood was launched, and the cutting knife in the hand sinks into the ground.