Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Capaci Yushu System Chapter 517

I suddenly appeared in the city of the city, and suddenly there were thousands of pink thousands of sakuraki knives in the air, and the scene was spectacular.

"this is?"

I suddenly appeared so many pink light swords in the voids around you, and the Kurosaki, the goba, and the stone rain dragon suddenly opened their eyes.

Two boys who have always lived in the world and ordinary people, even if they have the power of surpassing ordinary people, they can't understand this spectacular sight.

"This is the big brother who is incedited to be forced to use."

I used the dead wood white in the distance to use it, and the dead wood slammed the moment in front of himself.

But the calm face did not change in the temptation, and it was as good as it did not see this spectacular scene.

"I understand this is the gap between my and the dead wood captain."

The eyes of the eyes of the dead mortgage of the dead wood, and the Azhi love couldn't help but hit the snake tail pill in his hand. The dead wood white is he always wants to surpass. The goal.

"quite pretty"

It seems that I have not felt that I have a burst of , ....... ....

Have to say, the end of the murder of the dead wood is the most beautiful and beautiful one of the thirteen of the Jindins, but the moment is shocked, "But there is no ovulation. "

"Jing; thousands of cherry sighs, each of them is composed of countless fine blade"

The understanding of thousands of cords, thousands of pink light swords in front of the air, completely block all people in it.

After being understood, the powerful pyroid irrigation, the long hair of the dead wood, and the cold face seems to retrieve all the confidence, staring at the moment in front of him.

"I will avoid your key to fall in these billions of fine blade."

The sound of the dead wood, I saw it under his spiritual manipulation, thousands of people around the people had a dramatic change in the pink light sword .. .......

I saw the void around the people, and each of the cutters allocated countless almost naked blades.

At first glance, it seems like a large piece of pink cherry blossom ocean, and it is awkward towards the direction of the moment.

In the past, all the objects in the streets are all cut into powder into the powder by the wave of the slump of the fine blade.

"The shortcomings of the dead wood, the shortcomings, I think you should know more than anyone"

In the face of the cherry sakura ocean in front of this countless fine blade, it is too lazy to lift it, and the mouth is quietly commented on a comment.

"The attack means too single attack mode is too dispersed, and it is fragile."

Badded seventy-three, reverse mountain crystal

The quiet voice of the moment is scattered in the air, and the eyes are closely eye-catching.

I saw the chapters of the never nightmare of the never night, and gently extended their own one-handed, and suddenly surrounded the air, the infinity of the infinity seems to be called the emperor, all of them cheered.

A sky blue junction with unable to shake the defense, in the eyes of everyone, directly forming a rigorous junction of the triangle, covering the entire street, instantly protecting all people all among them.

I saw the hundreds of millions of fine broken blade of the dead wood, hit the ghost defense in the moment of the moment, and burst out a slap in the sky.

Really said to him

Thousands of cords have even even attacked his ghosts.

I saw the hundreds of millions of fine broken blade that he manipulated, completely attacked the ghost junction that was released.

Chapter 93 takes Lucia (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"Individibly differentiates your own sickness into hundreds of millions of fine blames to deal with those weak chives are a good means"

At the moment, I looked up my squat, and the blue-blue double-pupil reflected a horror of the dead wood, and the disdain was raised, "But the face is stronger than you." The opponent is simply a joke "

With the sound of the moment, the dead wood is stunned. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

I saw the defensive ghost junction that was released in the moment, not only completely blocked his thousands of Sakura Yan, but also suddenly spread.

A slamming directly hit his body, the huge flying triangle day blue neunter directly enveloped the entire streets of the streets in their entire streets in it, and even flew out the dead wood and Azhi. .


In the case of a sudden defense, I saw a cold face of the dead wood. The bonding of the ghost junction released in the moment, and the wolf is universal in the street city.

"Why is it in the case of limit?

"His ghost or so powerful power"

I have been fully pushed out of the street city.

The mortgage wood and Azhi love will stop their own footsteps, and the power of this will come casually, so that they have two somewhat unable to believe their eyes.


Gently put down the palm of your own, standing in the moment of the sky, the triangular juncture, said to the air in front of you.

" "

On the body of the wood Lucia and the ground on the ground and the .

The clear and pure sound sounded, and only the Suton should be jumped from the street lights on the street, and the body is still wearing the pure water jacket of the high school girl. It seems to be both youthful and cute.

"The essay of the essines, you also came to the present"

Seeing the emergence of the egg peach, the dead wood Liki is a glimpse, and when she is in the goddess, she is a very good partner.

"I haven't seen Lucia" and Lu Qia for more than two months, and the Women after landing, and smiled and greeted.

"Well, go back and slowly narrow you two"

Silently listening to the dialogue between them, the moment is gently flashing, and the direct opening interrupted them.

"Remember to have a special weight of the two words of the 'person' hand 'in the middle of the 46th room".

"The big ghost is long?"

I heard the mood of Niki, and looked at the eyes of the two people in front of them.

"You don't have to worry about Lucia"

At this moment, the surprise and fear of the dead wood Lucia did not escape the eyes. I saw that his high quality reached gently on her weak shoulders, whispered: "This time I handed you to the Central 46 room. It is the program that must pass by the corpse