Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 518

"I can guarantee you that you will never have anything."

On the side of the dead wood Lucia in front of him, I also blinked my eyes on her playful, "and will let you pay for the Safang of the 13th team of Zhang Yutong."

Anyway, if you follow the 'script'

Finally, Lucia will not have any accidental thinking.

"Is it true?"

I looked at the handsome face of my eyes in front of it, I felt that I was put on my shoulders on my shoulders. The original heart was flustered. Lucia did not know why suddenly calmed down.

This strong handsome ghost

It seems that there is a stable magic of the magic. It is some of the hearts of the dead wood.

"Humm, give it to me"

I heard the instructions of the moment, I nodded in the side of the Synchron, and I took the front step in the first hand, I grabbed the arm of the dead wood Lucia. "Then I will take Lucia to return to the corpse. You have to come back early. "

"Know, I will go back soon, I will go back soon."

I found that I was a little fascinating in front of my eyes, I nodded and sighed. She immediately went back to the corpse of the dead wood.

"Bloom, Feimei"

Get the instructions of the moment, the Suton Pembling in front of the eyes took out their own chopped knife flying plum, and the pink radius around the knife was surrounded, many pink plum petals flew.

I suddenly opened a mysterious space in the void, showing a classical Japanese pavilion, which is a deceived gentle knife to set the device with the corpse world.

"Do not"


Seeing the space in front of you, I realized that the mysterious guys in front of this mysterious guys were brought back to the corpse of the corpse. Shout.

" "

"Don't chase the danger of the corpse, is not what you can imagine."

I heard the cry of Kurosaki, and I was looking to follow the Taws of the Tao Peach to transfer the corpse to the emotion of the dead wood, Lu Qi, who turned back, staring at the kids in the blood of the blood.

"Otherwise I will not spare you"

After that, the dead wood Lucia is like cutting all the embarrassments, and the head does not follow with the Synnant Peach to enter the corpse transmission channel.

"Ah, ah"

I watched the dead wood Lucia was taken away and the space channel was gradually closed.

In the heart of Takasaki, it seems that a certain thing is completely broken, and there is a shouting of a shock in the mouth.


Two drops of drops, as if in the mood of Kurosaki, the sky of the empty space, the sky is suddenly drained.

Chapter 94, the corpse, seeking goodbye (seeking rewards and automatic)

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"The same as Naruto Road"

"The secondary yuan of the blood animation protagonist is the same as the big voice of the big voice,"

Just in the Kurosaki sorrow in the bloody, it is very unhappy when he hates his fragility, but the sound of the flavor is very uncomfortable to pass in his ear. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?

Takasaki, I didn't know who was Naruto and Lu Fei, but he was surprised to find that with the moment in front of her eyes, the rain in the sky did not got his side.


"Why do you take away Lucia?

Unable to fall in the bloody and rain, Kurosaki looks at the shoes in front of him, and also hates yourself weak and weak.

"You must now hate your weakness and weakness, I will protect"

After the withdrawal of the ghost road around him, the rain outside the outside is like a waterfall, but she can't get the space where the moment is in the moment.

The blue-blue deep red monster is slightly angry, and the moment is suddenly mercy in the foot of the world. The protagonist in the world.

I have experienced two second-year-old world, so trying to cultivate hard, I don't have all breakthrough bottleneck breaking the boundaries in order to achieve a higher level. For the case, I will avoid yourself in the eyes of Kurosaki. Weak.

In fact, it is very fair, you have the help of the understanding of the plot and the help of the system, and the Kurosaki is a golden finger and protagonist.

The only lack is that there is no awakening like the pursuit and desire of strength, just like human desire to breathe.

"The Kurosaki can not find yourself"

It seems that the Holy Spirit on the top is overlooking his feet, and the sharp look is as if it analyzes the soul and inner heart of Kurosaki.

"Your body is actually hidden in your body, just dig this power, you will never have to afford this weakness and pain ..."

To put it, today, I still have the first time in this life, the protagonist in the world of the dead world, and I looked at the black and orange short hair and stubborn faces of Kurosaki.

"Potential power"

Under the moment, under the eyes of the essence, the Kurosaki is a protective face, I feel that I have been worn by the inside over the body.

In this mysterious and powerful guy, everything is invisible.


Among the eyes of Kurosaki, the first time I showed gods in this world.

There are countless golden spirits among the air and lively jump, condensed into a mysterious and bright gods, instantly shining on the stone rain dragon in his and not far away.

"this is?"

It's all under the body that is infinite mysterious golden rays.

The wounds that I was shocked by Takasaki, I was in the moment that I was just in the battle of Azhi and the dead wood, and I was destroyed by the dead wood. 'And' ' Sleep 'also completely

"This is also the power of death. It is amazing."

From the dying to completely restoration only between the first instance, Josaki, who is climbed up from the ground, and the unbelievable look of his own hands. The moment of this turning is a magical power is completely exceeded. Impression of a teenager.


Pressing your own heart, I'm smothering, I'm looking at the youth, I can't stand the appearance and strength. "Take away Lu Qiao and save me and why do you want? this way?"

"Takasaki, you can go to the boiler shop to find the boot, although the time is a bit nervous but he will help you practice"