"Shi Tian Rain Dragon you will go back to find your father, stone field, he will also help you cultivate"

At the moment, I didn't answer questions in the heart of Takasaki, but I looked two in a deep and unpredictable eyes. "If you want to save the dead wood, then"

"After half a month, our corpse soul again"

I heard the words that I said.

There are two people in Takasaki and Shi Tian Rain Dragon, and each other will look at it.

"Not going to go? Don't you want to save Lucia?" Seeing them two stunned in place, the moment suddenly smelted.

"Is it half a month later?"

When I was shocked by my head, I took the Nakyaki in the reaction and the stone rain dragon went towards their respective residences, and the death of the dead is tightened, and the eyes are firm in the eyes.

"I will definitely save Lu Qia from the corpse of the soul." Who is the opponent? "

"Does the milled peach have brought Lu Qi back to the corpse?"

I saw the dead wood Lucia in the distance, was brought back to the corpse of the corpse, and the dead wood whispered in the ruins together with Azhiri.

"The two kids run the dead wood captain, don't you?"

Looking at the long-lasting blacks, I didn't have a long-lasting black, and the stone, the rain dragon actually brought the dragon and Huaji Tiger, and I ran in two directions. Apage of Akiri is a little hesitant. The dead wood is white.

"The kid's 'lock knot' and 'sleep' are broken by me, is it to be saved?"

Seeing Measaki and the stone rain dragon were ounce in an instant, and the dead wood is simply can't believe his eyes, and then reach out to stop the Azole of Azi, the cold face looks heavy.

"Don't chase that guy, will not let us go"

Appearance of Azole, I look at the eyes of the dead wood, and suddenly.

I saw a homage standing, but even if I was so distant distance, Azhiri is still able to feel the sharp eyes of the sword. It is firmly locked for two of them.

Chapter 95 Flash Legion (ask for reward and automatic)

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Badway ninety-nine ·

Chief Executive

As far as the dead wood and Azhi in the distance are still in the gods, I have already launched the top of the corpse world through the chapter of the Eternal Night Bible Nightmare. (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)? (.)?


"Good fast? When?"

After all, it is limited to a second-definition pressure.

Until the air around him, when there were countless huge cloth strips, when they were completely packaged in their bodies, they were only able to react.


With the exhibition of the three top ghosts, the air suddenly appeared in the air suddenly appeared in a huge torch, and suddenly stabbed into the huge cloth and fixed the dead wood and Azole in love. Original place.

Final song ·

Suddenly, the sky, the sky, which suddenly lowered a huge quadrant of '' word pattern.


The huge monument of the '' word pattern falls from the sky.

Directly suppressed the dead wood and Azu, which were firmly fixed by two top ghosts, and completely seal them in it, the top of the ghost trio in the hands of the flash,

If you can see this scene at this time, you will sigh the five-body investment in the moment of ghosts.

"this is?"

Two people were in the top of the top-class borders, and the seal was suppressed in a huge incomparable '' word monument stone, all the spiritual power of the whole body was blocked, and the dead wood is simply saying that a sentence is a luxury.

"This is the bordering of the 99th, with the strength of your two, I want to break away."

It seems that ghosts generally cross the distant distance, and the moment appears in front of the two people in the dead wood and Azhi.

Looking at the faces of two must struggling to eat, the moment seems to read the ideas in the two inner hearts, and the degradation raises their mouths.

"Singing to abandon the release of 99th line?"

I heard the felt treasure and cold face, and he certainly understood the ghosts. Of course, this is something wrong.

"Can you have this forces after wearing a defined printed?"

The complexion is more profound than the dead wood, and it is impossible to understand why everyone is the same, and this terrible guy can have such a horrible force.

"You are not bad"

"Since Lucia has been brought back to the corpse, then you will give me a good reflection here."

The faceless glance on the face is two people who are caught in front of them. The eyes of the moment turned to the horizon of the extremely far-sighted emperor, as if they appreciate the night sky of this bustling city.

"After a few hours, this ghost will naturally solve" "

When the sound of the last sentence in the moment, the people had already launched a gods to disappear, and they didn't know the direction.

"It's a terrible guy"

Looking at the moment that I disappeared in front of him.

Deadly bite the teeth, the huge " 'word monument, the dead wood and Azhi love, and see the bitterness and helplessness of the opponent's face.

The rain is imitation Buddha never stops, and it is going down.

Emoti-cho, a waste-free Cang CHEB library.

It is a ripple that is full of meat can't see it. It is exactly that someone uses a superb ghost road to cover up the border space.

"It seems to be here"

A slender figure avoided all the rain, quietly appeared in this unmanned alley.

The ghost junction in front of the eyes naturally fled his God's blind eye. He saw his left eye and blue light flash. The whole person suddenly disappeared in the original place.

Among the abandoned warehouses that seems to be unexpected, it is a vast space.

Pingzi Zhenzi, Pepper, Japan, Yori Mouth Lisa, there is Zhaoyang Mi Xuan, Six-Car Boxing, Erychuan Luo Wu, Dowen, Bai and Fengqiao Building Shiro Eight People Since the death of the dead god, the event from the dead After the soul is rebellious, I have been living here.

"Go to death, this bald"

I saw the light-colored hair tied two braids, and the freckles were very small, and the attitude of the little girl with violence. The whole person was jumped in the world. It was exaggerated to the extremely slammed the Zhenzi.