Naruto's Jade Crash System

Fire Shadow Crack System Chapter 520

"" Is a madness of the squid of the squid of the squid, the whole person, the whole person, the whole person, the nosebles, rotated in the half air, and fell on the ground.

"It's good to have two people in the world."

Just when the Pingzi Zhenzi and the Japanese, the two people were like usual.

At this time, the appearance of the appearance of the appearance of the pink short hair was suddenly opened his eyes, and it seems that I have seen what Shen Sheng said: "Some people broke into our rinative"

"Someone broke into our junior?"

In addition to the squid of the Zhenzi and the Japanese, the remaining five people are in the future.

A golden long curly medieval Western Western Western Waito, Uncle Fengqiao Building Shirng, some don't think I have a lot of my ears, "I should be unclear with the wrong way."

"Do not"

"The speed of the other party quickly came over to us."

There is a bit of a heavy shaking in the Xagian mystery. After coming to the scene, they have been in love for more than 100 years. I didn't expect to have a rapid guest today.

"Is it coming directly to us?"

Fengqiao Building Shirng face, and then the eyes quickly cool down, "Then I will go out"

"no need"

At this time, there was a Zhaobian mission to suddenly reach out to stop his move, it seems that the honest and gentle face is at this moment.

"'He' has come in"

Chapter 96 Meet (ask for reward and automatic)

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"All the prostitutes"

"Hi everybody"

Just in Pingzi Zhenzi, they are being surprised to have the words of Xuan Xi Xuan. (Is it? (Meaning? (Book?

A strange voice suddenly passed into their ears, and several people can't capture the direction of the sound source.

"who are you?"

The first leader of the francifier, the first reaction, and it seems that it is a little slight fluctuation in the air, and it suddenly turned around.

I saw that they didn't know when they didn't know when they had already had a strange movement, a black suit.

The silver-white long hair was bundled into a black gentleman's hood, and a simple and slender, the big hat covered his outline, and only revealed a white chin and rising mouth.

I feel that this sudden mysterious man who suddenly broke into their space in front of him, and eight people who were in the furnishings in the scene were also vigilant.

"I met my name in my first time"

With the opening of the moment, I saw him gently reaching out his own slender fingers, pushed the black and large hat in front of him, showing a pair of deep and shameless and innocent, and attracted everyone to meet the arms everyone. .

"Have a handsome"

Obviously, several other male spending members of the other men have different gods that are vigilant.

Wearing a student sister sailor out of the Siwen pure color glasses, portrait, Pill Lisa, pay attention to this mysterious appearance of this mysterious youth impeccable appearance.


"Is Lisa now pay attention to these?"

See this mysterious youth that seems to be enemies in front of them into their junior space.

Years of my companions, the mouth, the mouth, also sent such an emotion, and the little girl in the character is flying in the day of the day, I am taking a tyranny.

"But this guy is really handsome, is it very handsome."

But at this time, the green short hair appearance is like an alien girl for a long time, but it is constantly complaining, "the situation, the whole day, this long-term group of guys and surrounding, I have been tolerate. Be can't

"Although it is so"

A face of a little girl heard the world, he heard the squatting of the nose, and looked at the other side of the other side. The uncle had a hosheng and the medieval uncle Fengqiao Building Shiro.

I had to sigh my breath, I agree with a long-term saying, but it is still not indisplicable: "But this guy is like a enemy."

This guy

It's a group of live treasures.

Quietly focused on a group of people who were still in front of them were still in a mess, there were some speechless twitching their mouths.

These eight original originths are not the team leader of the Tong Ting Ting Ting, the captain of the vice captain. There is also a long-term vice ghost of the Zhaoyang.

It was killed by blue-stained experimental events that were killed by blue dyeing, causing the whole to fall into the trial of the entire Tong Ting, and later was rescued by the four hundred rooms in the center of the 46th room. Always hidden here.

However, hundreds of years of death have made them eight people unable to integrate into the normal human life of the world. About this point, see those people who are not strange, they can see themselves.

The appearance of the appearance is like a long-term white white, and the appearance is purely wearing a student sister sailor, but the hand is holding a porn H magazine glasses. Head, wearing a European medieval non-modern Style Fengqiao Building Shirng, not to say some other strange strange uncle.

"In general"

"This is a heterogeneous group survive in the god of death and human gap."

In an instant, there are countless complicated thoughts flash, and the heart is soft.

Each of them is originally the captain of the corpse of the high-level person, but has been slammed by a blue dyeing, a person who is framed, and has to say that it is terrible to say that the blue dyeing will be terrible.

"Limited to printed?"

At this time, the Sixth Crash of the Jiu Dicard of the original shovel, a white short-haired six-caucasian, a white short-haired, is quietering this mysterious youth.

Suddenly I noticed the defined printed printed in the moment, the face was suddenly, "Are you the death of the corpse?"

"Death of the corpse world"

"It seems that the guys of the Lingling Tin have discovered our trails to chase our troops."

The words of six cars in the six cars, the people of the Founding Legion have fully identified the identity of the moment.

.... .... .... .... ...

I saw the face of Ping Zi Zizi with a strange smile, and the eyes were a little bit of staring at the moment. "But actually sent you to the center of the forty-six room, the old guy has arrived here. Yet?"

"The death of the corpse is also a matter of death."

Quietly looked at the people in front of the military group to speculate that their identity, the moment did not deny the mold two can be nodded, and the mouth of the flawless face is gently pulled. "I am the current ghost road of the corpse."